Weep with me…..



I have been spending some time on a pro-life Facebook page. The “other side” is participating to defend their viewpoint. I try to respond to their comments, but there is no logic…no sanity…no humanity…no shred of compassion. How do you debate such twisted remarks?  The entry below is only a sample of dozens of others.

Truly God alone can touch these hearts so convoluted and darkened by the enemy’s shrewdness and deception.

There is no longer the argument that “it’s not a baby…” They KNOW it’s a baby and they could care less!

God help us!

Just one comment from a pro-choicer:

Laura Pier There’s no such thing as legal murder. Murder is a legal term by definition so, if it’s legal, it’s not murder.

You’re probably looking for the word “homicide”. Even in the bible homicide is not always wrong. Scholars have found that “Thou shalt not kill” in the 10 commandments is actually more closely translated to “Thou shalt not murder” because there are examples of people killing people that God condones. One example is self defense.

Personally, I believe that I have a right to defend my life, liberty, and property with deadly force if necessary. A fetus/unborn baby seriously threatens all three.

If I accidentally leave my window open (analogy to unprotected sex) and an innocent person wanders into my house, I don’t have a right to kill him.

However, if that person wandered into my house without realizing there was a ticking bomb on his back (he remains innocent because he doesn’t know he’s doing anything wrong) and that bomb could take away my property, liberty and possibly life, the fact that he is on MY property to begin with and that he is threatening MY future, I think, gives me the right to defend myself with deadly force.

All I did was leave a window open because it feels good. I don’t think that requires me to sacrifice my needs for another’s even if I was aware that a person could fit through the window. This is self-defense 101.

A baby threatens your time (liberty), money (property), and very often your life. You have a right to defend yourself from anyone on your property (body) who is threatening those three things.

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3 thoughts on “Weep with me…..

  1. I will pray for Laura and all those who feel this way. My feeling is that this woman has been hurt, traumatized very deeply an/ or has been completely indoctrinated by this culture’s “feminist movement”.

    • Thank you Karin. For sure, she needs our prayers. (Pls. pray for someone named Sara too.) I don’t know what to think…. There are so many like her who say these kinds of things. I feel sure they are indoctrinated by the culture’s “feminist movement.” There are men backing up these attitudes as well.
      I was feeling so down about all of this, and then our diocesan newspaper arrived in the mail. On the front page was a story about the new women’s pro-life clinic which has opened right next door to the only abortion center in town. It is beautiful, and has a new ultrasound machine. A pro-lifer who was praying in front of the abortion center asked God what she could do to help end abortion in our area. When she opened her eyes, she had a vision of this new clinic….exactly how it is built, with red brick and columns and a porch..like a home. And…from somewhere came the money, etc. God is GOOD!

  2. Pro choicers come in all shapes and sizes, just as pro lifers do. Younger generations are frowning on abortion more than they did in the past, and yet most people support abortion in case of saving a woman’s life, incest and rape. Beyond that there are individuals who believe that only late term abortion is wrong. This is especially the case when it comes to the side effects of the birth control pill and the morning after pill. But, you will always find people who are much more logically consistent and thus divided. You will find pro choicers who have both arguments: “its not a person, but if it were, it still wouldn’t matter because its invaded my body.” The most rare extreme of people are those who believe it in a person and believe abortion is simply morally justified because their body is their property. It, however, is important to understand that when most people get into a heated debate, they will often make any argument to make their side win without thinking it through. You can motivate people to make a lot of extreme statements. It doesn’t mean that they have no heart or logic.


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