I have been thinking about people I know who are suffering…like my sister who has severe tinnitus and is having an MRI and a MRA as I sit here at the hospital waiting. I thought I would repost a couple of past pieces on suffering.

I Want to See God

My Jesus, You embraced me when I was but twenty-five, a long, tender embrace which drew me to You forever. I stayed in Your arms for a while. Oh, how delightful it was there — a foretaste of Heaven.

Then, taking my hand, You led me to the battlefield.  And blood flowed.

There have been many wounds, and much sorrow and pain. At times I thought I was mortally wounded, but You never left my side. Your Love has sustained me.

You gave me mighty weapons to wage my battles — faith in Your Merciful Love, trust in Your Infinite Goodness, a thirst for You in Your Most Blessed Sacrament.

You gave me other gifts that were “wrapped.”  At first, they seemed like unwelcome presents, but beneath the wrapping, I found treasures.

So often, You gave me what I did not want, but later realized, was exactly what I needed.


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