Worth viewing and pondering…again

I realize that many of your may have already viewed this truly stirring video, but for anyone who has not, please take the time to do so. It is truly compelling. Although I have seen it a few times before, when it landed in my e-mail box this morning, I had to go see it again.

I personally know Catholics who are not going to vote to uphold the non-negotiables…and I am truly concerned for the future of our country and our world. There is not much time left before the election.
Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us!



2 thoughts on “Worth viewing and pondering…again

  1. This is so powerful Patricia. I think we have to continue keeping it available for as many people as possible to view. I still see bumper stickers for our current president in our church parking lot. And you’re right– time is ticking, like the hour glass before Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz…only this isn’t a movie.
    Love and Blessings+

    • I wish it was a movie…. With the outrageous media bias out there, it is going to take a real miracle to elect a new president. Like you, I’m stunned to hear Catholics defending this administration. I don’t know how anyone is not ready for a change..just given the economy and recent foreign policy issues. Of course the life issues are first for me, and no one has ever had a worse record on those….

      Sorry it took so long to respond. Computer problems! My cursor was freezing at almost every other letter. It is working now…for some reason. Certainly nothing ingenious that I did 🙂 I just hope it stays in a good mood, cause I could barely use my laptop for the past couple of days.

      We are leaving for Germany/Austria on Monday. I will miss you. Please pray we have a safe trip. So much to do to get ready….

      Love and hugs,
      Patricia xo

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