(A re-post of a favorite, from May, 2011)

Mary Magdalene, what are you about,
as I follow your footsteps through the gospels?
You begin and you end with JESUS.

I see you at Simon’s house
with your perfumed oil,
and I find you again at the tomb,
carrying fragrant spices.

What are you about Mary?
You are unique in the gospels,
 always at the feet of Jesus.

At your home, where Martha busied herself.
at the Cross with Our Lady.
I never find you when you are not in adoration of Him.

Such faithful love did not go unnoticed.
You were the first to see Him after He rose.

“Mary,” He said,
And you were at His feet again.

Mary Magdalene, what are you about?
Tell me please,
that I too may follow in your way

And anoint today
the Adorable Face of JESUS,
with grateful love.

And sit at His feet,
washing them with
tears of repentance

And stand by the Cross,
consoling Him as I bear
my own little crosses.

And someday, behold Him
resurrected as you did,
and fall at His feet in worship.

Where are you going O Mary?
Take me along please!
For no greater words could I hear
Than those JESUS spoke of you:

“She loved much.”


2 thoughts on “Rabbuni…..

  1. So beautiful Patricia. I’m glad you re posted it I had not yet read it. Mary M is one I keep going back to to meditate on: her expectations, responses and lavish love for our Lord.
    And oh, I would love to go along with her, too.
    Love you and +

    • Hi Caroline! I just missed you here…just got in from adoration and Mass. Prayed for you, of course…we need it with those weddings coming up : )
      Don’t you just love Mary Magdalene? Therese loved her “loving audacity.” Apparently, Our Lord loved it too….He praised her more than once. What I find so charming is how she seemed only solicitous for Jesus…not asking for favors for herself, but rather trying to find ways to express her love and gratitude to Him. So few did that. Therese understood, and tried to do the same.

      I think she’ll take us with her….let’s go!

      Love you,
      Patricia xoxo

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