R-rated teddy bears, sign of the times…..

This morning, I read the movie reviews in our local newspaper. And I was furious.

Two of the worst movies out there each received a lengthy write-up, with rave reviews, lauding the “humor” and fine acting.  Each of the two was highly recommended by our local reviewer, who gave them three stars.  (The national reviews syndicated to our paper were even more generous….three and one-half stars.)

This effusive praise– for a movie about male strippers, which contains graphic nudity and explicit sexuality to say nothing of the language!   A related article celebrated the assumption that women “will flock in droves” to see this trash….no doubt, it was predicted, attending with groups of “salivating” friends to share the event….
(Oh, give me a break…)

The other horrid movie is about, of all things, a teddy bear.  I have seen the posters in a local theater of the fluffy toy bear, and I’m sure children have noticed it as well and expressed interest in seeing the movie.  (Let us pray that their parents will notice the R rating and resist.)

A friend of mine is a movie buff, and she will sit through virtually almost anything.  In fact, she usually goes alone as none of us will accompany her to many of the films she sees.  Last week she saw the “teddy bear” movie, and told me that it was so awful that she wished she had walked out, and that she said an Act of Contrition upon leaving the movie theater.  Although I wish my friend would be more discriminating in her movie choices, I appreciated her honesty about this travesty of building a filthy movie around a traditionally beloved children’s toy.

The same reviewers mentioned above, completely ignored the beautiful epic film, For Greater Glory, when it played for a full month in my town.  It was not reviewed by our local critic, and was listed each week with a “no star” rating from the syndicate, which means they didn’t even bother to take it seriously enough to review.

Yet, it was an awesome movie, beautifully produced, and with superb performances, particularly by Andy Garcia and Peter O’Toole

After walking away from the newspaper in disgust, I signed onto my Internet homepage only to be greeted with the news that a certain starlet has a new “bikini body.”  It’s always that way…..who wore the most daring dress to an awards ceremony, and other similar worthless information pops up as “news.”

Our entire culture is literally immersed in crudeness, rudeness and the sexual exploitation of human beings, most recently pregnant women… but that’s another post.  You cannot escape unless you avoid all media, but even then, your soul will be assaulted if you walk through a mall or subway station or heaven forbid, go to the beach.

And then, there is today’s saint…..little Maria Goretti.  What a contradiction this child is to our culture…only eleven years old when she was martyred for her purity. God surely thought of our day when He raised Maria to sainthood in 1950.

Let us ask her to pray for us, for our children and for our world.  I wonder if there has ever been a time more thoroughly impure than our own, a time when the prayers of the innocent child, Maria, were so desperately needed.

How beautiful you are, virgin of Christ                                          
–the Lord has given you the gift of perpetual virginity.                   

(From the Responsory for the Office of Readings, July 6)

Sketch by Helen Hull Hitchcock


18 thoughts on “R-rated teddy bears, sign of the times…..

  1. I wish I could say I was surprised by these reviews, but as you say Patricia, it is a sign of our times~very sad times indeed. While an R rating usually lets us know that there is questionable content, I have seen some PG and PG-13 movies that should have been rated R. The movie rating system follows the culture’s standards, not Catholic standards.
    I use mycatholic.com as my home page. They also have a link for the USCCB movie ratings and reviews. Having them as my home page also does away with starlet bikini news and the like. You can set your own preferences.
    I share your disgust in this.

    • Karin, mycatholic.com looks wonderful, but won’t I still have to endure AOL to check my e-mail? (It’s been my primary e-mail address since forever.)
      I know what you mean about the PG/PG13 movies. Many are worse than the R rated ones which happen to have battle scenes, etc., like For Greater Glory. I check out decentfilms.com or Christian Spotlight on Entertainment before seeing any movie. Usually, if it’s a PG-13 romantic comedy, it’s definitely a no-go. My husband and I love going to the movies, and it’s so frustrating that these days, there are so few that are even remotely acceptable. Our favorites are the beautiful historical dramas like Young Victoria, The King Speaks…and anything Jane Austen. However, we recently saw Men in Black III and the latest Spiderman movie, and enjoyed them both 🙂

  2. “… your soul will be assaulted if you walk through a mall ….” You put it so well: it is an assault on our souls. I love the tie-in with St. Maria Goretti. What a perfect saint to ask to pray for us in this time. Because of your post, I am beginning tonight to ask her to pray for my young grandchildren. So in the name of my little “Bunny” and “Linus” and “Doodlebug,” I THANK YOU for writing this post.

