Where’s the line to see Jesus?

A friend sent me this, and I wanted to share…in this era of “holiday” trees and the birth of Our Savior practically deleted from what is supposed to be His Season, His Day.

We love You LORD……and we are waiting in YOUR LINE.


6 thoughts on “Where’s the line to see Jesus?

  1. Patricia,

    This is beautiful! It is so true that it is usually children who ask the important questions.

    I hope there will be many people waiting in line to receive Jesus in Holy Communion at Christmas. I’ve been thinking about those people who only go to Mass at Christmas. They want to feel ‘Christmasy’. Deep down they must realise that something is missing from their secular Christmas and they come seeking for Jesus. Maybe a few people will pass through that crack that opens each Advent and Christmas, the one Nancy was writing about the other day.

    God bless!

    • Hi Sue…so good to “see” you! That’s a beautiful thought…that the line for Jesus is the line for Holy Communion. Don’t you love that line? Closer and closer to the King, and then He’s all mine! He gives All to each one of us….our amazing God. My son is one of those who usually shows up just at Christmas and maybe Easter…so I keep praying. I missed that post of Nancy’s you mentioned. Will have to read it. Just love her blog…and yours. You both seem to write so effortlessly, but so profoundly. Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend…it’s almost Christmas 🙂

  2. Patricia, That’s so precious. I’ll be thinking of this song when I see the communion line on Christmas…That many hearts will open to “see” Him in this new year. xxoo +

    • Thanks, Caroline. I thought it was so sweet, especially in this day and age when Christ is so forced, it seems, out of Christmas in many places. I have such wonderful childhood memories of Christmas being everywhere during this time…. buildings with offices lit up in the shape of a cross at night, adorable window displays in department stores, Television schedules packed with Christmas classics, etc. We even had carolers who would show up at our front door unexpectedly. How different it is now…even Santa is not welcome in many places. Yes, we will be in the line to receive Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…blessed are we!

      BTW, everything went well today, and it was a “perfect” afternoon…even though – gasp! – I had not completed all I had intended. 🙂 When will I ever learn!
      Love and prayers as we close this Advent season and enter into the JOY of Christmas! xoxo

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