For my sister and my friends, who are especially suffering now…

I Want to See God

An acquaintance of mine died last week. 

I said a prayer for her when I heard the news, and then I whispered, “Pat, rest in peace. You have finished your work, completed your journey.”

I think about that journey a lot. My friend didn’t make it to the three score and ten mentioned in the Bible. We just never know.

There is something uniquely precious about living in our imperfect world. It is only an instant in even the longest of lives. What are a 100 years compared to eternity?  Yet, we have only this breath, this heartbeat of time in which to determine our eternal destination, and to labor for God’s Glory.

I, who do not relish suffering, still value it and this amazing moment in my existence when it actually costs me to offer something precious to God.

It is quite thrilling to be among the Church Militant, marching through the battlefield of…

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  1. “But much more important, You have chosen to be glorified by the sacrifices lovingly made and offered by your children.”
    A mystery. A bewilderment to most. Why does He wish us to offer our pain to glorify Him?
    I know so many who are hurting right now.
    Family and friends who are struggling to accept or understand the purpose of it all.
    I don’t like to suffer..but it comes regardless.
    Suffering is a rope which binds me to God.
    Each pain pulls my heart toward Him and forms a new knot.
    Each knot shortens the rope and draws me closer and closer to Him.
    The closer I come..the clearer I see His Face.
    In that, there is comfort and cause to praise!
    love and blessings to you , my friend.
    Trish xx

    • Trish, you really should use this comment to me as a post on your own blog. So beautiful..poetic, precious. You have so much to share, my lovely friend. I hope you let it all spill out so that we can benefit from your beautiful insights and the inspired way you express them.

      I was thinking of you today, while gazing at everything coming to life in my yard…young flowers in bloom and new leaves,etc. I remembered your “cottage” blog, how you shared the approach of autumn down there. It struck me that God has designed the earth so that there is always a dying and rising in creation. While we “rise” here into the abundance of spring and summer, you experience the coming dying off of winter. So neat that the earth is always “resurrected” someplace! What a great God we call Father!

      Love you, my friend…and treasure your beautiful comments.
      Patricia xoxo

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