The Consultation…..

Not long ago, my husband and I were in Germany, and visited the parish church of Oberammergau.  Like most churches in small villages, Saints Peter and Paul Church was modest in size, but filled to overflowing with treasures to raise one’s mind and heart to God.

The one which most caught my eye in this particular little church was a golden sculpture of the Most Blessed Trinity.  Perhaps more fascinating than its appearance was its title:  The Consultation.

The artist represented the Three Divine Persons as having a conversation of sorts. Their discussion was over what to do about fallen, sinful man.  They agreed, of course, that they would redeem Their poor creature, and the result would be the Saving Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  A depiction of the Crucifixion hangs in the church on a wall facing The Consultation Sculpture.

As our Savior is soon to be born again to us at Christmas, I thought I would share these two pictures, which remind me so much of God’s Love for us….”while we were yet sinners..,” and afterward, when Grace and Mercy poured forth from the Side of Jesus Crucified.

O Most Holy Trinity, how wondrous is Your Love for us, and how grateful we are that Your “Consultation” brought to us eternal life, and, someday, the glorious vision of You, O Three in One, before Whom the angels fall on their faces and chant unceasingly, “Holy, Holy, Holy….”   Grant that we may even now join in their song, singing Your Endless Praises, for You alone are Worthy.  Come and dwell more deeply in our hearts this Christmas!

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6 thoughts on “The Consultation…..

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Patricia. I think we often stop our minds at the Nativity this time of year, not going further to the why of the Nativity. Jesus was born to die for us. These beautiful works of art are wonderful reminder of that. To help myself remember why Jesus was born, I always put a small crucifix in my manger scene.
    Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas.

    • Karin, what a beautiful idea…to place a small crucifix in the manger. That’s truly inspiring. I always wonder about Mary during these joyful days of Christmas, and the childhood of Jesus. Surely she always lived beneath the shadow of the Cross….knowing why, as you pointed out, He came. I cringe when I see those pictures or statues of her with the swords in her Immaculate Heart.

      I was looking at your archives when I visited your blog a little while ago. It seems the LORD was speaking to you very much during the month of His Sacred Heart. I love that special attraction you have to His Touch. It is something of an undercurrent theme in your posts. And..I love to return again and again to that amazing picture of Jesus with St. Margaret Mary. So beautiful!

      Thank you for St. Lucy…I feel she is reminding me to focus on the Light of the world, and not to let the darkness discourage me.

      Have a Most Blessed Christmas, dear Karin. You are such a blessing! Love and big hugs!
      PS I wish those pictures I shared could have been better quality…my husband is getting a new camera from Santa 🙂

      • Patricia,
        Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. I am always amazed and humbled by what others see in the words I have written. I am glad you and St Lucy are getting to know each other and that she has gone right to work obtaining grace for you.
        Thanks again for the kind and encouraging words. We will see what Our Lord has in store for my blogging in the coming year.
        God bless.

        • Karin, you are most welcome. Our Lord definitely speaks through your words, as well as through the beautiful illustrations you use on your blog. I’ll be waiting with you to see which direction He takes you 🙂

          Yes, how about that St. Lucy? She certainly starting popping up everywhere once you chose her for me. Thank you again for that kindness.
          I hope you had a beautiful and holy Christmas. Wishing you many blessings in the coming year xo

  2. Patricia, I don’t know what camera Santa is bringing him for Christmas, but these pictures are amazing. The majesty they convey is inspiring even in the pictures.. I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve shared from your trip.. xxxooo +

    • Santa brought a camera with a really nice zoom lens. 🙂 Actually, when I first put up that picture, I had not cropped it, and you really couldn’t see the Blessed Trinity very distinctly. So, I cropped away almost everything but the image of the Three Divine Persons and enlarged that part. It does look much better now. Thank you for your kind comment. I want to share a few more pictures, before closing my travelogue 🙂 Just a few favorites which really stood out to me…. Nancy promised she wouldn’t be bored 🙂 Love and Christmas hugs to you!

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