The lost hour of Gethsemane…

 “Could you not watch one hour with me?”  (MT 26:40)

It was Thursday night.  I wrote Father’s words down on the crisp white page of my new journal: The Church is still trying to recover the lost holy hour of Gethsemane.

I had never thought about that before….the “lost holy hour.”

Jesus did not receive the comfort of this first holy hour from His closest apostles, who fell asleep when He needed them most. But was it to them alone that He implored, “Could you not watch one hour with me?”

Was His voice not resounding throughout the centuries, imploring the heart of each man and woman…

Watch with me…Oh please watch with me!
Care that I love you so much
Care that My Blood poured out as sweat upon the ground.
Care that I pressed My Face into the dirt,
unable to bear that so many would reject My Love.
It was not the physical suffering which tore at My Heart,
but the sight of all who would refuse My Love, even hate Me.
This was the chalice I begged My Father to remove from Me..
The chalice of rejection…Love would not be loved!
I would lose forever, so many precious souls  
Whom I gladly paid for with My Blood.

You at least, watch with Me!



Jesus is condemned to die.

“His cheek still burned with the kiss of betrayal.”               

O my God! I too have left You such burning kisses, betraying You by my sins
after You have given me Your Very Life.

My Jesus, grant that I may now cover You with sweet and tender kisses of love.
Time grows short…this could be my last moment on earth….to love You.

Jesus, You burn; You thirst; You die for those tender kisses.
You gave Your Life for them.
You gave Your Life for Love…our love.
“I THIRST.”  You cried out.
“Give Me to drink.”  You begged.

Must you always be so parched, my beloved Jesus?
Oh, give me the Grace to comfort You, for without You, I can do nothing.

My Jesus, quivering in your suffering,
I will put my arms around You.
I will try to cool your burning cheek with grateful kisses.
I will watch with You.


17 thoughts on “The lost hour of Gethsemane…

  1. In a world that shows so little love for Our Lord, these word of love for Him bring so much to mind. I am getting ready to end this day and I take these words with me to reflect on.

    Thank you.
    (Daily Grace)

    • Anne, I can imagine that you are so faithful in watching with Him. I get so distracted….even last night, after writing this. But I hope that in our group of dear blog friends, that one of us will always be watching during these hours…so Jesus will never be alone.

      Retreats are so wonderful…so easy to focus on God. But then we come home…
      Thank you for watching when I forget to.


  2. I will watch with you … Since I’ve been home to the church I’ve cried over the many “hours” I lost with Him and for Him. But I’m here now…and thank goodness for redemptive grace.

    So beautiful Patricia. Love and hugs +

    • Oh Caroline, please don’t cry! Remember, He makes all things new, and a thousand years are like a day to Him. See, you were only away for a few moments. If you had never been away, perhaps you would not appreciate and love so deeply His Church, Our Mother, the Sacraments, etc.

      I do understand how you feel. I used to mourn my “lost years” as well. But Caroline, while we were away, He saw us returning, and was busy preparing a feast for us. He has forgotten the past, and finds great Glory in showing us His Infinite Mercy.

      And when we do cry, if we cry in His arms, our tears will console Him more than many years of a perhaps less fervent love.
      He will work everything to our good, just as He promised.

      How He loves you, my friend! And I thank Him for the blessing of knowing you.

      Love and prayers,
      patricia xo

      • Thank you so much Patricia…Now I’m crying because your consolation has really comforted my heart. I have battled this since I’ve come home…like a sore that gets re injured whenever I think of how lost was.. How my tears could ever console Him…I’ll never understand, but you have helped me to see beyond it to His love.
        Love you +

        • Caroline, I’m so grateful that you were consoled. See how Jesus forgets the past? He doesn’t want us to keep looking back with regret. That would steal today! Let Him heal that sore spot for good. He longs to. I think our tears console Him because when we draw very close to Him in our sorrow, we are trusting Him with our hearts, and showing confidence in His Merciful Love. “Jesus, I trust in Thee.” He gave us those words Himself. How dear they must be to His Heart! Your love for Him is so apparent, and it means everything to Him, my precious friend.

          I once read that we must not worry about the past or the future, because God is I AM…not I WAS or I WILL BE. But always in the present moment. I like that : )

          Love, peace and a big hug!

  3. That is so true, The Lost Hour when opportunity was squandered. That’s why I get so mad at myself when my mind wanders at Adoration. Here we are given the opportunity to make reparation for the neglect of the sleeping disciples, and I am often no better. Just have to keep trying!
    Love and prayers

    • Joyce, we all get distracted…except maybe the Saints : ) I really believe that our desire to be with Him, and our presence there are what comfort Jesus the most. I think we can even offer up our distractions…they are so frustrating! I love the idea that in God’s beautiful “economy of grace” we can somehow “make up” for that first lost holy hour.

      We’ll keep trying together! Okay?

      Love you,

  4. Lisa,
    The priests who preached the retreat I was on last week at this time (sigh!), promote what they call “The Passio Domini” … a practice of spending an hour on Thursday (night if possible) keeping Our Lord company in His Agony in the Garden. This can be done at home, or in an adoration chapel or church, etc. One simply chooses to pray the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary, make the Way of the Cross, or read and meditate on Our Lord’s Passion in any way that they wish. The idea is simply to offer Him the hour He requested.

    The Passio Domini continues on Friday with another hour spent sometime in the afternoon, also in prayer recalling the suffering and death of Our Savior. If necessary, one can think of Him while busy with chores, etc. it is the intention of the heart which matters. We do the best we can. I think it is a beautiful idea. I think Jesus would be most consoled by these hours spent remembering all He suffered for us.

    Thank you for commenting, Lisa. You were in my prayers on retreat : )

    Love in His Heart,

    • Thank you, Trish. God hears tears too…His language is silence.
      Oh how I wish I could learn that language better!
      I hope you are doing well, my friend.

      Love and many hugs to you too!

  5. Hi Patricia, I know I would have failed too as I was asked to pray and watch for Him. I immediately think “they let Him down” and then the second sobering thought “I would have too.” Especially since they probably didn’t grasp what was about to come. I bet if they could, they’d rewind the clock and watch with Jesus. I too, wish I’d be better at watching for Him and praying.

    • Noreen, I know what you mean. So often, I’m fighting sleep in the adoration chapel, usually because I’ve taken an antihistamine : ) It’s so frustrating! But I can’t help comparing my behavior to that of the apostles. Would I have done better? I doubt it! Thankfully, we can help to “recapture” their lost hour by doing our best to keep Jesus company in the many hours he gives us in our own lives. Maybe I will offer holy hours in honor of Peter, James and John….asking them to interecede for me that my holy hours might be more consoling to Jesus. I think they would be most generous in praying for that intention.

      Hey Rosary Mom, I have no doubt that you are a great joy and consolation to Jesus and Mary! : )

      Many blessings,

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