My husband’s post……

Okay, so I had promised to share some memories and pictures of the recent trip my husband and I took to Germany/Austria…but, I haven’t put it together yet.

But, ah ha!  My husband copied me in on this e-mail he sent out to a few friends, and so I thought I would steal it and post it here to share. I still want to share my own personal favorite memories of the trip (which do not center on breakfast and other food/drink 🙂 )

Meanwhile, I thought it might be fun to post what he enjoyed most. We both truly had an amazing time, and were so delighted that we could include places associated with our beloved Holy Father Benedict XVI.

Anyway, here begins my husband’s “post.”

In Munich, we stayed four nights at the Gastehaus Englischer Garten which was located adjacent to the Englischer Garten.  It was quiet there and afforded me an opportunity to take a walk, albeit short, in the famed Englischer Garten.  We had a nice room, although the floors creaked.
  It was a five to ten minute walk to the U-Bahn / S-Bahn station on a main thorough fare and going underground to the U-Bahn, there was a wonderful grocery store.
We loved the food in Munich … actually all over!  I got schwinehaux twice and enjoyed both types.
We went to Oktober Fest, but left after a couple of hours.  The crowd was worse than Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street.  If I had wanted to get a beer, I would have had to wait at least an hour and then sit in a smoke-filled hall.  I passed on that scenario.
On Saturday, 29 Sep, we rented a vehicle and headed to Altotting, which is a town Pope Benedict XVI had lived in at one point in his life.  We spent four (unplanned) nights there.  We did have to change hotels, as our first choice hotel only could give us two nights.  Breakfasts at both places was good, as well as the dinners.
While in Altotting, we took a side trip to Marktl (Pope Benedict’s birth place) and to Timmering (where he grew up).  Pope Benedict’s father was a policeman and got moved around a bit.  Altotting is sort of like the Lourdes of Germany.  Below is a picture of the shrine at night.
From Altotting, we drove to Oberammergau, which is close to Garmish-Partenkirchen.  Oberammergau is the site of the Passion Play which is done every ten years.  The view from our hotel was fantastic, as was the food.
While in Oberammergau, we went to the Benedictine Ettal monastery and Wieskirche … both beautiful and very old churches.
After four nights in Oberammergau, we went back to Munich to return the vehicle and to catch a train to Wein (Vienna).  The train was really nice … I could drink wine and watch the monitor give the train speed (hitting 200 kph very often) and trip progress.
In Vienna, Patricia did a really good job in selecting the Best Western Schlosshotel Romischer Kaiser.
It had a great location and the best breakfast ever!  They even served champagne … nothing like a little help in the morning.  I would like to go back to Vienna just to stay in the hotel 🙂
I believe that the hotel was one or two blocks from the main drag.  The hotel even gave me a split of wine for my birthday … someone noticed my birthday from the registration form.
From here we took the train again, but this time to Salzburg and again another lovely hotel:  Hotel Elefant … not a good name, but very good accommodations and of course, breakfast!
Unfortunately, it all came to an end.  But it was fun while it lasted.

6 thoughts on “My husband’s post……

  1. Patricia, OMGoodness! That’s like a dream vacation! The pictures are amazing and the two of you look so happy, relaxed and like your having lots of fun. What a blessed gift. Now…full disclosure, : ) the food doesn’t tempt me LOL , but those views bring back such memories of the Italian Alps. I’ve never been to Germany, but i would imagine it might feel like a pilgrimage as you traveled in the places of our wonderful Holy Father.

    I’ll have to come back again to have a mini vacation by just looking at your pictures..
    Thank you for sharing your many perfect mornings.
    Blessings and + xxxoo

  2. Caroline, you mean you weren’t tempted to cook up a nice juicy schienhauxe? 🙂 I wouldn’t taste it either! I ate lots of fish, but the food is actually quite delicious. They cook potatoes wonderfully..and make potato salad with chopped cucumbers. There are also big crunchy salads with lots of fresh ingredients.

    It really was so much like a pilgrimage. We spent a great deal of time visitng beautiful churches, which are very plentiful in very Catholic Bavaria and Austria. I don’t think there was a single day that we didn’t visit at least one church….and in Vienna, there was Eucharistic adoration right across the street from out hotel! Yay! I started my days there while in Vienna….such a sweet surprise from Jesus.

    Thanks for your lovely comments. And….for my husband, any morning with a great big breakfast is a “perfect” morning 🙂 xoxoxo
    PS Just found your e-mail on that account I check a couple of times week. Will reply soon ; )

  3. Great post and pictures. Great sights and the food looked so tasty, and you and your husband looked very happy in every picture.

    • Thanks, Colleen. We are ready to go back! I want to post some more pictures….hope I won’t bore everyone to death 🙂 But, I’d love to share some of the truly beautiful churches we visited…just exquisite.

      Have a beautiful weekend! Many prayers for you, and a big hug too xoxo

  4. If we all promise NOT to be “bored” (we do! we do!), can we pretty please see more pictures :)? These are glorious, and the church and monastery pictures are absolutely breathtaking. I’ve never made it to that part of the world, and I thank the two of you for sharing it with those of us who are glad to see such wonders!

    • {{{Nancy}}} You are so sweet! Thanks for the encouragement. I didn’t want to run everyone away…like the night my husband showed slides of another vacation to our friends, who fell asleep 🙂 They really did! There are some things I especially loved and wanted to share, and I will…knowing that at least you won’t run away…LOL! I’ll try to get it up soon…am screening through hundreds of pictures my husband took, to find my favorites. The sequel…coming soon! Love and blessings…

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