When He came for me……

March 25th.  It fell on a Sunday that year too….the year that changed my life forever.

It was the unexpected end of my exile.  My own personal Divine Mercy Sunday.  It was the day when God came for me, picked me up in His arms, and carried me into the Light.  I had done nothing to deserve it.  I had not even dared to ask.  But, I had longed….had so much longed to be His.  And that Divine Heart which ever beats for sinners, that Thirsting Heart which seizes upon even the slightest cry for Mercy… was listening.

I  had spent the first 25 years of my life convinced that I was doomed to hell, that there was no hope for me.  (I wrote about how this came about in On my way to hell at seven.)

In the grip of the evil one, I had been held captive by such fear, that I could not bring myself to take the steps which could have set me free.  Yet the One Who came to call not the righteous, but sinners, came for me.  The One Who promised salvation to a thief, with His dying words, looked upon me too with incomparable pity and compassion.

The One Who created all things out of nothing, so arranged circumstances that one day I was lost, and the next, I was with Him, and He did it all in such a way that I still cannot explain it. 

Oh, what a gentle and tender God we have!  What Kindness!  What Patience!  What Compassion!  What Love!

It was my “Annunciation,” and I experienced what the angel Gabriel said to Mary on that  Annunciation Day so long ago:  For with God, nothing will be impossible.

Jesus, Who was brutally beaten and nailed to a Cross for me, did not think it too much more to carry me through the fear and into trust, and while I clung to Him, to carry me even into the dreaded confessional.  And His Goodness made it all so easy….over in minutes….a lifetime of sin and misery washed away in His Most Precious Blood. I thought I was dreaming!

Was it really over? Was I His now? Could I really go to Heaven? Was I like the people I had watched at Mass all of my life, yearning to be among them….those who approached to receive Him, souls shining with Grace? Me too? At last?

My Jesus, how can I ever tell all that You have done for me? Yet all Who know You have their own story. For, Your Love knows no limits in Its pursuit of souls. If they but whisper Your Name, You will come, and You will make a way for all, as You did for me.

Precious Jesus, I love that You chose the Feast of the Annunciation to be the hour of my reconciliation to You. It is the Feast of the Incarnation, when the Word was made Flesh and dwelt among us…Your entrance into our race and our world, to be Savior.

My Jesus, I have celebrated this Feast with such joy, throughout the many years since You picked up Your prodigal child, and carried me off to our Father’s House. But my heart breaks for those who still dwell in darkness. I know their pain and their hopelessness. I know their fear and their helplessness. And, I pray for them.

I implore You to pour out Your Grace upon them, draw them to Your Merciful Heart, and carry them off in Your arms, that they may never be separated from You again.

O Sweet Lamb of God, no one who puts their trust in You will ever be forsaken.

And on this beautiful anniversary, I thank You once again, my King, for all that You have done for me. I will surely need eternity to tell of it….and the tongues of a thousand angels. I love you my Jesus, my All!


10 thoughts on “When He came for me……

    • Thank you, Karin. I’m glad you mentioned Our Lady. I know she must have prayed for me, and I feel so blessed that my special day is also her beautiful feast day. Someday in Heaven, I hope we will hear ALL the stories, and won’t we be amazed at how unique and beautiful each one will be! How good God is!


  1. Happy Anniversary, Patricia.! I pray your experience of being led out of exile inspires those who remain in darkness. Together we’ll continue to pray for those who don’t yet see.
    Especially those we love.

    (Guess who also got engaged this past weekend? I’m going to have a daughter too! Are these part of the answered prayers?) : )

    Love, blessings and +

    • Caroline, congratulations on your future daughter! How exciting! That IS funny…about how our prayers seem to be being answered : )
      I look forward to hearing about the wedding plans. We have a date of July 28, in a Catholic ceremony — no Mass though : (
      Since my two don’t practice their faith, I’m wondering how this is going to work out when they actually sit down with the priest..which should be soon.
      But, I’m trying not to focus on the scary “giants,” and putting my trust in Our Lord instead. Let’s continue to pray together, please.

      Thank you for the anniversary greetings! God is simply so GOOD! How grateful I am that He rescued me while I was still so young….I can’t imagine how I would have survived without Him. May He be forever praised!

