Is Mary weeping in Louisiana?

(Click here for update — posted July 16)
In Baton Rouge, LA, there is a small community of Vietnamese families who live within a few blocks of one another. They have great devotion to Our Blessed Mother, and they proudly display large statues of her in their front yards. It now appears that one of these statues may have been touched by Heaven.

As I was driving to Mass from my Carmelite meeting this afternoon, I happened to call my sister. The first thing she said was, “Where are you?” When I told her, she instructed me to make a turn and head toward a nearby street. As I drove, she read, over the phone, the spirit daily news story your will find beneath this post.

One of the statues belonging to a Vietnamese family has been reported to be shedding tears and bleeding. This began about two days ago. I am usually a skeptic about such matters, but knowing the history of devotion to Our Lady among these dear people in our city, I cannot believe that they would ever perpetrate such an offensive hoax.

The rain had been pouring all day, and was still drizzling as I parked my car among a dozen or so others on the street, and walked over to a gathering of about 20 people…most of them taking pictures.

What a sweet face this statue has…and little wooden clogs on her feet. The blood was clearly visible, and seemed to have dripped down the side of her face from a larger pool on the left side of the head of the statue. There appeared to be tears on her face, but since it was raining, I couldn’t be sure…although the statue was beneath a protective covering.

I stayed a few minutes, praying Hail Mary’s, and looking on in wonder. Was I witnessing a miracle?

Back in the car, my sister and I thought it more than a coincidence that I had called her while so close to the area, when I would have soon been quite far down the road in a different direction.  My sister herself had discovered the story while reading on her iPad Friday as she grabbed some lunch, again… not far from where the statue is located. She too has seen it.

As I drove on to Mass, my sister read a more recent story which included the news that a priest has taken blood samples from the statue for analysis.

I arrived at church early to pray a rosary.  Later at Mass, I experienced an especially deep peace. Coincidence?

If ever Our Lady had reason to cry, it is certainly in our times, as so many have alluded to lately on their blogs. The dear family who owns that statue is no doubt deeply devoted to Mary, as are the many families nearby with beautiful Marian shrines on their properties. Is it surprising that Mary would come to these beloved ones who so publicly manifest their love for her?

As for me, this brief experience has deeply impressed me with the need to pray more…especially the rosary. As I confided to my sister, I have felt Mary calling me to come closer over the past few months.

O Mary, I am sorry that you even had to call….that I have not always been your faithful daughter.  I promise to do better.  May your children join together to dry your tears!

(For those interested in visiting the statue, the family has invited everyone to come, and has released their address to the local media.  You can find this beautiful statue of Our Lady at 1000 Broadmoor St., Baton Rouge, LA…..right off of Airline HIghway and Goodwood Blvd.)

             Baton Rouge, Louisiana July 7, 2012       On a hot July afternoon Hoa Doan, a resident of Baton Rouge, noticed the statue of the Blessed Mother in her yard weeping tears from her eyes and bleeding from what appeared to be human blood from her head.   Hoa Doan immediately called her friends and family to come and pray with her after she discovered her ordinary statue of the Blessed Mother turn into what appears to be a heavenly phenomenon.  The women did in fact come and prayed throughout the entire night before the mysterious statue!  Hoa Doan is encouraging the rest of the community to witness this heavenly phenomenon and to come and pray with Our Lady!   This statue is called Our Lady of La Vang, often referred to as the Vietnam Saint. Beginning in the sixteen century the Vietnamese Catholics began to pray to Our Lady of La Vang because they were being persecuted.  Is this a sign from heaven to the family who owns the statue or is it for the community of Baton Rouge or is it in fact a sign for the  entire world?! One thing is for certain Our Lady is getting the attention of the community but what is Our Lady trying to tell us?  We might be able to find the answer in scripture when Jesus performed his first miracle. Our Lady was the first one to prompt Jesus to change the water into wine but in the end she said, “Do whatever he tells you!”  Our Lady is always pointing to her son and her son is always pouring out his love and mercy to his children.  In the past when blood was exuding from a statue it was usually “a sign of the times” and of what may come!   In any case it is an invitation to pray more and to pay attention to our own spiritual conversions!     Editor, Tricia Parsons

(This story was covered by a local television station:

17 thoughts on “Is Mary weeping in Louisiana?

