Waiting for Isaac….

Dear Friends,

We have been waiting for Isaac since yesterday, when the hurricane was due to arrive in the New Orleans area.  It is now noon where I live….90 miles northwest of New Orleans, and Isaac is finally arriving.

Three hundred miles in diameter and moving ever so slowly, it is expected to dump double digit rain over us during the next 24 hours.  I worry as I watch the tall pines bending in the wind outside my window.  Hurricane Gustauv brought down two of them right before my eyes in 2008.  Thankfully, the Good Lord guided them as they fell on the driveway in a vertical position, doing no harm to our home.

We lost power at 7:30am today, but it was restored 30 minutes later.  However, it will soon go out again…it always does, and the courageous crews who repair the lines will be unable to restore it until the worst of the storm has passed.  Being such a slow moving storm, Isaac’s effects are expected to remain with us for 24 hours or longer, which is very unusual.  Most of the time, the worst is over in six to eight hours, and we begin the tasks of cleaning up and waiting for services to be restored.

Already, in one of the lower lying areas in south Louisiana, people are being rescued from their attics and rooftops, because they did not evacuate….flashbacks of Katrina which was exactly seven years ago today.  Please keep them and all of us in your prayers.

Did I mention that today is my husband’s and my wedding anniversary?  After all the hurricanes we have lived through around this time, I think we should have gotten married in a different month!

I have charged all of my gadgets, but when the electricity fails, there will be little to distract me besides my battery operated radio, tuned into the hurricane update station…and my kindle, filled with much good reading.

Safety issues aside, of course, I don’t mind so much this returning to only what is necessary….sufficient food and water, shelter, and flashlights and lanterns to maneuver through the house in the darkness.

People seem to look out for each other at times like this.  Everyone is our neighbor.

It is raining harder now.  I want to post this before I lose power.  Please keep all of us in your prayers.  God bless you!

Our Lady of Prompt Succor, prayer for us and protect us during this storm.  Amen.


10 thoughts on “Waiting for Isaac….

    • Karin, thank you so much. Your prayers are much needed. We are faring quite well so far, but many others have suffered terrible flooding and loss of property. As I mentioned in other comments, our main concern is the many tall trees we have on our property. I cannot believe we lost a huge oak today, and it fell (safely) onto the driveway. We lost a smaller tree in the backyard. I just thank God that it seems like the angels guide the trees away from the house. I am so paranoid now..ever since standing by the kitchen window four years ago and watching two 30-40 foot pines fall together, much to my shock and surprise, but as I said, landing side by side right down our long driveway. May the angels guide all the falling trees away from everyone’s homes and businesses etc., and to safe landing places! Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers!

  1. Patricia I will be on my knees for you today!!
    I feel a little panicky hearing about this Isaac coming towards you and other blolgging friends 😦
    Keep safe my dear friend and may Jesus protect you and all around you during this dangerous time!
    I pray that all passes quickly with no damage to your home.
    It sounds frightening to me and I am worried about you, but the Lord is able to rescue and deliver His children from all things.
    After it hits your area, please let us know as soon as you can that you are okay!
    What a dramatic way to spend your anniversary.
    I hope it is happy for you despite the wild weather!
    Blessings on your marriage and to you and your husband on your special day!!
    Much love to you and your family in Christ our Lord…Trish xoxo

    • Trish, thank you so much for your heartfelt prayers! You are so very kind. Such powerful prayers you have, because we still have electricity this evening!!! That is a miracle, because we have never kept power this long through any other storm I can recall. With the wind, trees blow over onto the power lines, and as they get pulled down, more and more people lose power. Over 800,000 people in south Louisiana have lost electricity today. As I told Colleen above, we have at least two trees down..one a 30 foot oak, which we can see from the windows (we don’t dare venture outdoors at this point), so the wind has been quite strong, but somehow the power has remained on. Thanks be to God! We could still lose it, but we have been very blessed to have it this long.

      The storm is breaking up, and recently has been downgraded from a hurricane, however it is still very powerful and much wind and rain is forecast to remain with us throughout the night and early morning. I heard on the radio that people have fences down, roof tiles blown off, and much flooding in some areas. Trees are blocking roads, etc. We won’t know the extent of damage to our property until after the storm has passed tomorrow.

      Please do continue to keep us in your prayers…that we get through the rest of this without any trees falling on the house…our greatest concern. It is still pretty unnerving to look out as I type this and see the powerful gusts of wind and the pouring rain. This morning, I saw a lone dove seeking shelter on a nearby tree branch. Poor little thing. I wonder where it and all of our other birds are seeking refuge through this. God bless you, dear friend, and thank you with all of my heart for your prayers! Much love xoxo

    • Thank you, Colleen! No cold beans, thank goodness. With all the advance notice they give you nowadays, we grilled plenty of burgers yesterday and have leftovers, available to be reheated on the gas cooktop should the power go out rendering the microwave off limits. I also made a large caprese salad this morning, as well as tuna salad, so we won’t starve to death…in fact, I have been snacking entirely too much! Yesterday, I made a cheesecake as an early anniversary present for my husband…his favorite dessert. Keep us in your prayers though…two trees down so far. One in the backyard and another on the driveway. Can’t believe we still have power! Most people don’t. It is still very windy and raining hard at times, so we could still lose electricity. I am just so grateful we have had a comfortable air-conditioned house all day, as well as lights and other conveniences..like the computer 🙂

  2. Patricia…Oh– am I glad to see a post from you ! I kept coming here to see what news you might have, but I’ve been praying for you since Issac skirted by us a few days ago. We can so relate to the uncertainty of these storms.. Hmmm cheesecake..Now, I’d have to think twice about choosing between that or my coconut cake.

    Happy Anniversary!! I pray this year be a special blessing on you and your husband. ( the new in-laws : )

    Keeping you in my prayers to Our Lady.
    Love and blessings +

    • Caroline, thanks for checking in on me 🙂 How about that crazy storm…just wouldn’t move! We were very blessed and except for a couple of downed trees which my husband has already turned into firewood, we had no problems at all. Unfortunately, many other people lost power for several days, and there is a lot of flooding in some places. Like you said, these storms are so unpredictable.

      Thank you so much for the anniversary wishes. We had planned to go away for a few days…to the Gulf Coast! Can you imagine? My husband was so disappointed that he waited until Monday to cancel the reservations.

      I have been writing posts in my head, but for some reason, have not had a chance to transfer them here. I guess all in God’s timing….
      Thank you so much for your prayers to Our Lady. Since I asked her to be mistress of my home, I find that I am getting more done around here 🙂
      Lots of love and hugs and many prayers to you…always. xoxo

    • Anne, thank you so much for your prayers! We are fine…thanks be to God. We were supposed to get a lot more wind than we did, because the storm moved so slowly that it broke up before actually reaching us. Sure hope the rest of hurricane season will be very quiet! Thank you for the anniversary wishes. I’m praying for John..hope he is settling in well. God bless you!

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