      Love and joy,
      Patricia xo

  2. Patricia, I read your post last night, but rather than the phone entered comment, postponed a comment until this morning. I love you and want to Praise God for your awesome gratitude and Praise in this beautifully written post.

    A line in my meditation today, from Fr. Bartunek–again, “God never holds back his love and neither should we.” Thank you for not holding back your love, Patricia, and for proclaiming the great work of love that God is doing in your life.

    I will continue to pray for you, for a grace filled Holy Week, and Glorious Easter, remembering you and your family in my own time of adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament tomorrow evening — Thursday.

    Love, Colleen

    • Colleen, I was so touched by your beautiful comment. I thank God for you…you are a very special person. I always feel led to pray for your precious heart. While making the bed today, I thought of you and asked Jesus to “please bless Colleen and her precious heart.” I love you too, Colleen, and I believe that Jesus has brought us together to pray for and encourage one another.

      I am so happy that you found in this post an occasion for praising God. I so wanted to give Him all the Glory. Truly, He never holds back His Love, as Father B. said. I was just reading St. Faustina’s Diary. I always find such joy in reading it…seeing the Love Jesus expressed to Faustina in countless ways. I just read the part where He didn’t want her to go off somewhere, and so He told her to go if she wanted to, but that He was keeping her heart. So she goes off without feeling her heart anymore in her chest. It made me smile, to see a touch of gentle humor in it all. I can’t wait to meet Jesus!

      I will remember tomorrow that you are praying for me at adoration, and that will be such a great consolation. Thank you so much! I will especially remember you at the Way of the Cross and Mass on Friday. God bless your heart, which seeks Him alone.

      Love and hugs,

  3. Half your posts leave me stunned, the other half make me cry. Thank you for telling the rest of your story. I was wondering what happened to that little girl ever since you wrote On My Way to Hell at Seven. You have a gift for moving people’s hearts you know. I’m glad that little girl was healed and placed in her Father’s arms.

    Sending you a big hug and wishing you a happy Easter!

    PS (Loved your comment above about St. Faustina and Jesus 🙂

    • Mary, so good to “see” you again. Like everyone else, I’ve missed you! I’m very glad that little girl ended up in her Father’s arms too! : ) I sort of left out the middle years of the story, but maybe someday I’ll get around to including that part.

      Your comment was such a blessing to me, because I have prayed many years for the gift to touch hearts for Jesus through what I write. So, your sweet words were a confirmation that He does sometimes allow me to do that…and I so thank and praise Him for it.

      Warmest Easter wishes to you too, Mary. I’m so glad you’re back. I’ve missed your posts. Thanks so much for stopping by.

      Patricia xo

  4. Reading this I know that it was meant for me to draw inspiration from it. This story depicts my childhood and fear exactly. I’m so much closer to God and I have faith that he will see me through but I aswell am waiting for that moment when I know that I know that I know that he is with me, forgives me and loves me. You are so blessed to have this experience and thanks for the story 🙂

    • Hi Devan. I was so deeply touched to read your kind comment this morning. Thank you! I’m so grateful that you could identify with my story. I waited so long…. But, I hope you don’t mind if I make a suggestion. God loves you beyond your wildest hopes and dreams, and He forgives you everythihg. Not realizing that at the time, kept me from approaching Him. I could have ended my misery so much sooner if only I had known.

      If I could go back, I would run to an adoration chapel, or a Catholic Church, and just sit before the Blessed Sacrament and pray, “Jesus, I trust in You. Reveal Your Love to me.” Or, if I couldn’t even say that, I would ask Him to “help” me to believe in His Love for me. I would run to Him, instead of holding back.

      He really is standing right at the door of your heart, waiting to be invited in. Nothing gives Him greater joy than when we believe in His Love for us personally…He really is Love.

      Please know that you are in my prayers, Devan. You sound so near to your “moment”….just open the door a crack, and He will embrace you and give you all the graces you need for confession or whatever else is standing in the way. He loves you so much! Thank you for visiting and commenting. I hope you will share more with me.

      Praying for you,

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