    • Gee Nancy, I’d have thought your grandchildren would have saints’ names 🙂 Of course, Linus should qualify… I may borrow “Doodlebug” if I ever have a grandchild!
      (My son is getting married in 3 weeks, so there is now hope!)
      We are “assaulted,” aren’t we? And I am so tired of it! I feel like I am forced to swim in the gutter. Yet, we must endure those who are oh so burdened by the sight of a cross monument, etc. Gee, can’t have that. But we can’t get through the supermarket checkout without being confronted with those magazines. I am praying to St. Maria too. Love that she is a child Saint. How beautiful are the Saints especially venerated for their purity…such a precious virtue.

      Have a blessed weekend, Nancy!

      • I should have thought to use saints’ names for my grandchildren’s “screen names” !!! I just started calling them, “onscreen,” the nicknames that I use for them in real life. Well, except for “Linus,” who doesn’t really KNOW that his grandma thinks of him as a perfect Charlie-Brown-sidekick, thumb in mouth and beloved blanket by his side!

        You expressed my feelings exactly when you said you are tired of the “assaults.” YES. It can really wear us down. It is absolutely accurate that we’re forced to swim in the GUTTER. And yes, we’re forced to endure those who are upset by a cross monument. Everything must be tolerated… except, of course, anything that might remind us that the gutter is not the most fun, hip, free, delightful place there could be.

        Congratulations on your son’s upcoming marriage!

        Congratulations on your son’s upcoming marriage!

        • Nancy, now you have me dreaming of a “Linus” of my own…maybe a year or so from now 🙂
          Thank you for the congratulations! I can’t believe it’s only three weeks from today.

          I must admit that I don’t know how intolerance to anything Christian became acceptable, while the most offensive stuff has been totally unleashed.
          I almost feel like I took a nap, and then suddenly woke up to a whole new world. The acceleration to evil is mind-boggling, and the enemies of God are working overtime.

          It makes me very grateful for the community we have here of like-minded bloggers who love Our Lord and His Church, and who pray for and encourage one another. What a blessing! YOU ARE! xo

  3. Patricia,
    Let us place this entire country in Our Lady’s hands that through her own purity this country may be healed of its terrible impurity. And may St Maria Goretti intercede for the children of this country. I’ve started asking them both to protect my own child in this area because I am horrified by what I see all around us. Thank you for posting this.

    Was I shocked? Yes. It never ceases to horrify me when I see the depths to which we have sunk.

    God bless you, my friend. At least we know how the spiritual battle ends…thank you, Lord

    • Mary, I’ve missed you! Are you still having to comment through FB? I hope not : (
      You are so right about entrusting our country to Our Lady, who is already its Patroness. How sad she must be at what has become of us! I personally need to say more rosaries, as that is what she always asks for. There is such an agenda out there, and it’s so evident in the current “entertainment.”

      Thank you for your recent posts about spiritual warfare. I had a brief encounter with the demonic many years ago through ouija board and automatic writing. Our Merciful Jesus delivered me, and left me with such a horror of these things, as well as a sensitivity to their presence as well. One day, I will write a post warning people. It all seemed so innocent…like a game. This was before my adult conversion, and I was so foolish.

      Your are such a blessing, Mary. Thank you for visiting and commenting. xo

  4. Ugh…you must have Verizon. I am so tired of the useless garbage that is thrown in my face everyday. I was so disgusted yesterday. I was blessed to go to Mass on her Feast day for she is the patron saint of my oldest daughter. If if Verizon is not your homepage, you still have to log in on the *Hollywood* screen. I am going to look into preferences for that. This gave me a push.
    God bless Patricia.

    • Not Verizon, but horrible AOL! The only way to access my mail is through the “Hollywood page.” I always think: Gee, do they really believe that most of their members are so brain dead that with all that is going on in the world, we are most interested in what the latest “celebrity” is wearing or doing. etc. Geeeeeee! I share your “Ugh!” Theresa.

      Looking into preferences, now there’s a possibility. I haven’t really done that. Also, KarinAnn recommended mycatholic.com, which looks awesome. But, I don’t know how to get to my mail folders and files, as well as keep my primary email address without still having to go through AOL at some point. Let me know if you get anywhwere with Verizon.

      BTW, thank you for the birthday wishes via Caroline’s blog 🙂 And, have a lovely and blessed weekend!

      • I will talk to hubby later and show him the Catholic.com page…I am not sure if you can access mail that way. The only other option is to use Outlook Express which I believe is on every computer.

