The one agony you alone can spare Jesus…..

O Jesus, the Blood is pouring from Your Face, cut by the blows of the soldiers!  Your
eyes are swollen and filled with tears… not from physical pain, but from the much greater
agony of seeing Your Love rejected.

Precious Jesus, the thorns are piercing Your head, streams of Blood run down into Your Beautiful Eyes.  Your whole Face is red with Your Precious Blood. You can no longer be recognized. You are truly the Man of Sorrows.

O my God, they have even spit in Your Face! What an abomination!  Yet, You endure it for me.  You endure it so that You will not have to spend eternity without me. You are thinking:  Anything, if only she will love Me. No pain is too great, no humiliation too much, only that she may love Me and be Mine forever. I endure all for Love, for I AM LOVE.

The above is true, but it does not even begin to approach the reality of the Love Jesus Christ bears for each one of us.  When we contemplate His Passion, and meditate on the humiliation, suffering, torture, rejection, hatred, physical agony and more that He suffered for us, there is one thing that we can spare Him…..not loving Him in return.

Oh, let us love Him, let us love Him and cling to Him this week, so that we will know that 2000 years ago when He went to the Cross for us, He Saw Us Loving Him Now, and that is how the angel comforted Him in Gethsemane, and that is why He found the strength to struggle to His feet again after He had fallen. Your love, my love, our love consoled Him long before we were born, for He saw that we would accept His Mercy and allow Him to wash away our sins in the River of Divine Blood that flowed on that Day.

During this Holy Week, let us implore His Mercy for those who do not know, do not yet love Him.  Through the intercession of our Sweet Mother of Sorrows, may our number multiply, that Jesus, so long ago may see from His Cross, countless souls standing beneath the Blood and Water which flowed from His Side…..

He knew us, even as He was dying for our sins.  He knew that we would claim Him as our Savior and King.  He was consoled by our love.

But how much do we love Him?  It is not too late, even now, to tenderly kiss that disfigured Holy Face…..once betrayed by a kiss.  To kiss with love and tenderness the Face of God.

And as He never forgot Mary anointing Him with fragrant perfume, or Veronica wiping His Face with her veil, neither will He forget you.

We are all in that crowd watching.  What will we do?

How much do we dare to love JESUS?


6 thoughts on “The one agony you alone can spare Jesus…..

  1. Patricia,
    This so beautiful. So many, even some Catholics, seem to have forgotten Jesus and His love for them. I sit in church before Mass begins, and where there should be silence, there is idle chatter. At first I was just plain angry, now I pray and try to love Jesus for those who do not. If they only knew even an inkling of His love; if we all really knew. So I will join you in daring to love Him as much as is humanly possible.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful reflection and God bless.

  2. Karin, I know what you mean, and I wonder why some of us have been given the grace to be aware…surely we did nothing to deserve it, and yet, we *know*. I think your instincts are right…to pray for those who seem oblvious. Maybe someone prayed for us, before we were rescued.

    My holy week got off to a good start, but then this morning I got a horrible migraine. I crumble under challenges, and have not been spending the day in prayer. But, I hope to get my act together in time for tonight’s beautiful Mass. I so love Holy Thursday….all of Holy Week, actually.

    I’ll be back at your blog later tonight, to spend a little more time with Jesus in Gethsemane.

    Have a most Blessed and fruitful Triduum! Thanks for your kind words.


  3. Hi Patricia,
    This is a very beautiful reflection. You always post with your heart and it’s obvious how great your love is for God. Thank you for loving Him so much…it really comes through in your posts. May God bless you, my friend! I have no doubt hearts like yours are a great consolation to Him.

    • Dear Mary, how kind you are! What I love most about blogging is meeting others, like you, who are on the same journey, with the same goal of exalting Our Lord and bringing Him great glory and praise. Your recent post on evil reminded me that perhaps more than any other time, this is the time to do all that we can to love God….for so many have left Him, or do not even care to know Him. It seems that more than ever, He is pouring out Graces upon any who open their hearts to Him. Let’s pray as St. Therese taught: to love Him for those who refuse to love Him.

      I am blessed to know you, joyful Mary!

      Love and hugs,

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