Awaiting the King

From the root of Jesse a flower will blossom, the glory of the Lord will fill the earth, and all creation shall see the saving power of God.  (Antiphon:  Canticle of Zechariah, Morning Prayer, Tuesday, first week of Advent)

While praying the beautiful Psalms and readings for these first few days of Advent, I found myself feeling a precious bond with the people of Israel.  And I wondered:  Was it difficult for them to keep believing in the prophecies…that God would truly send a Savior?

Two thousand years passed between the time of Abraham and the coming of Christ.  That is a long time to keep a Promise alive.  So much suffering, enslavement, exile.  The prophets came with their words of fire, but they too passed away.

Where was the promised Messiah?   Would He ever really come?  Was it all a dream?

Surrounded by pagans, the Hebrew people must have wondered about their God.  How different He was!  He alone was God and He would tolerate no other gods.. He demanded holiness and obedience.  Stories of His great power and might were recorded in their holy Scriptures.  Were these accounts really true?  It had been so long…so very long…the waiting.

One thousand years passed between David singing of the suffering Servant in his Psalms and, finally, the birth of Christ.

But He did come!  The Promise was fulfilled.  Many generations had come and gone, but somehow faith in their God survived among these people.  They continued to hope, and to pass this hope on to their children.

We too are waiting for Christ.  During this Advent, we prepare for His coming at Christmas.  We await the celebration of His birth.  But our waiting is not like that of the Israelites who waited in darkness.  We already possess the Light of Christ.  We know that He has come, and even now, is with us in our waiting.

But, we are waiting for something else!  We are waiting for His coming in Glory on that Last Day.  We are waiting for the Resurrection of the dead.  We are waiting for our glorified bodies.  We are waiting for the New Heavens and the New Earth.  We are waiting for our King!

And in that sense, we are very much like the Israelites, for it has been so very long….over two thousand years since the birth of our Savior.

The apostles, it seems, thought He would return in their own lifetimes.  So many have thought that.  But He hasn’t come yet.

And it seems the world is weary of waiting.  It even seems that many, if not most, have forgotten Him…have abandoned the Promise.   It is too hard to be holy and obedient and patient.  We have so many distractions with which to amuse ourselves now.  We are so smart and clever and self-sufficient.  We have filled the world with our own creations.  Who needs a demanding God?  We have a new god:  ourselves….or pleasure….or both.

But He Is Coming Again!  Jesus Himself promised us that the first time He came.
And we know God keeps His Promises.

But it has been so long…where are You Jesus?  The world grows so dark again, like in the days before You came two thousand years ago. We need Your Light!  We are so weary.

We long for You so!  If we call to You….will You come?  Can our yearning bring you to us?

Look, I am coming soon.. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.
I am the sprig from the root of David and the bright star of the morning. I am indeed coming soon.

Amen; come, Lord Jesus. (Revelation 22:13-14,16,20) NJB

9 thoughts on “Awaiting the King

  1. Patricia…The longing of your heart pours out like incense rising up to the Lord..You speak the longing I too have to see His righteousness come.
    You encourage us to stand on His promise and the fruits of His Word..proven throughout salvation history.
    What a blessing …Thank you!
    Love and hugs +

    • Thank you, Caroline, for your beautiful words. Sometimes it seems the Lord will never return, as it has been so long. Of course I know He will, because He told us so. But thinking of the long vigil kept by the Israelites as they waited for His first coming somehow consoles me. He WILL come….and maybe it won’t take a million years, but even if it does, it will be the perfect time. But yes, like you, I long for Him to come and set everything right…because I don’t see how we can rebound from all of this ourselves. And…I would so love to behold His Glory!

      I know your heart is in the same place…and I always feel very close to you. Love and hugs to you too, my dear friend.

    • Sue, welcome! So happy to see you here. I got lost on my way back to your blog. I think my head grew several sizes when you explained that it was my brilliance which prevented anyone from commenting on my most popular post 🙂 So funny! You’re wonderful…and such an excellent writer. I’ve been reading your posts often when I come across them on Hannah’s Tear’s and when I sneak over to your blog….usually via Hannah’s tears. I hope you have written a book on dealing with grief, because you have so much to share with the many hurting hearts out there who have lost a child. One of my dearest friends lost an 18 months old to congenital heart disease, and last year, her beautiful 40 year old daughter to cancer. Her faith is amazing. Your’s too! You’d be surprised at how much I have thought about your situation, and your comment to me at Hannah’s tears. You are a special lady…and your children are blessed because you love them fiercely…as you love Thomas. God bless you!

      • Patricia,

        I am glad you found my post funny and not strange! Thank you for returning and reading my reply to your comment.

        I’ve visited your blog a few times but got a bit lost in between too. I saw a reference to one of your posts on the Community of Catholic Bloggers blog yesterday, and so I followed the link and arrived, read your posts and enjoyed. I was using my tablet which accounts for the short comment. I hate typing on it! Anyway, I have ‘followed’ your blog so I won’t lose it again. Now why didn’t I think of doing that sooner?

        Hannah’s Tears? I rarely get any feedback on my posts on that blog. I try not to think about it but keep writing and hope someone finds a little of what I write helpful. God is good at keeping me encouraged though when I really need it. There was your comment today and the one you wrote some weeks ago. I sometimes say, “God I don’t need to know if I am helping anyone by what I write,” but I guess He knows a comment every now and then helps me to keep going.

        I also wonder if I should take up so much space on the blog writing about child loss when I know many readers have a different suffering: that of infertility. You are kind to read my posts even though you have never lost a child. And you are so generous to share in the joy I have because of my children, when you have never been able to have any of your own. Perhaps you are the special lady, and not me. Actually I am certain about that!

        My faith? I feel like a fraud most of the time. Do I really have a strong faith? I write from the heart but I feel so little sometimes, with so far to go, and I know I could do a whole lot better as far as loving God and doing His will. I get a little over-awed by all the other bloggers and their faith stories and what they are doing and praying and thinking…

        Being little… I can see you love St Therese. I do too! She really has become part of my homeschooling blog and our unschooling lifestyle.

        I did write a book about Thomas: Grief, Love and Hope. It is available through two Australian booksellers but a free PDF version is available through my blog. I wrote it a few years ago, and like all writings, I feel it needs updating and improving. I am never satisfied! I have an idea to rewrite parts of it and then make it into a Kindle book. Actually, I have written so many extra grief stories, I could probably put together a second volume too.

        I also think deeply about comments. Yours on the Hannah’s Tears post has changed the way I think about God’s Will for Thomas’ life. It is amazing how we keep learning about an experience for years after it happened. Thank you!

        This comment has turned into a letter. I hope you don’t mind. So much to say!

        I think God connects us all together, links in a chain, to help and encourage us. I am grateful He has connected us together. And I will pray for your friend. Yes, she has true Faith.

        God bless!

  2. Yes! He is coming soon!
    The deepening darkness of the world declares His immanent approach.
    Amidst the noise and chaos of a perishing world..the footsteps of the Messiah can be heard.
    they fall like the drumbeat of a marching army upon the sands of time
    leaving imprints in the silence
    only those who listen.. can hear.
    blessings..Trish xx

    • How beautiful, Trish. You are a poet. I so wish He would return in our time, although I know that is unlikely. I would so love to see Him coming from the Heavens in all of His Glory! At least He is coming again soon as Mary’s tiny baby.

      You are so right about the world being in “deepening darkness.” I’m sure you heard about the horrendous murder of 20 precious little children in Connecticut over here. It’s so shocking! It is all anyone talks about…those precious little faces, and those little lives taken away in a moment. God help us!

      Come Lord Jesus…we are perishing!

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