  1. Patricia, I thought of you when I read this and wondered if you lived near where it was being reported. Thank you for sharing how you stopped by to dry her tears. How could our Blessed Mother not be crying ? …Look at our culture so given over to the flesh. In years past I was more skeptical, but now though as you say,one is always is cautious, I too feel her calling for us to come close and pray with all our hearts .. I want to do better too.
    Love you xxxoo +

  2. Caroline, so you heard of this in Florida? Yes, I live in a small town right outside of Baton Rouge, and go there several times/week. My sister lives in Baton Rouge, and went last night to pray the rosary around 9pm. There were quite a few people there. One man had taken a picture of the statue and showed it to my sister. Clearly visible was a spot on Mary’s cheek which closely resembles a tiny fetus. As I looked at the pictures above which I posted from the spritdaily website, I noticed this fetus shaped image on her cheek…just to the right of the lower blood spot in the left picture.

    It’s very odd that this is showing up in pictures, as it is not noticeable when you look at the statue. My sister returned tonight to pray the rosary with others who were there, and water (tears?) appeared on the face of the statue. In this heat, anything put there deliberately would have quickly evaporated.

    Always cautious…yes, for sure. But there is a sense of peace, and yet also sadness associated with this phenomenon. We will have to wait and see.

    Thanks so much for commenting. I love you too! (Did you get the bird “art” I emailed you?)

      • Hi Caroline. I didn’t receive your e-mail, so I was wondering…. I’m so glad to hear that you did receive them and enjoyed them. This happened once before, as I recall. I e-mailed you about something, and didn’t receive a reply. You had been having technical problems with your blog, and so I just assumed you didn’t recieve it. Have a wonderful day! It stormed here all night and this morning…hope you are enjoying Florida sunshine 🙂 When my husband was in the Air Force, we lived in Cocoa Beach…the only time in my life that I’ve ever had a REAL tan!

        Blessings and hugs…. (thanks for letting me know you got the px’s)

    • It really is amazing to see, and the people who live there are just so humble. The lady doesn’t even speak English. They had a priest bless several cartons of water, and put them out for people to take home holy water. I am going to add their address to my article, because they have invited everyone to come, and allowed the local media to release their address. I’ve gotten so many hits from people in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge area who are trying to find out more.

      I assume our bishop will investigate at some point. This all just started last Thursday. Thanks for you interest, and I will definitely keep everyone updated.
      Blessings always….

  3. Mysterious and awesome.
    I feel a hush in my soul.
    Time to listen more carefully, for me.
    You are very blessed, my friend.
    I pray nothing but good comes of this newest visitation.
    love ..Trish xoxo

    • Trish, you are a poet! And I love it.

      If your are speaking of the visitation re Mary’s statue, yes, I am watching carefully. I always take a skeptical approach to these things. I have been there twice, and both were good experiences..peaceful. But, I’m waiting to hear what our bishop will have to say. It’s hauntingly sad to imagine that Mary really is crying and even bleeding…or at least her statue is. I know this has happened in many places before….a sign of our times, perhaps. Or maybe nothing. Time and the Church will tell.

      Love you xoxo

  4. I get all the caution and everything, but what is the point of a hoax to this? The miracle of the consecration is maybe not as rare and not as perceptible, but we do believe in a God of miracles.

    I didn’t pick up the fetus’s image in the pictures, but that would be a reason for Mary’s tears and also the sign of blood.

    I especially like that you experienced an especially deep peace at Mass, Patricia. Praise God for you to have that consolation.

    I think that is why people continue to go on pilgrimage to Medjugorie and return there even as skeptics warn them to use caution. They have experienced singular graces on their visits and this is why they return. Some have received physical healing and others spiritual and emotional healing. They have no reason to wait for the Church’s official ruling when they are only being taught to repent, pray from the heart, fast, and offer sacrifices.

    I don’t think anything is in it for this couple to have notoriety for this occurring. I pray Mary will keep them safe under her mantle both during and after this time passes.

    • Hi Linda. It’s not exactly across from Woman’s Hospital, facing Airline. Are you thinking of the very large shrine of Mary, which includes a lighted crown?
      The statue I’ve written about is actually down a side street right off of Goodwood blvd….first left after you turn onto Goodwood from Airline. The address is 1000 Broadmoor Circle. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you, Margherita. There are no new updates. Neighbors started complaining about the traffic and the inconvenience in getting in and out of their street with all of the pilgrims who were visiting….so the family was ordered to stop inviting people to come by. The statue remains on their front lawn though. I guess only time will tell…. I did see her beautiful smile…..

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