From my house to yours…Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends, wish that we could visit for real, but since we can’t, I’m sharing a bit of my Christmas with you…

Christmas2012 008

We love this painting by Diana Mendoza, and keep it on the mantel all year long, but it makes a great Christmas decoration as well!

Christmas2012 026 I didn’t have time to make my crèche very elaborate this year. Sometimes I stack boxes covered with “snow” and make different levels surrounding the stable. I also like to add greenery, and lots of miniature birds (I used to collect them.) Often I will hang all the angel ornaments right above the crib…but this year, it was very simple.
Christmas2012 019

I love the curly blond hair and “comfy” smile on the face of the Child Jesus on this statue…and the tenderness of Mary, as she gazes upon her little Son.

Christmas2012 021
My husband and I bought this tinsel star on our first Christmas together. We couldn’t afford much, and we found it for two dollars in the discount bin at a Winn Dixie market. We have enjoyed much prettier trees, and collected some beautiful ornaments throughout decades of Christmases together. But we have never replaced our tinsel star. Each year when we unpack it, it’s like welcoming an old friend, one that has been with us through good times and bad, and has shone on both Christmas laughter and Christmas tears. And, I like having something so simple and inexpensive to remind me of the poverty of that First Christmas.

Christmas2012 022

Years ago, when my son grew up, I began replacing the ornaments of his childhood with religiously themed ornaments…like Madonna and Child, angels, crosses, etc.  Probably half of our ornaments are now of this genre.  This makes me especially happy in this era of such secularization of Christmas.

Christmas2012 001

Benedict and me, relaxing by the fire on one of the very few cold nights we have had this winter. Yes, there really is a fire in front of us…trust me 🙂



18 thoughts on “From my house to yours…Merry Christmas!

  1. Blessed Christmastide to you and yours Patricia! Do you know my husband and I have that very same tinsel star at the top of our tree, except the wiring is green? We’ve had it as long as we’ve been married. Thanks for sharing, I love all the photos you posted. Joyce

    • Joyce! It is so wonderful to “see” you again….and I found your new blog. Yay! That is too funny about you and your husband having the same star. Did you get yours on sale too? 🙂 I love that star. It’s just so simple. One year, I tried an angel up there, but pretty as it was, it just wasn’t right for us….so back to the star.
      Thanks so much for stopping by…and glad you enjoyed the pics.

    • Merry Christmas, Mary! Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Truthfully, I was too tired to write anything, so I thought I’d just share some glimpses of Christmas at our house. I’m so glad you stopped by. I think of you often. May you have a continued joyful Christmas Season, and a most Blessed New Year. Love and hugs….

  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely Christmas photos with us, my friend.
    Such a beautiful and peaceful glimpse into your blessed home!
    Wish I could sit by your fire and “visit” with you..and Benedict 🙂
    Much love and many prayers for a wonderful New Year for you and your precious family.
    Your sister in Christ…Trish xx

    • Trish, I would simply love to have you join Benedict and me by the fire, only soon it would be only you and me. Benedict is a rescue kitty who is still terrified of strangers….which include anyone but my husband, sister and me 🙂 So, he would run upstairs to hide, and we could sip tea…or hot chocolate by the fire.

      Are you busy tonight? It’s supposed to be cold again. Hooray! I’ll save you a place by the fire.

      Thank you so much for visiting, and I wish New Year”s blessings to you and your
      family too. May we all have a safe, and holy 2013. xoxoxo

  3. Patricia,
    Thank you for sharing a bit of your Christmas with us. The painting is extraordinary! I can see why you leave it up all year.
    Continued Christmas blessings.

    • Karin, thank you for stopping by, and for your kind words. We fell in love with that painting, and wouldn’t dream of not having it out all year long to enjoy. I’m so happy you like it. I love Madonna scenes. I used to keep all the Madonna and Child Christmas cards that we received throughout the years, but eventually, the pile got so large, and they started to get faded, etc., so I had to part with them. There is something so exquisitely beautiful about Mary and her Divine Child….and that’s an understatement! Blessed and Happy New Year to you, dear Karin!

  4. I can’t decide which is more beautiful ..That painting is exquisite! I understand completely that you leave it up all year or that statue which reflects such sweetness on the Blessed Mother’s face and innocence and joy of baby Jesus. Thank you for sharing them, Patricia.

    Benedict! How did I not know that was your kitty’s name? Were you really resting before the fire or just in between projects?

    Love and blessings all the way to the Epiphany and into the New Year!

    • Caroline, thank you for sharing my little treasures, and I’m so happy you liked them too. So….did you guess our kitty’s namesake? We just had to name him after our beloved Holy Father who loves cats so much…and there are two books out about a cat and Pope Benedict, although I haven’t read them yet. My kitty does not behave anything like his namesake though. He is still learning good manners! 🙂

      And, how did you know? Yes, that was me taking a break between writing Christmas cards. You can see the container beneath the table if you look closely. You’re so smart! 🙂 Love to you my friend…xoxo

    • Nancy, how I would LOVE if you really could pop in to visit. Do you like hot chocolate? Well, if not, I have plenty of tea 🙂 Caroline and I already have plans to meet at the library in Heaven. Won’t you join us? And…I’m sure we can also enjoy sitting by the fire, and drinking steaming cups of tea….with Jesus and Mary!
      Now, isn’t that something to look forward to?!!!!! God bless you, dear friend! xo

      • I love hot chocolate. And even more than that, I love libraries. And even more than that, I love spending time with friends who share my love of God. And even more than all of these, I love Jesus and Mary. SO YES, THIS IS ALL SOMETHING TO LOOK VERY MUCH FORWARD TO!!! Isn’t it nice that we can begin practicing here for those holy conversations There? 🙂

        • And I love YOU, Nancy 🙂 YES! It is totally awesome that we can begin “practicing” here. I love dreaming of all the lovely things I’d like to do in Heaven…like sharing a cup of hot chocolate and a library table with you and Caroline. The best part is that I know that no matter what I can come up with…what fun I think we’ll all have, it doesn’t even come close to what the reality will be! Eye has not seen; ear has not heard…..

          ” SO YES, THIS IS ALL SOMETHING TO LOOK VERY MUCH FORWARD TO!!! ” Amen to that! xoxo

    • Nancy, thank you so much for thinking of me! I am truly honored to be included in your list. You are an absolute joy…and, fount of wisdom. I rejoice that God sent you my way so that I could find your beautiful, inspiring blogs. And I count it such a blessing that you visit me and leave your precious comments so often.
      Big hugs to you dear Nancy. xoxoxo

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