Update…Statue of Mary in Louisiana


(the video above is somewhat outdated, as it does not show the extension of the tarp/ rain shielding installed by the owners, or the additional lighting and chairs. There are many more bouquets of flowers as well.  Also, there are now gatherings of 50 or more people at times during the evening.)


I recently wrote about a statue of Our Lady which has drawn considerable interest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and surrounding areas. I promised to post updates for those who are following the story.

First I would like to put to rest rumors that the statue has “cried blood” or had blood coming from its mouth, nose, etc.  This is not true.  I have summarized below the facts of what has transpired thus far.

The statue of Our Lady of La Vang has graced the front lawn of the owners for about seven years. On Thursday, July 5, one of the owners noticed that blood was seeping from the left side of the statue’s head and dripping down past her eye onto her cheek. Friends and neighbors quickly gathered to pray, and stayed throughout the night. Since that time, the statue does not appear to have continued to bleed, but has wept on two or more occasions. My sister was present during one of these, and observed the flow of water down Mary’s face. (This can be observed in one of the pictures below.)

What have been of great interest are the pictures snapped by visitors with iPhones which have produced some unexpected views of the statue.

There are photos in which what appears to be a tiny fetus can be seen on Mary’s left cheek. In another picture (see below) the tiny arm and hand of a child can be seen near the origin of the flow of blood. This particular statue happens to be located about a half mile from the only abortion clinic in Baton Rouge.

A pair of very interesting photos (below) exhibit the appearance of the statue when bleeding/crying in contrast to its normal appearance. I have personally visited the statue on four different days. The first time was July 8, when the flow of blood was still very visible. There were only a handful of other people present, and I was able to observe the statue up close for several minutes. I recall the sweetness of Mary’s face and that of the Christ Child. But, I do not remember that either of them were truly smiling.

On subsequent visits, I have found the faces of Mary and little Jesus to each possess the most lovely smiles. The eyes of Mary in this statue are particularly arresting, so full of tenderness and sweetness.

People have been visiting almost non-stop throughout the day until late in the evening. The owners, who live in a modest home on a side street, welcome everyone, and have put out chairs and added extra lighting as well as some protection from the frequent rain for those who stay to pray. The rosary is prayed several times daily both in English, and in Vietnamese.

The owners have also given out hundreds of bottles of blessed water, which are placed at the base of the statue. Visitors are free to take a bottle with them. The statue itself is now surrounded with dozens of bouquets of flowers brought by those who come to pray.

People are eager to share their interesting photos, and the owners copy the most significant ones and tape them up near the garage for viewing.

Meanwhile, the front lawn has been trampled by the hundreds of people who have come over the past 11 days. The owners brought in some sand to cover the now muddy grass. They refuse offers of money to help with these and other expenses such as the bottled water and lights etc.

There is always an atmosphere of respect, peace, prayerfulness and sharing on the premises. People quietly exchange iPhone pictures and tell stories about how they came to know of the statue. They browse through the larger photos that are posted near the garage.
Directly in front of the statue, people sit quietly, or pray the rosary.

There has been no public report yet on the results of the blood test taken last week. The pastor of the local parish is out-of-town on vacation this month, and so far, there has been no word from the local bishop. People continue to come…..

16 thoughts on “Update…Statue of Mary in Louisiana

  1. Patricia, I see the flat expression when the blood is showing and the beautiful smile when it is not. The shape of a fetus I still don’t see, and the arm and hand are easy to see, so much so that it looks photo shopped. I hope this miracle continues to be an outpouring of grace that all that come to see, pray and all those who learn of it through your witness.
    Love, Colleen

    • Hello fellow night owl! 🙂 Thank you for your observations and comment. I know what you mean about “photo shop”. That’s always my first thought too. I do know that my sister witnessed the weeping while she was there praying the rosary one night last week…and she saw the “tears” flowing down Mary’s face, which were not there a few moments before.

      Also, I am fascinated by how different the statue looks now…the lovely smile, compared to its expression when I first saw it shortly after the bleeding. I can’t imagine why these dear, simple people would stage something like this. Also, the various pictures are being taken by visitors. I met the guy whose employee took the one with the “arm.” He was showing it to everyone on his phone. Who knows?

      I’m trying to be objective about it, but there is something very lovely when you are there…especially the gaze of the statue, and the simple, prayerful people with their little bouquets of flowers.

      Apparently several priests have been involved with taking the blood samples.
      I suppose we shall wait and see the fruit of this. I hope our bishop will eventually get involved and make a statement.
      At any rate, the statue is simply beautiful…much more so than you can see in the pictures..and I can’t explain that either 🙂
      Love you too!

      • Patricia, I am sure it is even more beautiful in person. It is also quite large compared to most garden statues of Mary! I hope you are asleep and you don’t see this comment until tomorrow morning . . . the morning that comes after the sun rises, not after 12 a.m. I didn’t see the video you included until now. I am sure I can stay up a few minutes more to watch it.

