Women speak for themselves…..

Since I am nursing a mega migraine today, instead of writing a post, I thought I would share an e-mail I received from the wonderful Catholic attorney, Helen Alvare, who spear-headed the “women speak for themselves” campaign (please visit their website) by writing President Obama a letter stating that his administration does not speak for all women in its promotion of a trumped-up charge of a “war against women.”

I responded to Helen’s e-mail with some observations of my own about modern feminism versus what true feminism could be. I hope to write a more organized post on this topic one day…when my head isn’t pounding : )

I hope many of your will get involved and at least sign Helen’s letter at Womenspeakforthemselves.com

Her e-mail follows my response and comments to her on this subject.

Hi Helen,
Thank you for the great resources to consult when rebutting the absurd “War on Women.”
What I would love to see is for real women who are true feminists (in the sense that they esteem their femininity and the God-given gifts contained there-in) to rise  up in a war…so to speak, of our own. 
False feminism has taught women that only in being identical to men can they be of value.  I recall the androgynous days of the 70’s and 80’s when women with muscular, boyish figures were all the rage.  Recall Farrah Fawcett.  (I guess big hair was allowed because men have hair too!)  Women not only burned their bras, but donned pantsuits like uniforms which resembled menswear…..remember the Charlie perfume ads?  I know the above may sound harsh, but it really was that extreme.
Of course, as you mentioned, the whole anti-motherhood movement was set into full swing, and women who wanted to stay home (me!) were made to feel guilty.  A career became the new measure of worth.  My friends who were blessed with many children were scowled at and worse.
Sadly, the whole contraception mentality you mentioned in your email became an expected part of every woman’s life.  Tragically, the completely unnatural and hideous act of a woman killing her own child became socially acceptable to many, and the very holy grail of the feminists.
It is appalling that women’s magazines will write in depth articles on breast cancer and never dare to mention the connection between this epidemic disease and hormonal birth control and abortion.  There is a black-out which is costing women their very lives.
Oh my, I could go on and on about the irony of feminism reducing women to pseudo-men…even to the extent to which women now feel they must act out sexually like men, even though we all know that women are innately very different in their approach to sex than men are. 
Interestingly, women have now come full circle into presenting themselves as “sex objects” to an extent never dreamed of in the 60’s and 70’s.  Early on, the feminists decried this objectification of women as sex toys for men, but now they have completely embraced it.  So sad.
There is a real war to be fought for women to reclaim their true identity as having an equal, but not identical worth to men…..an identity which should be valued and cherished when expressed in its natural, innate form: modesty, a natural affinity to be nurturing, to be mothers, to grace the world with gentleness and a willingness to sacrifice for others etc. 
We should have the right to know what contraceptive chemicals do to our bodies, and an absolute informed awareness of what abortion really is (until it is hopefully made illegal.)
I truly hope that our young women will take up this cause to reclaim their femininity, and to insist on changes which will really benefit women.
So many women look dead inside, because they try so hard to be like men…and they can’t, and so they are some sad caricature of the glorious creation God intended.
Thanks, Helen, for all you do for real women!  God bless you!

Dear Patricia,
1) In response to requests from many of you, I’ve drafted talking points particularly to the claim that religion is waging a war on women. 2) I’m providing you with a few links to keep you up to speed on the USCCB’s “Fortnight for Freedom.” 3) I want you to have a look at some of the fabulous ideas I’ve been getting from many of YOU; these are mostly editorials from which you should feel free to take ideas and to write local editorials yourself. 4) I have a request for you regarding Marie Claire magazine.
1) “War on women” talking points:

  • Religious freedom is significant value for women as well as men. For both sexes, the ability to pursue questions about the meaning of life and one’s obligations to a Creator and to fellow human beings – and to order one’s life in accord with the answers – are central to a life of integrity, freedom and happiness.
  • Religious freedom may be of particular importance to women because of the crucial role religion plays in providing the rationale for the equality of every human person – made female or male. Historically and currently, the Old Testament’s creation accounts, and the New Testament’s celebration of women’s role in salvation history and of marriage as a sacred and mutual covenant, have provided the leading rationale for the legal and cultural imperative to regard women as fully equal to men, and equally made in God’s image.
  • Data indicate that countries around the world which respect religious freedom are also more likely to recognize the equality of the female half of the human race.  Brian J. Grim and Roger Finke, The Price of Freedom Denied, Chapter 7
  • It is infuriating that the most recent attacks on religious freedom are launched in the name of women’s equality. There is no evidence that big government birth control programs are a boon to women, let alone that they should trump religious freedom. Interest groups currently shouting down religious opposition to the HHS “preventive services” mandate ignore the data showing that such government programs have corresponded with increases – not decreases – in unintended pregnancies, abortions and nonmarital births.  All of these outcomes are borne nearly exclusively by women.
  • The mandate covers contraception, abortifacients and surgical sterilization for women, but none for men. The government is facilitating only women’s ingesting chemicals which have some proven harmful side effects, placing the burden of pregnancy prevention entirely on women.
  • The latest Health and Human Services notice indicates that rather than allowing female employees of religious institutions to seek contraceptive coverage, a government-approved entity will simply provide it to her and all her female beneficiaries, minor girls included, “automatically” – and without any co-pay to tip off minors’ parents. This isn’t freedom. This is coercion, along with the undermining of parents’ duties and rights respecting their children.

