Words of a Saint…worth re-visiting

This is a re-post from last Advent.  I thought I would share it once again.  As usual, the words of a Saint are imbued with that special gift of going straight to one’s heart.

Hope you enjoy this beautiful piece by St. Alphonsus Liguori

“Lo, here I am…send Me!”

Adam, our first parent, sins. Ungrateful for the great benefits conferred on him, Adam rebels against God by a violation of the precept given him not to eat of the forbidden fruit. On this account, God is obliged to drive him out of the earthly paradise in this world and, in the world to come, to deprive not only Adam but all his descendants of the heavenly and everlasting paradise which He had prepared for them after this mortal life.

There was not one innocent person on the earth. “Since, therefore,” said the Eternal Father, “amongst men there is no one who can satisfy My justice, let someone come forward who will go down to redeem man.” The angels, the cherubim, the seraphim, –all are silent. Not one replies. Only one voice is heard: that of the Eternal Word, Who says: “Lo, here I am! Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8)

“But think,” answered the Heavenly Father; “Think, O My Son that, in taking upon Thyself the burden of man’s satisfaction, Thou wilt have to lead a life full of sufferings.”

“No matter,” replied the Son: “Lo, here I am –send Me!”

“Think that Thou wilt have to be born in a cave, the shelter of beasts; from there Thou must flee into Egypt whilst still an infant to escape the hands of those very men who, even from Thy tenderest infancy, will seek to take away Thy life.”

“It does not matter: Lo, here I am — send Me!”

“Think that, on Thy return Thou shalt lead a life most arduous, most despicable, passing Thy days as a simple boy in a carpenter’s shop.”

“It does not matter — send Me!”

“Think that, when Thou goest forth to preach and to manifest Thyself, Thou wilt indeed have very few to follow Thee; the greater part will despise Thee and call Thee imposter, magician, fool, Samaritan. And, finally, they will persecute Thee to such a pass that they will make Thee die shamefully on a gibbet by way of torments.”

“No matter! Send Me!”

The decree then being passed, the Archangel Gabriel speeds on his way to Mary. Mary accepts the Word for her Son: “And the Word was made flesh” (John 1:14). Thus behold Jesus in the womb of Mary! Having now made His entry into the world in all humility and obedience, He says: “Since, O My Father, men cannot make atonement to Thy offended justice by their works and sacrifices, behold Me, Thy Son, now clothed in mortal flesh, behold Me ready to give Thee satisfaction in their stead with My sufferings and My death!”

Wherefore, when He came into the world, He said: “Sacrifice and oblation Thou wouldst not; but a body Thou has fitted to Me…Then I said: Behold, I come!” (Hebrews 10:5)


From: The Incarnation, Birth, and Infancy of Jesus Christ, by St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori

4 thoughts on “Words of a Saint…worth re-visiting

  1. Patricia,

    Thank you for sharing this. I was just about to look online for St Alphonsus’ “The Glories of Mary”. I have only read snippets of this saint’s writings. Now I want to read more!

    Reading this, it is obvious we are truly loved by God… without limit!

    I hope you have a very happy and love-filled Christmas, Patricia. May God bless you and your family!

    • Hi Sue! I noticed your comment right before signing off last night. I was so tired that I was about to fall on the floor :)… 2am here. I kept wondering what time it was on your side of the world…I never can remember.

      I have never read The Glories of Mary, but I do have St. Alphonsus’s book on Holy Communion, and it is very beautiful. I love the Saints..truly the Holy Spirit simply pours through their words. Sometimes, I get a bit stuck in the very formal language from past centuries..sort of why I hate reading Shakespeare..a crime, I know!

      I’m so happy you liked this lovely meditation of his on the Son of God desiring to make Himself. for a time, “a little less than the angels…”
      My mind simply cannot grasp how much we are loved by so Great a God. My thoughts sort of get scrambled when I even try to think about it. How tiny we are in this vast universe, and yet He eagerly ransomed Himself to save us. What will it be to see Him face to Face one day!!!

      Thank you for the Christmas wishes. I wish the same for you too, dear Sue. Just think, Christmas will move across the world like Light putting out the darkness. You will be in the Light, and then it will slowly move father and farther west until the whole earth is covered with Christmas!

      God bless you and your beautiful family, Sue. Thomas will be with you in Holy Communion, because as St. Therese said of her deceased mother: She could not be closer to me than when I receive Jesus, because all of the blessed are united to Him…. May you find comfort in the Communion of Saints. You are in my thoughts and prayers. xo

  2. Patricia,

    You were up late! I wrote my comment some time after 8 pm if I remember correctly.

    I did find a copy of The Glories of Mary and started reading it in bed. It is easy to read! Shakespeare? We are all passionate about Shakespeare. You are missing something wonderful. It’s not that difficult. I’d really recommend watching a Kenneth Branagh movie version if reading a play is a bit daunting.

    I love your image of Christmas lighting its way across the world. I think of that hymn where as the sun sets, somewhere else it is rising, and Mass continues unceasing.

    I often think of Thomas at communion time. Gemma-Rose once said that Thomas is in the tabernacle because he is with God. I like that thought too!

    Thank you so much for your prayers, Patricia. I am praying for you and your family too.

    It is just after 4 pm here. Our singers have just finished practising for tonight’s Midnight Mass. Christmas is almost here!

    May God bless you. May you have a love filled Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas, Sue! Forgive me for the late reply, but I was busy with so many last minute preparations, and our family dinner yesterday. Christmas was also my day for Eucharistic Adoration which I have every Tuesday, and so that was my BEST Christmas Gift of all….to spend two hours alone with Jesus. I did remember to pray for you and your family.

    That’s lovely what Gemma-Rose said. Aren’t children wonderful in their innocence and simplicity? BTW, I love her name, and wow, what great patron Saints she has watching out for her!

    Uh oh, Sue, I’m afraid I had my fill of Shakespeare in high school and college. I don’t think you can talk me back into re-visiting him. I did commit one of his sonnets to memory though, and if there’s a library in Heaven, I promise I will read every word he ever wrote. Or..you can read them to me with your wonderful accent. 🙂 Deal?

    I do hope your family had the best Christmas ever, with an abundance of blessings to come in the New Year! God bless you my new friend!

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