Not with silver or with gold….

(From archives of April, 2011)

Jesus, Your Blood!  Why am I thinking so much of Your Blood?  Your Blood, so Precious, poured out for me, even from the deepest recesses of Your Divine Heart.  Blood from Your head, Your hands, Your feet, Your Beautiful Face. Was there no part of You that did not bleed for me?

Divine Blood, all for me…. soaking the wood of the cross, spilling down onto the ground.

Your eyes, gazing far into the future, seeing me and my sins. Your cry, “I thirst,” was a cry for my love. As You hung there covered in Your Blood, You hoped I would notice, would care, when the time came.

You would not drink the vinegar and bitter wine offered to You. You were looking down through the centuries, calling to me, as to the Samaritan woman: “Give Me to drink.”

Love alone can quench Your Thirst, this THIRST of Your Entire Being!

Your Blood, O Jesus! It is my Drink. Unbelievably, You nourish me on Your Own Flesh and Blood.  Divine Food, Transforming Food, given that I might partake more and more of Your Divine Nature.

jesus crucify

O Jesus, Buyer of souls! You Who own the universe, could You pay no Price but that of Your Own Divine Blood?  Measure of YOUR LOVE for us!

6 thoughts on “Not with silver or with gold….

  1. Truly beautiful mediation, Patricia. I must not have caught this the first time around because I didn’t start blogging until May, 2011, and didn’t discover you until a couple months after that. Thank you for praying for my heart when you were making your bed. So you are a bed maker! I used to get in trouble for not making my bed as a kid and the result is now I only make it when we are expecting company. Your last comment to me was slightly convicting, in a good way, “God bless your heart, which seeks Him alone.” I am fairly sure that isn’t true right now, although I do want it to be. At adoration tonight i was asking for it to be true. How beautiful it would be to have a singleness and purity of heart seeking Jesus alone. It does make me happy, like you, that he thirsts for our love even now. There isn’t much we can do for him commensurate with what he did for us other than to love him, praise him, thank him, and trust in him . . . and through cooperation with his Holy Spirit work for the furthering of his kingdom in other hearts. You are doing this well, Patricia. Your faithfulness in prayer and love are an inspiration. The fruit of your spiritual work shines forth in your posts and in your precious comments. Love you! Colleen

    • Colleen, I started blogging in March, 2011, and since I had only about 7 visitors last April, I thought it would be safe to re-post this : )

      I wouldn’t exactly call me a “bed maker.” You should stop by when my husband is out of town…
      But I am vain enough to try to keep up appearances when he is here : )

      About your heart…you do desire to seek Him alone, that is so evident. It is so hard to be completely detached in this life, but you are making such an effort. I still love your longing to have that “wound” in your heart. That is so beautiful. Never to be outdone in love, Jesus will surely write your name in His Own Heart, making a wound for Colleen.

      St. Therese says that Jesus never inspires desires in us that He doesn’t wish to fulfill. So your focus on this seems to be something He has placed within you. And He keeps reminding me to pray for that intention of yours! Yes, it’s true isn’t it? We have nothing to give Him but our love. Our poor little love to quench the Thirst of GOD!

      Thank you for your kind words, Colleen. Please know that you are an inspiration to me, and that you truly radiate a pure and selfless love for Our Lord.
      Let’s pray for each other this week, and may you have a very special Holy Week and a most Glorious Easter!

      Love you too!
      Patricia xo

    • Anne, I’ll never forget the first time I saw The Passion of the Christ. I was shocked at the amount of blood that was everywhere. Recently, Johnette had a series on the Shroud of Turin, and her guest said that the amount of blood seen in the Passion was very likely, given the number of wounds..120, counted just from the scourging. It is heartbreaking to think what our sins cost Jesus….

      May you too have a most blessed Holy Week, and I pray that Holy Thursday will be especially precious to you this year. Congratulations on John’s acceptance to seminary! I am so very happy for your whole family. What joyful news during this most holy time of the year!

      Love and prayers,

  2. Hi Patricia~what a truly humbling meditation. To think He was willing to go through all of that for mankind. To spill His blood without protest or argument, is amazing.

    • Hi Noreen..thank you so much for stopping by. It is hard to comprehend such Love, isn’t it? I love the picture above of Jesus kneeling on the stones with His Cross. It is like a photograph of Humility. I can’t grasp the infinite Goodness and Love of such a God, Who would suffer all of this for His creatures’ sake. He is so beautiful…to see infinite Power render Himself helpless.

      Have a most Blessed Holy week, Noreen!

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