The present…featuring another blog

There are so many beautiful Catholic blogs out there.  I love roaming about, clicking on new ones I find on the blogrolls of my favorite blogs.  Last week, I came across Fun, Feminine & Faithful, written by a young college student, from what I can discern.

I read the following post, and just loved it.  Thought you might too.  Check it out if you have time….but only if your dream of a Prince Who will love you as no one else ever has……


4 thoughts on “The present…featuring another blog

  1. She has a gift alright. This took my breath away:
    Jesus wants to be intimate with me right now. He would not give me those deep desires and longings if He wasn’t going to fulfill them. My Lord and Savior is just waiting for me to bring them to Him and respond to His love. Every morning of every day, my Prince is gazing upon me, His precious daughter, longing for me to respond to Him when my eyelids flutter open. He is there, wanting to hold me close to His heart to comfort me like a new father holds his baby girl. My Jesus places the goal of finishing school and getting a job in my heart for an opportunity to grow closer to Him in the moments of everyday life. There is never going to be another today and there is never going to be another me.

    • Colleen….you took my breath away when I read those words again! We must have similar hearts! Today was my Carmelite meeting, which is always a day of special blessing and peace for me. Then I went to evening Mass, and as I prepared to receive Jesus, I just kept allowing myself to think how much He was longing to come to me, how His Heart was beating faster at the thought of our approaching union, of the Joy He was feeling over little ole me about to receive His Most Precious Body and Blood. I kept my eyes fixed on the large crucifix as I approached the priest, trying not to be distracted even for a moment from my Beloved King yearning for me. And when I returned to my pew, filled with God, I prayed that Jesus would help me to keep my memory fixed on Him throughout the day…even when busy with other chores. As I am so small and helpless, I begged for His Power to fill me with that Grace of recollection, of turning to Him with a gaze or a sigh throughout my days and nights…as we do with those we so love.

      Being Love as He is, His Whole Being yearns for union with His Beloved souls, purchased with the Precious Blood of the Son of God. We are the happy victims of this Divine Ocean of Love, engulfing us at every moment. Just think, Colleen, we can never possibly overstate the Love God has for us. We can write and speak about His Love for every moment remaining to us, and yet never even begin to touch the reality of what Infinite Love truly is!

      One day, we will know the One Who finds us endlessly fascinating, understands us completely, never grows tired of us, and wants to unite us to Himself completely. Heaven will be THIS LOVE for all eternity.

      SHE does indeed have a gift! Did you see the lovely picture of the bride with Jesus? Her blog seems inactive at the moment. I hope she finds time to write more of these beautiful posts. God have given her such great insight into His Love, and the words to touch hearts and leave one breathless…as you said 🙂 I think the LORD is delighted when the thought of His Love leaves us breathless. May He increase our love for Him with every beat of our hearts!

      Will email soon…has been a crazy week! Meanwhile, sending you a big hug! xoxo

      • Patricia, your heart’s preparation to receive the King of Kings is a great example to me. I want to read this comment over a few hundred times to help me relish all future Holy Communion’s more! Thank you for this great gift. Love, Colleen

        • Oh Colleen, thank you! God is so good to allow us to help one another along the way. I love to “steal” from you and the other ladies around here who inspire me so much. As I mentioned, I had just come from my Carmelite meeting where we had discussed taking those brief moments to gaze lovingly upon Jesus in the midst of whatever else we were doing. Those thoughts, from St. Teresa of Avila…who wrote about finding God among the pots and pans, were still with me at Mass. What a blessing our saints are! And you too are such a blessing to me….xxxooo 🙂

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