This will make you cry……

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Please consider some act of reparation to Our Eucharistic Lord for this abomination!

(That is a drink coaster in the center of the monstrance.)

Do these images offend you…

… “In Fells Point, Maryland, there is the Ale Mary’s Bar. The light-hearted fun includes, holy water font snack bowls, a monstrance on the bar, and a ‘Chalice Club’ (yes, members can drink beer from chalices.)”

When I first saw this post by Fr. Richtsteig, I thought it probably not the best idea to use sacramentals in such an ordinary way. I followed his links to these two sources, but they both fail to capture the true level of in which these sacred objects are being profaned.

I guess because Catholics are so great at self deprecating humor it failed to fully register.  Then I saw the images – the real images not used in the first two news reportings. Images taken by bar patrons

Two of these items at one time housed Jesus Christ Himself. One His body, the other His blood. This is definitely not a bit of innocuous fun.  These are consecrated items, not party favors and toys.

Do these images offend you? They should. Join Visit 500,000 Against Ale Mary’s


8 thoughts on “This will make you cry……

    • I know Anne. I hated posting it, but wanted others to know. The coaster in the monstrance was just too much…… Today, Divine Mercy Sunday, is such a perfect day to pray for these poor people. May you receive the Fullness of His Infinite Mercy on this beautiful Feast!

    • Mary, I can’t help but think that these are the kind of people we need to especially pray for today….on the Feast of His Divine Mercy. They are so lost….so clueless. Sometimes I wonder how I escaped a similar fate. Why was I shown so much Mercy in my own life? Did someone pray for me? For you? For all of us who *know*?

      Whatever the reason, I am so grateful for His Mercy! May you have a beautiful Feast today!


  1. When I first saw the pictures, all I could think of was Jesus’s words from the cross: ” Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” It’s the only way I can stomach the blasphemy. Thank you for encouraging us to make some act of reparation especially on this Divine Mercy Sunday.
    Blessings always +

    • Caroline, that’s exactly what I thought! Really, what else can one say? So…sad. Surely they wouldn’t do such things if they knew….I hope.

      Happy Divine Mercy Sunday to you! What a glorious Feast! We are going to the special three o’clock Mass at our parish, and I can’t wait. Our pastor loves this devotion.

      Love and hugs,

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