My Lord and my God….

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas
By Caravaggio

I love this painting.  I wonder what Jesus was thinking, as He so kindly invited Thomas to actually put his hand into those Precious Wounds.  Did Jesus really take Thomas by the hand, as depicted above, and Himself guide the apostle’s fingers to the Wound in His Side?

One would think Thomas would not have dared touch the risen Jesus on his own.  The other two apostles are watching intently.  Did they also still have doubts?  Did they need to see Jesus’ Wounds as well?

How patient Jesus is….willing even to allow His Wounds to be probed in order to satisfy Thomas’ doubts.

Then, looking at Thomas and the others…..perhaps looking down through the centuries, He spoke those most beautiful words, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” (John 20:29)

At Mass today, my pastor reminded the congregation that Jesus was speaking about us…those of us,  “..who have not seen and yet believe.”

We are not “blessed” because we have done anything of ourselves.  Rather, we are blessed because God has so generously given to us the gift of Faith, enabling us to believe all that was passed down to us through those very apostles who first entertained doubts about the Resurrection.

Is it not a miracle of grace that we believe in Someone Whom we have never seen with our eyes or heard with our ears or touched, like Thomas?  We believe that He knows and loves us, that He died for us over 2000 years ago.  We believe that He rose from the dead, and that He is coming back someday to take us to live with Him forever in a place called Heaven.

We believe in a God Who is One Being with Three Divine Persons.  We believe that bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ at the words of Consecration by a duly ordained priest.

There are some who think we are mad indeed to believe such things.  But, we not only believe, in a sense, we know.  We are sure.  We stake our lives on these tenets of our Creed.

For there is something more going on within us than mere belief.  It is a conviction, wrought within us by the Holy Spirit.  And, each time we assent to the gift of Faith given to us at Baptism, it takes deeper root.  It penetrates our souls, becoming so much a part of us, until we are sure that we would shed every drop of our blood before denying Jesus Christ and the truths taught by His Holy Church.

How is such a thing possible?  Is it not a miracle that you believe what you believe?  That millions upon millions have believed the same things?

Jesus knew it would be so.  That is why He thought of us so long ago.
Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.

Yes Lord, we are blessed indeed. You have given us what we could never possibly earn or deserve…the precious Gift of Faith.

Thank You, Jesus for the Grace to believe, which opens to us the doorway to all of the countless other gifts which You pour into our souls. We pray for those who do not yet believe in You. Please have Mercy on them, that they too may be counted among those who will love You forever.

And thank You for thinking of us so long ago, dear Jesus, and counting us among those whom You called “blessed.”


10 thoughts on “My Lord and my God….

  1. “How patient Jesus is….willing even to allow His Wounds to be probed in order to satisfy Thomas’
    (my) doubts”

    Beautiful post and thoughts Patricia. This is one to put in “my pocket” as it makes for a wonderful meditation to think on the love of our Savior…
    Love always +

    • It’s getting crowded in your pocket, Caroline : ) I love the post Resurrection accounts. The poor apostles seemed so confused, but they also exhibited such a new type of reverence and awe for Our Lord…even though they seemed to know who He was before His death. Jesus kept them at a distance, in a way, afterward. I wonder why…..

      Tomorrow is Tuesday adoration, so I’ll be putting your intentions in my pocket : )

      Much love,

    • Amen, Anne! I so often wonder why…of all the people in the world, some of us are so truly, incredibly blessed to know Jesus, to posseess Him in the Holy Eucharist…
      To experience the incomparable Joy of knowing He loves us and dwells with us throughout our lives. It is a great mystery.

  2. Beautiful reflection Patricia! I would have been like Thomas myself, no doubt. It would be such an extraordinary sight to see the risen Jesus, even though He said He would return but for it to really happen…I’m surprised none of them fainted!

    • Hi Noreen! Maybe they did faint : ) Oh yes, can you imagine seeing Jesus?! I love reading St. Faustina’s diary, and all of the apparitions of Jesus she had. For sure, you would think she would have fainted. I guess the Lord kept her conscious! It is so amazing to realize that we really will see Him one day! I can’t wait to see His eyes…the eyes of God!

  3. It is so true that faith is a gift given, neither earned or deserved. I know I do not deserve this beautiful gift, but I truly thank my Lord that he has blessed me with my wonderful Catholic faith!

    I like the image you have created in my mind of Thomas actually putting his finger in the hole of Christ’s hand. It is the first time I thought of what a bold act that would truly be.

    Thank you for sharing this reflection with us. I just love it.

    • Thank you, Lisa. I too just love my Catholic Faith! Sometimes I think about all the people in the world who don’t have this great gift….and yet God chose us to bless so greatly. Then I worry, because I know that “to whom much is given…”

      It’s so beautiful that Jesus kept His Wounds, even in His Glorified Body. They are His Marks of Victory! A very holy priest, now deceased, used to say that in Heaven, the Wounds of Jesus would shine like precious rubies. In Heaven, I want to see His Wounds, and never forget…..

      Love and prayers to you, Lisa. I hope we will soon hear the verdict from Rome on Medjugorje.

  4. is a miracle that I believe what I believe!
    A miracle of grace.
    My rational mind could never dream up the things I’ve come to believe through the gift of faith!
    When Thomas touched our Lord’s risen Body, the struggle between his natural and rational mind and supernatural faith and truth was over.
    How kind Jesus was to him! No anger or rejection for lack of faith.
    He just gathered Thomas so close that there was no room left between them for doubt!
    What an amazing blessing is it to believe!!
    Love to you, my friend…Trish
    ps..I’m back 🙂

    • Trish, so good to “see” you! : ) I’ve missed your comments…always so insightful: ….He just gathered Thomas so close that there was no room left between them for doubt!

      Faith is such a great mystery. Truly, we could not possibly believe with our whole hearts, all that we believe, if we were not “aided” by Grace. I am so happy our Beloved Holy Father has declared a Year of Faith beginning next fall — spring for you : ) We certainly need faith in this day and age when there seems so little of it.

      I often recall those sad words of Jesus: When the Son of Man comes again, will He find any faith left on earth? Years ago, I used to wonder why Jesus would ask that, but now I know!

      Have visited at your new “home,” and love it! Hope you don’t go on “winter break!” xo

      Love to you,

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