Just until glory comes….

A few days ago, I asked Our Blessed Lady to be the mistress of my home, and that I might be her servant girl.  I am in dire need of her loving presence, guidance and wisdom in my vocation as wife, mother and homemaker…and every other aspect of my life as well.

So, I’ve been listening, eager to hear her advice.  Yesterday, I was busy about those boring, mundane chores which most of us have to do on a regular basis.

I get tired of dusting and vacuuming and cleaning out the refrigerator.  Whilst wielding my Swiffer duster, I daydream of doing other things…at least writing a blog post, or maybe even an e-book.  I wish I lived in a bigger city where there were more exciting things to do.  Nothing ever happens here.  I wish I could make a 30 day retreat, or even travel to all the places of pilgrimage in the world or be involved in Catholic radio.  I still have dozens of books left to read, and if I could work on being an Olympic figure skater… I wish…..hmmm.

Yesterday, I washed the kitchen curtains, and as I struggled to slip the rod past the seam, it got hung up, and I tried to be patient as I maneuvered the fabric.

Then I thought of Jesus, working with Joseph in the carpenter shop in Nazareth.  Jesus, laboring by the sweat of His brow, struggling to shape furniture out of wood… He Who twirls the planets and makes the stars twinkle, and fashions each snowflake into a tiny work of art.

Was He bored?  No…because He did everything out of Love (being Love Himself), and in obedience to His Father’s Will.  Who more than the King of Heaven had a right to put down the tools, and with but a mere thought transform the trees of Palestine into acres of woodcraft?  But, He never did.  He never walked away from the hard work.  Just like He didn’t walk away from the Cross.

Love constrained Jesus.  Love of us confined Him to tedious work in a small town for most of His life, and then to traveling with and teaching a rag-tag group of men who deserted Him when He was preparing to lay down His life for them..and for us.

And I am bored?  The rod slipped through to the other end of the curtain.  “Thank you, Mary.”  And thank you for reminding me what Therese knew so well….that the smallest act done out of love can save a soul and bring God so much joy.

Was it Mary who seemed to reply?

It is sometimes a struggle to do these routine tasks, because you were created for greater things….much greater things.  You were born to spend eternity immersed in that Furnace of Love which is the Most Holy Trinity.  You were created to adore the thrice holy God, your whole being trembling with joy.  Your heart and your soul long for this, and you are restless because you cannot yet fulfill your eternal purpose.  You possess the very image of God …you were born for glory.

I love this thought.  I believe it’s true.  We were…all of us, created to be sons and daughters of the Most HIgh God.   Earth is our exile; Heaven is our true home.

I was awakened from my reverie by our cat coughing up two hairballs just as I was preparing to start dinner.  Out came the paper towels and the steam mop….but this time, with a smile.

Yes Mary, I’ll try to serve without complaining…at least most of the time.  You bore the Son of God and yet spent your life doing the most simple but demanding household chores.

But it helps to dream of glory, doesn’t it?  The glory of one day seeing God Face to face….the One Whom St. Augustine called,  “O Beauty ever ancient, ever new…”

Sweet Mary, help us to prepare for that day as Jesus and you did, by doing the Father’s Will in every ordinary moment of our lives…..but please remind us now and then, that it’s just until the glory comes.

“Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in thee..”   St. Augustine



19 thoughts on “Just until glory comes….

  1. Just beautiful, these inspired words!

    Congratulations on your Anniversary of your Profession!

    I had to laugh, especially about the cat hacking up hairballs. Probably similar to me swiffing up more dog hair as they shed continuously.

    It really struck me…those words that came to you.. It is so true. Even amongst our daily duties and fulfilling God’s will, there will a sort of interior restlessness until we are united with our Beloved in Heaven…we sigh even now as we look forward to that day. Thankfully we can strive and prepare ourselves to be united with Him on earth, and then in all His glory in Heaven.

    • Hello Theresa! Thank you for the anniversary wishes : ) Where does all the time go? Carmel is such a gift!
      So you Swiffer too? The tough thing about this job is that it never ends. Don’t hate me, but I used to have a maid service. It was so wonderful to have all the rooms in the house clean at the same time! I didn’t even want to walk on the freshly mopped and vacuumed floors. 🙂 Sigh…now it’s anyone’s guess where the dust bunnies might be from one day to the next.

      Oh, it’s so true what you said about that interior restlessness. I love to believe that God places us in that state so that we will long for Him all the more. I remember Mother Angelica once saying, “When you think about Jesus, His Heart beats faster.” I love that!

      God bless you, Theresa!

  2. I often experience similar thoughts. The day to day can be so bla bla bla. It is when I feel this way that I always hear a whisper in my head ” do little things with great love….that is when I am reminded of my vocation, my fiat to Our Lord…

    I love the thoughts and love you share here. These thoughts are anything but boring. In fact these thoughts give peace and much to ponder and meditate on.

    Thank you for sharing your ordinary, it is truly extraordinary and a much needed blessing for me.

    • Lisa, you said it: “bla, bla, bla”! 🙂 Our Lord knew that for most of us, it would hone those virtues…like patience and perseverence and long-suffering and self-control, etc.

      I’m just happy that Our Lady is helping me. I’ve been praying for her to “come closer,” and now I’m reading 33 Days to Morning Glory (just love that title) in preparation for renewing my consecration to her on the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. I made it years ago, but have never properly renewed it.

      I cherish your kind words. Thank you! It’s good to know that some of what I write here makes sense, and can even be helpful. We are all learning from one another, and I love all the different perspectives.

