Be with Me…….



In a way, Lent began for me a day early….on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, the Tuesday on which Mardi Gras always falls, but which is also the Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus.

And I wrote a post about this Feast, which although dedicated to the Holy Face of Our Lord, is more focused on making reparation for the blasphemies committed against the ineffable Name of God.

And sadly, there are so many.  It occurred to me that reverence for His Name is so important to God that He used the second commandment to forbid any profanation of this Holy Name.  The only prohibition placed before this one was the forbidding of the worship of false gods.

This awareness has remained with me in a deep way since that Tuesday before the start of Lent.  How often do we hear God’s Name used in exclamation….and now famously as an abbreviation in text messages, Facebook and e-mails?  Yet, that is only the beginning, for there are so many who deliberately utter the Holy Name of God and the Precious Name of Jesus in blasphemous ways.

How this must pain the Heart of God, Who loves us so much.  So, in a tiny effort to make reparation, I have tried to say often the Name of God and of Jesus, with tenderness and utmost reverence. And when I do, I like to imagine that it is like a little kiss that I place on the cheek of my Father in Heaven.

As always, I wanted this Lent to be perfect.  And as usual, it has been far from that!  I am on my third round of medication for a virus I cannot shake, and the constantly changing weather has set my head to pounding with severe migraines.

So all those extra holy hours I was planning, together with daily Mass and extended prayer time have not yet come to fruition.

But, I have heard a little voice in my heart, and that little voice says:  Be with Me.

I have heard those words before, many times through the years.  Be with Me.  I even have them written across the top of a page in my bible.

This morning, I read the following from the Hymn at Morning Prayer:

Maker of all things, all Thy creatures praise Thee;
Lo, all things serve Thee through Thy whole creation:
Hear us, Almighty, hear us as we raise Thee
Heart’s adoration.

I read them and tears came to my eyes…because they are not true.  We are not all praising God.  In fact, I cannot remember a time in my life when God has been so little praised and so very much mocked and blasphemed.

If you have not heard about the most recent Saturday Night Live skit, you may want to Google it.  Suffice it to say that they made a mockery out of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of the Son of God.  I caught snippets of it on a news show, and most heart breaking of all was the laughter of the audience which could be clearly heard.

Be with Me.

Has Our Lord ever been lonelier?  Is this not the Agony all over again?

I find myself wondering how much longer God will put up with us.  Are we not crucifying Him again?

And so…I cannot keep many promises this Lent.  But I will try to keep these two:  to recall often His Most Holy and Blessed Name with all the praise I can stir in my heart.

And, to not leave Him alone….the One Who pleads:  Be with Me.

Yes, my Jesus, I will be with You.  Call to me, for I am weak and I will forget.  Remind me that nothing I have to do is more important than taking a few moments to comfort You.  Let me spend my Lent….and my life, just being with You in the silence of my poor heart.

(To register a protest against the Saturday Night Live “skit” you can contact them at this address:  For SNL, contact Jennifer Salke:  — contact info provided by The Catholic League)


Jesus entrusted to Sister Mary of St. Peter an act of praise and reparation which He called The Golden Arrow, saying that those who would recite this prayer would pierce His Heart delightfully, and heal those other wounds inflicted on Him by the malice of sinners. It is recommended to be prayed on the 33 beads of the Holy Face Chaplet (or rosary beads may be used.)



20 thoughts on “Be with Me…….

  1. Oh! My heart is pierced when I read of the mockery of Our Lord’s Passion and Death (I would not be able to bear seeing it). And yet – what a grace it is to feel our own heartache at these things; yes, it is a grace. Thank you of writing so beautifully, so movingly, of this.

    • Nancy, I knew nothing about it until I was watching “Hannity” on FOX news Monday night, and he expressed outrage on behalf of Christians, and then showed only a few “edited” clips from the “skit.” It was surreal! All I could think was: These people have no fear of God at all! Later in the week, I got an e-mail from the Catholic League informing of this blasphemous mockery, and asking Christians to contact NBC to express their outrage. I sent an e-mail to NBC, and will add the contact info to the bottom of my post…in hopes that others will contact them as well.

      I’m sure it is no coincidence that they broadcasted this “thing” on the fourth day of Lent, as Christians enter the holiest period of the year. This kind of junk might be expected (sadly) on pay TV, but on a longstanding network like NBC, one would think they would have better judgment.