2) The following links offer great events and up-to-date information on our present religious freedom battle:

  • Lead Bishops’ Conference Page on Religious Freedom Activities


  • Some Diocesan activities (list growing over time)

3) Recent ideas from our own Women-Speak-for-Themselves-women:

  • Editorial against notion of a Catholic “war on women” :


  • Editorial against the idea of a “Republican” war on women:


  • One of our women had some bumper stickers made saying “True Hope: Defend Religious Freedom” and passed a few around.  Cool! It’s not hard to do. Here’s an online site that will do it for you after you decide the text and graphics:

4) Marie Claire magazine published a stupid and incorrect article on the unjust mandate in its May 2012 issue: http://www.marieclaire.com/health-fitness/birth-control-2012-election
Among its bloopers:                 “On February 16…[w]hen those five men testified about denying insurance for birth control,                   women weren’t laughing.”             Correction: women testified too. Ridiculous that a women’s magazine wouldn’t report on the             women who testified on behalf of religious institutions.              Correction: the testimony wasn’t about denying insurance for birth control at all!! But about not                             forcing religious institutions to provide it against their conscience.               Would you please flood the editor’s email inbox with letters to the editor????               Her email address is joannacoles@hearst.com.                Feel free to use our talking points!!
As always, please keep me informed of your observations and efforts!
My best to you, Helen
Womenspeakforthemselves.com facebook.com/WomenSpeakForThemselves


6 thoughts on “Women speak for themselves…..

  1. Patricia,
    Wonderful post! I love Helen; she is one intelligent and brave woman. I also liked your comments very much, especially about woman’s true identity – “modesty, a natural affinity to be nurturing, to be mothers, to grace the world with gentleness and a willingness to sacrifice for others etc.” and about our rights – “We should have the right to know what contraceptive chemicals do to our bodies, and an absolute informed awareness of what abortion really is (until it is hopefully made illegal.)” Thanks so much for sharing this!

    • Rebecca, thank you! I really appreciate your comment. I was afraid I came off as too strident…afterall, I was in the midst of a migraine 🙂
      It’s so wonderful to find other women like you who are of the same mindset about these issues. It’s so tragic that most of the women of my generation and those who followed have been robbed of what it means to truly be a woman. Men are confused, and have been weakened by all of this. God’s order is certainly perfect. What a mess we have made!

      Helen is awesome. Glad I caught her on EWTN a few months ago so that I could hear about her letter and the website.
      Have a wonderful weekend, Rebecca. I have my community meeting Sunday, so am trying to catch up reading “The Foundations.”


  2. Thank you for posting this Patricia …and you were definitely not too strident..It is what it is. Lately I find myself posting on things I really never really thought I would speak about.
    “There is a real war to be fought for women to reclaim their true identity as having an equal, but not identical worth to men” That’s the whole thing in a nutshell, isn’t it?

    I’ve been offline recently ..Seems every time I get a tug from the Lord to be quiet and pray more, my server goes down!
    So sorry about your migraine…I will lift you up in prayer this weekend especially.

    Love you +

    • Caroline, thank you so much for your prayers. I’m still trying to shake this headaache….spent most of the afternoon sleeping today. I guess maybe Our Lord wants both you and me to have some “down time” from the computer these days. But, I always miss you when you aren’t there 🙂

      Im so glad you found the tone of my post acceptable. It’s a departure from what I usually write about, but I thought it was a topic worth sharing. These are really difficult times in our country and in the world….such an escalation of persecution, immorality and direct opposition to and denial of God, etc. “I will not serve,” echos all around us.

      Thank you for keeping me informed through your posts about Christian persecution, etc. I don’t have as much time as I’d like to follow those issues on my own.

      Hope the wedding plans are going well. I’m attending a shower for our bride next weekend 🙂 It’s out of town, so my sister and I are turning it into a “sister weekend” as well. The wedding will be there as too, and so I am “auditioning” a hair stylist for the shower, who hopefully can do my hair for the wedding. You’ve got curls? Well, I have frizz! Trade ya? 🙂

      Have a beautiful weekend. Thanks again for your prayers for my head. Sometimes I think a little alien with a hammer lives in there! LOL!

      Love and a big hug,

  3. You go girl! The Obama Administration needs to hear your voice about the upside down view of feminism. I will go and check out Helen’s website. I pray that Obama’s ears may hear and his eyes may see the truth!

    • Thanks, Noreen! I’m praying with you that they will listen. Thank God our bishops are so strongly united in their efforts to fight the HHS mandate.
      I wish I had more hope that this administration will change. I know that God can do all things. Truly only He can help us now. Loved your “upside down” description of the current “feminism” 🙂 God bless you for all your pro-life work!


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