Father, I thank You….

Some years ago when my husband and I visited Germany, we spent a couple of days in the charming medieval town of Dinkelsbühl.  But although there are two large cathedrals there, one on the Protestant side of the street and one on the Catholic side of the same street, that’s not really what I remember about Dinkelsbühl.

What I have never forgotten is the tiny chapel which we came upon unexpectedly.  It was so small that it might have been a private chapel at one time…or perhaps belonged to a small congregation of monks or nuns. 

What struck me immediately upon entering was a fresco behind the altar. The painting was similar to the one posted above, an artist’s rendering of the moment of the Incarnation.  But in this particular painting, the artist had imparted to the face of God the Father, a most tender, almost concerned expression.  As He gazed down at the Holy Spirit descending to overshadow Mary, He appeared touchingly vulnerable.  I could imagine Him whispering to this young girl,  “Take care of Him….Cherish Him…He is My Only Begotten Son…and now, I have given Him to the world…..I entrust Him to you…Love Him…Oh Love Him, Mary!”

I was really moved to tears.  What must that moment have been like for Our Heavenly Father….a moment when everything changed forever, as His Son became now also the Son of Man.

I am grateful for that graced encounter with a painting which caused me to think, perhaps for the very first time, about how Our Father in Heaven must long for us to thank Him for the Incomparable Gift of His Beloved Son.  I would think that He would never tire of hearing us tell Him how much we love Jesus, and how grateful we are that the He deigned to send Him to us.

Similarly, I recall how much Jesus loves His Abba, and how while on earth, He seemed to wish to do nothing without referring all of the Glory to His Eternal Father. Surely His Sacred Heart is greatly consoled to see us remembering to thank the Father for the Gift of His Son.

Especially during this season of Lent, it seems most appropriate to express exceeding gratitude to Our Heavenly Father for loving us so much that He would sacrifice His Only Begotten Son for us.  It is truly a Love the depths of which eternity will not be long enough to reveal.

Perhaps it was that very Sacrifice which was on the mind of the artist who painted such touching concern into the Face on his fresco…..I am only grateful to God that a chance encounter moved my own heart to try to remember to pray often:

Thank You, Father.  I love You, and I love Jesus with all of my heart.  Please help me to love Him more each day, and to pray that others may love Him, for although He gave His Life, You gave Your Son.  May You be forever thanked and praised for such unfathomable Love!


4 thoughts on “Father, I thank You….

  1. Patricia, What a blessing to come upon such a work of art in a forgotten tiny chapel so far from home. I imagine the Father, knowing how precious your heart is, knew you would see this treasure and be touched by the expression of love for His Son, Jesus..

    Your post makes me think of how, Eucharist, means thanksgiving. Every Mass I pray for that full, active, conscience participation that I may never forget to thank Him for sending His Son.
    What a gift art is– giving us a picture to help our hearts meditate on this truth.

    I miss your comments on my site…I think it’s fixed for now. Maybe you can try again and let me know. : )

    Love and hugs+

    • Hi Caroline, I’ve missed you! It’s like you are not at home, since I can’t comment at your blog : ) I tried again, and still couldn’t get it to work : (

      Isn’t it amazing how some simple little piece of art can often touch your heart more than even a great masterpiece? I often wonder if I went back and saw that fresco again, if I would feel the same way…or if it was just the grace of the moment.

      That is so beautiful how you always remember to pray to be thankful for the Gift of Jesus. One of the things I love about reading other blogs is to see how God works so uniquely in each person. People write to me that “I would never think of that…” But, I think the same thing when I read what they write. Together, it all creates a beautiful masterpiece…like each one adding brush strokes which no one else could ever make. I love your brush strokes!

      Well, I’ll come knock on your door again tomorrow. If you still aren’t home, I can still peer through the window : )

      Love to you,

  2. Patricia,
    Thank you for sharing this experience with us. True beauty does speak to the soul. I love how God our Heavenly Father can draw us closer to Himself through a painting, a piece of music, or His creation in nature.
    I will join you in that prayer.
    God bless.

    • Thank you, Karin. I’m trying to recall….I think it may have been Pascal, who came to belief in God one morning while noticing his little daughter’s ear! He was fascinated by its structure, etc. So, truly God can use anything! : )
      Those moments of grace are so beautiful, when we clearly see Him in a flower or the antics of a puppy or the delicate beauty of a butterfly. Truly He is everywhere.
      God bless you with a very holy Lent!


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