      But, as you said, it is a grace to feel that heartache for Our Lord. It has certainly set a tone for Lent for me. Nothing is off limits now, and I can’t imagine the offense Our Lord is feeling. It is heartbreaking. And, the souls of these people are in such jeopardy. Thank you for commenting, dear Nancy. I know all of us in our little blog circle will be praying in reparation. xo

    • Welcome, Linda. God bless you as well, with a most Holy Lent. Yes, it is certainly the time to bless and praise the Holy Name of God, which is so much blasphemed these days. God is so good that I know He will allow Himself to be consoled by the love of His children, and their efforts to make reparation. Thank you so much for commenting! In Christ, Patricia

  2. Patricia,
    I am with you, in prayer, on this one. Recently I stopped watching a series (Homeland) because Jesus’ name was used, in vain, about every 10 minutes! I can put up with other not so great language, but not Our Lord’s Sacred Name being thrown around like a dish rag.
    I like how you imagine your prayerful utterances as a kiss in the Father’s cheek. I am sure they are. As for those migranes unite them with Jesus’ crowning with thorns.
    I don’t have the strength or the heart to watch that skit on SNL. I can imagine it well enough though. May God have mercy on them and those who find such things humorous. How hard does one’s heart have to be to find that type of blasphemy funny?
    I hope you are feeling better soon.
    My prayers are with you.

    • Hi Karin…I would never watch SNL, but I didn’t think they had sunk this low. Yes, how can anyone think this could possibly be “funny?” The little clips I saw on Hannity were absolutely stupid and ridiculous. I cannot imagine anyone…even a non-Christian, thinking that they were funny. Humor these days, seems to rely only on filthy “jokes,” and blasphemy or at least ridicule of Christians. I tell my husband that all the time. Where is Bill Cosby or Bob Hope or Johnny Carson, etc. People who could make you laugh, without making you blush, or offending your faith.

      In the e-mail from the Catholic League..mentioned in my reply to Nancy’s comment, they said that this nonsense was presented as a “trailer” to a non-existent movie. But, people are now calling for such a movie to be made! Can you imagine? Hopefully, that would never happen.

      I am astounded at how these people have no fear of God whatsoever! It is chilling. Karin, I know that you too are placing tender kisses on the Father’s cheek when you refuse to watch these TV shows in which His Son’s Holy Name is “thrown around like a dish rag.”

      I am finding that I am “checking OUT” of lots of shows which my husband and I used to watch together. Most are the police/lawyer type dramas. They are getting totally out of control. One that I can still recommend is Bluebloods on Friday nights. It has been amazingly tame thus far, and very family oriented.

      Karin, thank you so much for your prayers. I am so frustrated that I cannot shake this shingles virus. I go back on the meds about 10 days after I finish them, because the rash starts appearing again. Thank God the pain has been long gone. I don’t know why I can’t shake this thing. God bless you for your continued prayers. Yes, I should be braver with the migraines, knowing what Jesus suffered. I think of Him when I get Botox shots into my scalp (also for the migraines.) It is extremely painful even though the needle is tiny. I cannot imagine what it must have felt like for His Sacred Head to be pierced by dozens of long, sharp thorns, and for an extended period of time. Not the little pricks I receive. So much to meditate on in His Passion….

      Have a most Blessed and Holy Lent, dear Karin. You are a great friend to me! xoxo

  3. I can’t believe you don’t have any comments for this great post! Your readers must have given your blog up for Lent, because it is too good to read in a penitential season. 🙂 It is sad to think how little Jesus is loved today. But it’s really nothing new. Teresa of Avila said the same of her age–the 16th Century. The Church seemed to be falling apart. And I remember St. Therese’s consoling words from Christ that “all shall be made well.” I’m working on trust this Lent, and I need it so badly!

    • Hi Connie…as you can see, I did have comments, but made myself do my chores and say morning prayers before checking my blog.:) I posted rather late last night, and the comments came in this morning. But, thank you for your kind words. You are funny…about readers giving up my blog for Lent. I think they give it up when I go for weeks without posting anything new 🙂 But, there is a lovely circle of blog friends I’ve made who pretty much stick with you through blog breaks, writer’s block, and whatever else comes along. They are true blue!

      I’m so happy to see you back. I meant to add you to my blogroll, but can’t remember if I did. I”ll check and make sure it’s there.

      Funny you should mention St. Teresa of Avila. I’ve been thinking often of her words to her nuns at one point..I think in The Way of Perfection. She essentially tells them that they must be very good friends to His Majesty, as He has so few friends. Of course, she was living in the midst of the reformation era, so that must have truly been so painful. We seem to be in the midst of a return to paganism and total rejection of God…the “new” atheism.