      Thank you, Lisa. You are a blessing to me too!

  3. I can relate to this Patricia. I try to remember Therese’s Little Way, but fail more often than succeed. What a great idea to ask Mary to be the Mistress of our houses.
    Congratulations on your anniversary.

    • Thank you for the good wishes, Karin. I can’t believe I’ve been in Carmel that long; the years have flown.
      I think the greatness of Therese in the Church validates her Little Way as being a superior path to holiness. It sounds so much easier than it is! The day to day stuff is often more difficult than big challenges.

      I love the posts and pictures you have been sharing on your new simple blog. Just beautiful! Exquisite post on the piercing of the Heart of Jesus. Karin, I think your retreat was a winner!!! More, more…. 🙂 God bless!

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary, Patricia..You are so blessed to have 17 years in Carmel..
    I love your thoughts as you worked through those daily chores that seem so repetitive and uninspiring. I want to be Mary’s servant girl too, but sometimes I forget to listen in the tedium of things…This is such a lovely meditation. (Those hairballs can be a mess)
    Blessings and hugs +

    • Thanks for the congratulations, Caroline! It is such a blessing to belong to Carmel…and I can’t believe how many years have passed since I walked into my first meeting. Other than my marriage, I’m not sure anything else in my life has lasted that long 🙂 It truly is the grace of God.

      So glad you liked the meditation. Today as I made the bed, I smiled and told Mary it was for her. Of course, if she were staying over, I would have done a much better job!!! I forget to listen as well. I often keep Catholic radio on while I’m working around the house, because they invariably say things which give me much food for thought. You are so right about those hairballs, and this poor little guy we have gets so many of them. My last cat actually had much thicker hair, but only an occasional hairball. I remember the pictures you posted of your cat and dog…..so precious!

      Enjoying your story so much….
      Love and hugs,

  5. I am going to take the wisdom of this post with me… at least, I pray I can do so. Jesus, Who twirls the planets, in the carpenter shop…. so striking. And God bless you on this anniversary!

    • Nancy, thank you for sharing the joy of my anniversary! Jesus…so beautiful. Everything about Him breathtaking! Who can resist a God Who leaves His throne in Heaven to become a carpenter. Like you, I wish I could always be mindful of these things.
      I love your blog, Nancy. Your “blogging chops”…as you call them, are pretty awesome…from the looks of your website. It’s beautiful. I love the concept of the cloistered heart. I wish I could keep my own heart more “cloistered” throughout the day…so many distractions in our world.
      Love that you stop by to see me, and thanks again for your kind words!

  6. My heart rejoiced to know how very blessed you have been in Carmel..and for so many precious years!
    You are a special and chosen soul.
    I hear the heart of Jesus beating loud with love for you, my friend!

    Patricia, I want to thank you for leaving me a kind word on my blog.
    It is very painful to be walking a different path to you, and to the others whom I have come to love as a little circle of companions for me in that space.
    Thank you for caring enough to comment – it means so very, very much to me!
    deep love to you in Christ our Lord…Trish xx

    • Dearest Trish, a very big hug to you, right from my heart. I know it must be painful to be on that different path, but I’m sure you know everyone around here loves you as much as always. I hope you will still visit me often, and leave your beautiful comments, which are so precious to me. You have a beautiful gift of friendship…your words always convey such warmth.

      I’m so glad that you are keeping your Simple Grace blog up. I know you will fill it with beautiful reflections.
      I’ve been praying for you, because I know this is a difficult time. I’m also sending prayers up that you still just might change your mind and return to the Church eventually….you knew I would pray for that didnt’ you? 🙂 Hope you don’t mind.

      Meanwhile, please do stay close. I’d miss you if you didn’t. I will email soon…have just been tired and busy the past couple of weeks.
      God bless you my very dear friend.

      Patricia xoxo

    • Hi Noreen…you are too kind! Thank you for the good wishes on my Carmelite anniversary. I hope all is going well with your pro-life work. My sister and I attended last Friday’s Freedom rally in our town. It was rainy, and not too many people showed up. We just have to keep trying, I guess. Thanks again for stopping by, and for your sweet words. I noticed that you accidentally called me “Theresa,” but I can’t blame you. She is such a beautiful Carmelite presence among the blogs 🙂
      Love and blessings,

  7. Congratulations on your Carmelite Anniversary. Your thoughts as you struggled with the curtain really touched my heart. Your words reminded me of the holy sweetness involved in being a mom and home maker. God Bless you!

    • Hi Lora Theresa! So nice to “see” you again 🙂 Now I really love your name…Lora. So happy you liked the post. I love dreaming that we were made for Heaven, and that’s why it’s so hard to sometimes do the mundane stuff down here. But you are right, of course, there is a holy sweetness in being a mom and taking care of home etc. But, I think we miss it when impatient or hurried or annoyed. Our Lady was all sweetness…and she helps so much! Thanks for stopping by again! God bless you!!!

      And thank you for the congratulations! My anniversary was in June…18 years! Can’t believe it’s been that long.
      PS I’m not doing much mom stuff anymore as my son is married. BUT, I’ll be doing grand-mom stuff in about 8 months…Yay!

    • Hi Tabitha! Thank you for such kind words. Our Lady is awesome. I’m sure she was never bored! 🙂 I’m so happy you loved the post. It’s one of my personal favorites, because it really did all happen the way I wrote it…hairballs and all. And…it was the first time it hit me that we are “made for glory,” and maybe that’s why life here in exile can be monotonous at times, etc. God bless you too. Can’t wait to visit your blog. The title is so intriguing! See you soon over there!

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