Thank you, Holy Father…..

Beloved Holy Father, I will miss you so much!  But, I could see that you were getting tired.  I just kept hoping, and asking Our Lord, that we might keep you a few years longer.  Now I know it was not to be.


You have served us so well.  How you put to shame all those who thought that you would rule with an iron fist, and without compassion!  Instead, you have been a most gentle shepherd, as well-known now for your meekness and humility as for your brilliant intellect.

It is so hard to let you go.  My heart is heavy today.  I remember my first trip to Rome, only three weeks after you were elected.  Your papacy was new to everyone there, and there was so much excitement.  It was even difficult to find pictures to purchase of you in your papal attire.

We were so excited when you appeared at the window for your Wednesday audience.  And I will forever cherish Easter Vigil Mass at St. Peter’s when you processed to the altar in your magnificent vestments while we held our lighted candles and choir voices filled the immense basilica.

God bless you Holy Father.  May your last years be spent in peace, as you pray for the Church of Jesus Christ, until He comes to take you home to Heaven.

I am so grateful for that special bond God formed between you and my husband and me…all those little unexpected coincidences in our travels.  Someday in Heaven, we will understand.  Until then, I will miss you more than words could ever express.

Thank you for all that you gave, and for truly being a Father to all of us.

I love you…..


Your thoughts?

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