      I’ll pray for you this Lent…that you grow in trust. Please pray that I grow in faithfulness to prayer and self-discipline. I’m so weak in those areas!

      Let us love Jesus together, and be those great friends to Him which St. Teresa spoke of! Blessing to you, dear Connie. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

    • In your heart, dear Colleen….and just waiting for those moments when you turn to Him there to cover Him with love. One of our dear Carmelite blesseds, Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity longed to be “a praise of glory.” She wanted to cover God with glory, where He dwelled in her heart. She had the great gift of constant awareness of the indwelling of the Triune God. She loved that her name, Elizabeth, meant “house of God.” Don’t you just love the Saints who succeed so magnificently at what most of us only seem able to attempt from time to time? Yet, I know that Our Lord so much appreciates every effort. He is so gracious!
      Have a great weekend…and a continued blessed Lent. xoxo

      • Yes, I do love the saints and the example they set, “She had the great gift of constant awareness of the indwelling of the Triune God.” Exactly what I need to strive for. You are a good spiritual big sister, Patricia!

        • “Constant awareness,” now that has to be a special grace from God. But maybe if we prayed more and did our best to be recollected, He would give us more and more of this Grace. How amazing that He really is there, dwelling within our souls, in all of His Majesty….we, containing Infinite Love! It really is beyond all comprehension. Blessed Elizabeth wrote an exquisite prayer to the Holy Trinity. It’s on my blog somewhere if you have never read it. If you do a search on Blessed Elizabeth, it should come up. Meanwhile, little sister :), why don’t we pray for each other to grow in this precious awareness of the Indwelling of God in our souls? Are we on?

  4. Well, as Therese often said, “The Good God is not much loved at all”. Today I went to a wonderful retreat at the Carmelite Monastery, and the priest reminded us of what Christ said about entering through the narrow gate. He knew how little He would be loved and how few would choose the path to Him. I often wonder what ran through His mind at Gethsemane, and how many of our sins He foresaw that caused Him to sweat blood. He must have known how little He would be loved in return to have suffered so much before His Passion began. I didn’t know about the SNL skit. I’m glad I didn’t see it. In addition to sending the petition, I suppose we could also make some act of reparation. One other advice the priest gave us today, which I offer to you Patricia as you ponder how your Lent is going, is that what we should remember most about Christ’s 3 falls on the way to Golgotha isn’t that He fell, but that He always got up again. You will do the same with your Lenten journey when your health permits. Love and prayers, Joyce

    • Oh Joyce, how lovely that you got to attend a retreat at the Carmelite Monastery near you. What you wrote about Jesus knowing that He would be so little loved is unbearably sad. When I meditate on my favorite mystery of the rosary, I often think that Jesus did not suffer such an excruciating agony in the Garden and actually sweat blood, because He was thinking about the physical torture He was about to endure. As horrible as that was, He was so courageous and so strong and brave that I doubt fear of that is what tormented Him so. I think it was much more the knowledge that in spite of everything, His Love would be so rejected, and that so many would refuse to receive His Love and Mercy (which is locked up in His Heart…to quote Therese.) He would die for so many who would never care or be saved. I truly hope there are many hidden souls…people we pass on the street, who are hidden saints. Sometimes I see someone who is so simple and humble…like the man who follows me in adoration on Tuesdays, and I think to myself, “truly these are the people who uphold the world.”

      Great idea about making an act of reparation for the SNL “skit.” Thanks for reminding me that I have time to get up again this Lent. I will keep trying.
      Thanks for being out there, dear friend. Love and hugs xoxo

  5. Patricia,

    Thank you for the Golden Arrow prayer. Whenever I hear anyone taking our Lord’s name in vain I say, “Blessed be His Holy Name”. I say it a lot! I don’t watch TV so I miss a lot of what is going on. Probably I tend to think the world is a whole lot better than it is.

    “I find myself wondering how much longer God will put up with us.” Would God ever give up on us? We wants us so much. It’s us who don’t want Him. I mean the world doesn’t want Him. That must cause Him so much sorrow. I think of St Therese who asked for all the grace and love that God wants to give and no one asks for. What a consolation she must have been for Jesus.

    A perfect Lent? My Lent isn’t going to plan either, or maybe it is… God’s plan, not mine! I am so sorry to here you are still unwell. But what could be more valuable than offering your own sufferings? Daily Mass and extended prayer is good but acceptance is better. Your tears and your little kisses must please God so much.