        • Thanks, Theresa. I think I will set up mycatholic.com as my homepage, and just deal with AOL when I want to check e-mail. At least it won’t be the first thing I see when I sign on in the morning! Am looking forward to setting up my new homepage!
          BTW, I just noticed in the paper that the “stripper” movie opened in 6th place with only a 15 million gross….which isn’t really good for opening weekend. Let’s pray it drops off the radar. Sadly, the “bear” movie has been doing really well. Thank goodness for the innocuous Spiderman which took $65 million and walloped them both.
          Can’t believe that as I am typing this, the priest on EWTN’s Mass is giving a homily about the “stripper” movie. am off to listen! Blessings……to you.

  5. We are blessed in our faith! How wonderful to have the saints to show us the path to holiness, and to reassure us by their examples that although goodness and purity are never easy, they are always worth it! St. Maria Goretti, pray for us!

    • Anne, I agree that we are so blessed! I can’t imagine not having Our Lady and the saints to accompany us on the journey. God always seems to raise up the right saints at the perfect time. We certainly need St. Maria Goretti today.

      As you said, the virtues are never easy, and we always have to go deeper. Purity can be compromised in such subtle ways. I feel called to re-examine myself regarding what I watch (tv, movies, etc.), what I wear, what I hear… These days, we can so easily become desensitized.

      BTW, love being spiritual sisters through beloved Cardinal Dolan! He needs our prayers. I’d be your sister anytime, dear Anne 🙂

  6. Patricia,
    It didn’t go through FB but through my husband’s e-mail. It doesn’t like our other e-mail for some strange reason 🙂 I figured this out! (Sheesh! Took me long enough, huh?) Anyway, I can comment using his fishersofmen e-mail or FB but not the one I use on my blog.

    I’d like to hear your story, Patricia. I guess a sensitivity to their presence is a good thing if it protects us and others. There is so much occult stuff out there these days that it’s hard to weed through. Someone left a comment on my blog that even the peace symbol is from the occult. Have you heard of this?

    I’m still dumbfounded by the Pokemon thing.

    • Well Mary, I am just so glad you figured out something that works, cause I always love your visits and comments! Does your husband have a blog? I’d love to visit if he does.

      I’ve been thinking about sharing my story re the occult, for about a month now. When I read your posts on the subject, I felt even more compelled. I will try to do it soon. I know I’m preaching to the choir here among my blog friends, but we never know who else is reading our blogs, and may be completely unaware of the dangers of even going anywhere near this stuff.

      I love that you named your daughter after St. Michael! What a protector he is! After reading your Pokemon story, I placed a blessed picture of St. Michael, and a blessed St. Benedict medal in my nightstand. I love knowing it’s right there by me while I’m sleeping.

      Have your ever heard of Opus Sanctorum Angelorum? (The Work of the Holy Angels) I belong to their Confraternity. They give the most beautiful retreats, and the priests in charge are so holy and devoted to the Eucharist and Our Lady. The Confraternity seeks to teach us about the place of the angels in God’s plan for our salvation, and the power they have to be of help to those who call upon them. Each person is encouraged to especially have devotion to their guardian angel.

      I agree with you that it’s a blessing to be sensitive to these things. Imagine if you had not reacted to the presence of the Pokemon items…

      Yes, I’ve heard of the “peace symbol” being a distortion of the cross. But, I’m not sure of the source of this information. I know two good Catholic sources on New Age stuff, so I’ll check there and let you know.

      I really feel called to draw closer to Our Lady these days. I used to run and hide under her mantle during the aftermath of my occult experiences. She is just so powerful, and she loves us so much!

      Have a blessed and joyful Sunday, Mary xo

  7. Patricia, I’ve been away this week and just online posting randomly for exactly as you have outlined here. The visual assault everywhere is uncompromising. My husband and I were sitting by the pool at our hotel wondering how anyone can raise young children in purity today with the immodesty we witnessed. It’s especially bad in FL where so much of the lifestyle is ‘beach’ living.
    And movies…everybody knows don’t even bother to ask me to go anymore.. Such sad times. I love how you tied in St Maria Goretti…
    Love you +

    • Caroline, it is so sad, isn’t it? What’s scarey is that without a miracle, it will only get worse. Today I was talking to two of my male cousins at my aunt’s birthday party. They are both devout Catholics, and were talking about how people dress at Mass…especially women. They are absolutely horrified by it. I was really proud of them for saying that.

      If I was raising young children today, I think I’d move next door to the Duggar’s. 🙂

      It’s hard to believe that they once made movies like The Trouble With Angels, isn’t it? Wish you could come over, and we could watch it again and maybe even AGAIN!
      Love you too!

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