Mary Untier of Knots – Pope Francis’ Favorite Marian Image

A Devotion from Bavaria, linking the pope who was born there to his successor who studied there, both in the loving arms of Our Blessed Mother.


At the link below, there is a fascinating article about Pope Francis’ devotion to Our Lady, Untier of Knots, which actually has its roots in….Bavaria.  And who do we know from Bavaria?  Our Benedict the beloved!

The article states that Cardinal Bergoglio  gave to Pope Benedict a chalice engraved with this image of Our Lady.

I am especially fascinated, because I had never before heard of this devotion, until it was mentioned on Women of Grace (before the papal election.)  It was described as a very powerful novena.  I told my sister that perhaps we should begin praying it.  We found the prayers on the Internet and both began the novena.

Shortly after Pope Francis was elected, I heard a priest on EWTN mention that he had once met Cardinal Bergoglio, and the cardinal gave him a medal of Our Lady Untier of Knots.  My ears perked up, and I felt encouraged to continue praying this novena.

Then, I came across this article tonight, indicating that this devotion to Our Lady is very special to our new Holy Father.  And so, I feel very blessed to be praying in union with him to Our Blessed Mother under this title.

It does seem so appropriate…considering the “knots” that need to be undone in the Church, and certainly in the lives of most of us.

I wanted to share this beautiful devotion with everyone, and I hope many prayers will be answered for those who choose to pray it.  I love the idea of Our Lady untying the knots of my life!

Meanwhile,because of this devotion, and many other things our new pope has said and done, it does seem that he is indeed a Marian pope, and that can only be a very blessed thing!  May Our Lady keep him always sheltered in her Immaculate Heart.

Note:  Here is a link to the novena prayers:

Mary Untier of Knots – Pope Francis’ Favorite Marian Image ~ Dr. Taylor Marshall | Canterbury Tales.


10 thoughts on “Mary Untier of Knots – Pope Francis’ Favorite Marian Image

  1. Patricia, I was so thrilled that Pope Francis mentioned this devotion. It was brought to my attention a few years ago when I came home to the church. I recommend it a lot to the families I meet at the hospital, but have kind of laid it aside for myself. Now, I feel strengthened that the Blessed Mother is pointing all of us to her…she who will undo all the “knots” life has bound upon us and those we have tied upon ourselves.
    And it’s roots from Bavaria….dear Pope Emeritus Benedict…Is it disrespectful to say I still miss him as I honor the new Holy Father?

    May I copy you and post about this too?
    Love you …Praying for you and your sister.
    Blessings always +

    • Caroline, how wonderful that you have known about this devotion for some time! Even though I’ve been to Bavaria a few times, I had somehow never heard of it. I probably overlooked the pictures and medals, not realizing what they were all about. I’m thinking this devotion may become much better known, now that it is associated with our new Holy Father. I agree with you that our Blessed Mother is calling us to herself. Interesting that this novena contains the rosary…a Mother’s way of getting her children to pray it 🙂

      I find the image of Mary untying knots to be utterly charming, but also very significant. I really love praying this novena and offering up my problems as “knots” to her.

      By all means, please post on this too. (I know you will find the most beautiful picture of this image out there 🙂 Seriously, I know Our Lady would be pleased if we spread this devotion to her.

      And, I certainly hope we can still miss Pope Benedict
      …otherwise, I’m in trouble! I will always miss him. But, I am growing more and more fond of our warm and loving Pope Francis. How blessed we are to have a Pope Emeritus as well as the new successor to St. Peter. God is good!

      Thanks for your prayers….we need them! Love you too, dear friend! xoxo

  2. I had never of Our Lady, Untier of Knots before. This is wonderful, thank you! I am going to look for this particular novena online.

    God bless

    • Lisa, I was just leaving you a comment at your blog! I love this novena. It’s very easy to find. I’ve been saying it online, but I’d love to have a booklet to carry with me. Maybe they will become more available because of our new Holy Father’s devotion to Our Lady under this title. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Feast of St. Joseph! xo

  3. Hi Patricia, this is new to me too but seems so very appropriate! Our society is all tied up in knots of deceit, corruption and immorality!

    Our Lady, Untier of Knots, pray for us!

    • Noreen, it certainly seems appropriate for our times! I just added this link…directly to the novena

      BTW, I read all about you on Sue’s blog, and what she wrote reminded me of how many times you have been there for me…like when I was feeling low about a pro-llfe post I had written which hadn’t gotten even one comment. You came right over 🙂 I have never forgotten that. Hugs to you, sweet lady.

  4. Sorry I did not respond to this sooner, but this has been a very busy St. Joseph’s feast day in our family. I had heard of this devotion on another blog but did not know about the Novena. Now that I have a little time on my hands for at least the next few weeks, I will strive to make this my next Novena. Thanks Patricia 🙂

    • Joyce, did you cook all kinds of delicious Italian food…and THOSE cookies?! Wish I had been at your house. My husband had a late meeting, and so I ate a frozen dinner from the microwave. I thought of you when I posted about the novena, as you have been asking for many prayers lately…sort of like me! I really like this devotion, and even more now that we can feel as though we are following in the footsteps of our Holy Father.

      Did you watch the installation Mass? I had recorded it and watched it later this morning. I am loving Pope Francis more and more. He’s so warm and kind, but I think he can stand up to anyone! It’s going to be very interesting…. Love that we still also have our Pope Emeritus in prayer for us. God is Good! Hope your prayers get answered soon. xoxo

  5. In San Antonio TX on Dec 28, 2014 at Aproximately 6AM there was a fire in
    a Senior Residence called The Wedgwood.
    The fire began on the third floor and I
    lived in apt 329. I woke at 6AM with
    white smoke in my kitchen and pressed
    the 5 Star Alert button I wear. They responded
    immediately to follow their instructions,
    which I did. The hall wall was hot, no alarm
    was ringing, and opening the door a crack
    I saw heavy black smoke outside my door.
    I waited for the firemen which were now alerted. After aproximately a period of time I
    realized I was going to die and as I began falling asleep, which I was fighting, Pope Francis’ face came to my mind and his words”when in trouble run to Mama” I sat back up and said the Hail Mary and as I said the words “now and at the hour of death” a fireman broke thru the door and I was carried
    to safety. I suffered carbon monoxide poisoning

    • Oh Grace, what a powerful testimony to our Holy Mother’s love and protection! Thank you so much for sharing this. I am so glad you survived, and hope you have fully recovered. I will always remember your story, and turn to Our Lady in every need. May Jesus and Mary keep you safe. Blessings always, Patricia

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