    Praying for you! xxxx

    • Hi Sue! That’s beautiful..your prayer in reparation for the Lord’s Name being taken in vain. We should all do that. I’m sure you do say it a lot these days…and you would say it even more if you did watch television! How wonderful that you don’t! Wish I could do that. I really love EWTN, and I’m somewhat of a news junkie, so I often have a news channel on in the background of whatever I’m doing…a terrible habit, I know! Then, my husband likes to unwind with those police/courtroom dramas, and he wants me to watch with him. Then, there’s Downton Abbey…. I need to work on this for Lent!

      I’m smiling at your second paragraph. I see that I “mis-communicated,” and could continue this discussion over at your blog series 🙂 I didn’t mean that God would ever give up on us, but rather that we have not responded to His many overtures of Mercy, or to Our Blessed Lady’s warnings at Fatima and in other approved apparitions. Here in America, God is being driven more and more out of our culture, and almost completely out of our government. It was not so when I was growing up, and has truly escalated in recent years. We just observed the 40th anniversary of the dreadful Roe vs Wade Court decision which made abortion legal here, and we have killed over 55 million unborn babies since that time. Now we are dealing with the same-sex “marriage” nightmare, and euthanasia, which is gaining steam. It seems only God will be able to restore our country and the world to a decent standard of morality. What I meant in my comment was that it seems that time may be of necessity drawing near, and I assume it will be through persecution of some sort. At Fatima, Our Lady foretold the next World War, if her requests were not heeded.

      Yes Therese surely knew the way to God’s Heart! I love how she said she would take ALL the love no one else wanted! What a treasure she is! For sure, she received a huge portion of that “love locked up in Your Heart…”

      Thank you so much for your prayers! I find that being ill for two months now is really tiresome. Even though I’m able to get around and keep up with some things, I get frustrated at not being back to normal yet. Like I wrote in my post about having shingles: I don’t mind suffering, if I can do it MY WAY. 🙂 You are so right, and I am offering it up. I worry about all that I’m not getting done, and the extra load my husband has to carry, etc. But, that is part of trust God to take care of all those things too. Ahhh….how far I have to go! Walk with me and pray with me please! And next time, leave a longer comment – HO HO 😉
      Hugs to you….xoxo

  6. Patricia, I’m kind of at a loss for words lately..The blasphemies are so blatant, unrelenting and seemingly just accepted by many as the way things go these days.. To abide with Him and to comfort His heart is all I seem to have the desire or strength to do.
    I haven’t written much or been on the sites, but I do keep you in prayer especially about that virus..
    I pray as you abide with Him this Lent you know what a gentle comfort you must be to His Heart.
    Love and blessings +

    • Caroline, I’ve missed you! I’ve been away from the blogs a good bit too…more for lack of time and energy. But, I know what you are feeling. I tell the Lord that the world is wearisome..not that I’m not part of the problem. But all of the blasphemies and filth and the constant drumbeat we hear from those promoting abortion and the homosexual agenda and “mercy killing,” etc., is exhausting. They just keep coming..louder and louder. And people get tired of resisting…good people. It doesn’t help to be losing our beloved pope either. These are strange times we live in. If we can abide with Jesus, and comfort Him in some small way, I know it will help to fight the darkness.

      Thank you so much for your prayers. I get almost well; get off the meds; get the shingles rash back. This is my third time around…and I am concerned that it will never go away! But as Sue said above, I need to offer it up. At least the pain is long gone. But the terrible fatigue returns with the rash. Yet, I have two friends who are battling cancer, and so I can hardly complain.

      I think of your sweet grandchild being knit in her mother’s womb…and that makes me smile. I’m so happy you have that little one to look forward to…holding and kissing 🙂 Love you my gentle friend. xoxo

  7. Hi Patricia,
    I’ve had this discussion often with my first graders. When I first taught the Ten Commandments, I stop and spend a good deal of time on that one “Do not use the Lord God’s name in Vain”. I’ve asked them to take notice of others using His name in a disrespectful or vulgar manner and when they feel convicted, to gently tell the person that saying such things is hurtful to God. They come back and tell me that they’ve had the conversation in their homes, on the bus, on their playgrounds…etc. and they do speak up for God. Often though, these young hearts are mocked or argued with for their comments. I tell them that even though they receive resistance, God is beaming down on them so keep it up!

    • Noreen, I know that Jesus is ‘beaming” at you too! 🙂 How lovely that you teach this to those precious little ones, and how sad that they meet with so much opposition even at their young ages. I’d love to sit in on your class…can just tell that you teach from your heart. I often think about the joy the little ones must bring to God…and how He wants us all to be like them. Oh to have that innocence and wonder again….

      Thanks for stopping by Noreen. I always love to hear from you! Have a most blessed Lent.

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