O Queen and Beauty of Carmel….

O Queen and Beauty of Carmel,
I rejoice to be
in Your motherly care.
No harm shall come to me
beneath Your watchful eye.

I love Your tender smile,
and the assurance that
my tiny hand is held by Yours
O Mary, Fragrance
of Holiness!

Purity beyond comprehension,
I delight to be
Your child.
O Full of Grace,
draw me close to You.

And let your motherly touch
leave traces
of Your Holiness
lingering upon me
that I may resemble You.

I thank God that
You are my Mother,
For time and eternity
O lovely and incomparable
Virgin of Carmel.


8 thoughts on “O Queen and Beauty of Carmel….

  1. Happy Feast Day Patricia !.I knew I’d find a most beautiful meditation here today…
    “And let your motherly touch
    leave traces
    of Your Holiness”

    So beautiful…
    Have a blessed day..
    Love and +

    • Thank you, Caroline! Isn’t it nice that we both have birthdays in the same month as major feasts for our respective Orders? Today is a Solemnity for us…is St. Benedict’s Feast a celebrated as a Solemnity for Benedictines?

      This blessed day is passing so quickly! Only in Heaven will the joys never end…
      Love u….. xoxo

    • Anne, thanks so much for stopping by for coffee, and getting caught up 🙂 I look forward to doing the same at your place. Could you put a Coke on ice for me? (What a terrible thing to ask a nutritionist!) Hugs to you, dear Anne : )

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