        • Colleen, I can’t stop laughing… What are we both doing up at this hour?? We are a mess. I keep asking the Lord to help me with this, but it’s defnitely my own fault, and I will be fighting sleep during adoration tomorrow. I promise to pray for you there…that you can stay awake throughout your day. Yes, I just added the video a little while ago…have been to your blog since then. LOVE your featured picture of Jesus and have a framed one hanging on my wall. He looks so majestic in that one.
          Go to bed! 🙂

          • Thank you again for praying for me during your adoration time. I was able to sleep in this morning so that helped quite a bit. I was laughing reading yours too! I did go to bed after you told me too. I watched the video and then read three more chapters in Fenlon’s Let Go and then went directly to bed. 🙂

          • Hope we both do better tonight LOL! I’m going through a stack of photo albums pulling pictures of my son at various ages for a video the bride’s aunt is making for the wedding! So much fun looking through old pictures, but we took so many that I’ll have to go to bed, eventually (!), and continue tomorrow. Wedding is 10 days and counting…I’m getting excited!

            HOw do youy like Fenlon? I had never heard of him until Mary wrote about him on her blog. I checked the kindle store, and wow, lots of Fenlon for very little cost and the little I’ve seen looks excellent. I haven’t bought any yet. Do you recommend?

            I did remember to pray for you during holy hour. I was worried about you! 🙂 Of course, I had to fight to stay awake in the quiet, dark chapel, but I had a really lovely holy hour. I thought a lot about how precious and irresistable Jesus is…that God would deign to do such a thing as become Man, while still maintaining His Divinity, so that we are in this incredible loving relationship with a Man Who also possesses all the attributes of God. And then He died for us! It is all too much for my feeble little mind. I read some passages in the Song of Songs…such a beautiful book of the bible. As great and deep and passionate as the love expressed within it is, the love of God for each one of us far surpasses what words can contain. And we, like you said, were simply “loved into existence..” When I think of these things, I so yearn to love God more and pray for others to love Him. He is so beyond any words….
            Sleep well, “young lady.” 🙂 I can say that…for all you know, I could be 90! LOL! xoxo

  2. This is so interesting Patrica! I had not heard of this before today! I like the little sign tha was put up that reads, “don’t touch her, she will touch you” ; this is such a true statement. Our Blessed Mother always finds a way to touch us and get our attention!

    Thanks for sharing this. I would love to hear more.

    God bless

    • Lisa, I have been so happy to share this, because if it is Heaven-sent, I would want others to hear about it. I love the little sign too. The first time I went, it wasn’t there, and so I did get to touch the statue 🙂 But they put it up, I’m sure, to keep everyone from handling the statue too much. I like the way they did it though…with that little message that is so very true.

      I will continue to update whenever there is more to share.
      Thank you for stopping by for a visit 🙂

  3. Patricia, This is so fascinating! I am sure that I would struggle to believe it if you hadn’t said that you have been there yourself. Whatever lead us to prayer must be good, still, I know we must be careful. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • Anne, I’m still not sure what I believe myself! I have always been a skeptic about such things. I even went to Medjugorje years ago, saw the sun pulsing, spinning in the sky and changing colors, plus came home with an avalance of Grace that was perceptible for months….and probably endured long after that. But I still go back and forth on what to believe. I will be so happy when the Church finally makes a judgment there.

      The situation here is very different, of course. As Carmelites, we are taught to walk in faith, and not seek for signs and wonders. And I do find peace and safety walking in that way. But, God does sometimes perform miracles. I have no firm opinion on the statue in question. I only know that there is such a sweetness about that statue, and I can’t imagine the lovely people living there, who don’t even speak English, setting up an elaborate hoax. What I have experienced is a peaceful, prayerful spirit there. People are quiet and respectful. It’s not a carnival atmosphere. At this point, I have a respectful regard for the situation, and will continue to visit from time to time. I look forward to a word from our bishop, eventually. As for the interesting photos, I didn’t take any of them, so I can’t vouch for them. But I do know my sister was there when the statue began weeping. She has been by daily since it is very close to her workplace. For now, we wait and see….

    • Hi Olga, do you live in Louisiana? The address is 1000 Broadmoor St., Baton Rouge, LA. It’s right off of Airline Hwy and Goodwood Blvd. People visit all day long, up until about 10pm at night. Most people seem to come in the evening…after work. Good luck. I hope you can find it. You might want to read my original article on this which you can find by clicking on “Is Mary weeping in Louisiana..” on the right sidebar beneath “Recent posts.” Good luck, and let me know if I can be of further help.
      God bless you.

    • Hi Rachael! So far, it seems to be. Everything is very peaceful and prayerful at the home where this statue is located. And…the owner’s are so very welcoming and kind; they seem to truly want to honor Our Lady and thank her for this special blessing.

      So kind of your to comment. Thank you.


  4. Many thanks for bringing this to our attention and sharing the information. I am posting this April 9,2013… Any updates? Is the Statue of Our Lady of LaVang still crying and bleeding, and has the phenomenon been determined authenic and of God; what were the results of the tests on the blood (and were the tears tested, too); has your Bishop said anything yet? And have there been any other happenings -hopefully of a positive divine nature? And how is the family that owns the statue holding up?
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Also, do you happen to know of any progress on the rebuilding of the physical Church Basilica of Our Lady of LaVang in Vietnam as was requested by Blessed Pope John Paul II during his lifetime? — it had been raised to a Basilica {I think it was Pope John XXIII who had done so} but it had been destroyed during the Vietnam War — does anyone know who destroyed it?
    By the way, at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington,D.C., there is a Chapel of Our Lady of LaVang.
    I found your blog with info + photos of this lovely statue of Our Lady of LaVang because I have been looking on-line trying to find a statue of Our Lady of LaVang for myself. 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

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