” …for to such belongs the kingdom of Heaven.”

 In loving memory 

 of the 55 million precious unborn babies who have been slaughtered in the United States since January 22, 1973…precious and innocent, newly infused with the very Breath of God, Who sent them into our world with unique and unrepeatable gifts to use for His Glory and our Good.  And when each life was snuffed out, so were the countless generations who would have followed that child…..

We shall never know these little ones in this life, and we, our country and our world have lost Saints, geniuses, healers, peacemakers, priests, nuns, scientists, mothers, fathers, friends, and yes, people we wouldn’t have liked, but who would have helped us to become holy through their presence.  We have tossed God’s priceless gifts back into His Face and wreaked gruesome horror on His plans for us.

We are all guilty because Roe vs. Wade is still law in this country.  After almost 40 years, this crime is still legal.  How can this be?  Is there any issue more important in our government today than overturning this law which has made killing the most innocent among us a “right?”

God help us.  And God help me, for I have done so little to right this unspeakable horror.

The video below has been played often on EWTN, but if you have never seen it, please take a moment to watch.  It is beautifully done, and based on the Truth of Christ giving His Body for us, in response to the pro-abortion claim, “It’s my body.”   The video is in no way offensive.



13 thoughts on “” …for to such belongs the kingdom of Heaven.”

  1. Roe v. Wade has to go, but I believe abortion will truly end when women and men stop making this horrible choice. My daughter is among the 55 million who suffered this horrible death. Through God’s grace I was able to repent of this sin and find healing. I am also convinced it was her prayers that brought me back to God and the healing.
    The video is beautifully done; thank you for sharing it. God bless.

  2. Karin, thank you so much for commenting. I know your story from your blog, and am so grateful that you have found healing….through your precious daughter’s prayers. I thought of you while working on this post, and want to thank you for sharing your story. I think women who have been there are such a powerful force to get the truth out. I agree with you that abortion (like all sin) will only end when we choose God and not our own way. But, we need to overturn Roe, so that our government is at least not sanctioning the killing.

    I’m glad you liked the video. It makes me cry every time I watch it. I love the message.
    God bless you, Karin.


  3. Hi Patricia, you are not alone in this desire to see the end to abortion. Even if we receive little in the way of support, hopefully those who read it and don’t comment, a little seed has been planted of the evil of abortion. And one day, their eyes will be opened and they’ll turn to God, find healing and join the side that protects life! We never know who is reading our blogs. Keep posting about the unborn!

    • Welcome Noreen! It is so good to hear from you. Your blog was a great consolation to me last night. Abortion is the greatest human rights issue of our time. I am old enough to remember when Roe became law, and I simply could not believe it. I doubt it will be overturned in my lifetime, but we can hope. I cannot conceive of another four years with our current administration, wrecking all the advances which have been made. I try not to be political on my blog, but with this issue, I can’t be restrained. I agree with you…we never know who’s reading our blogs and maybe stopping to think. I found lots of pro-life contacts through your blog, and I did read the lyrics you posted of Father Maple’s song…so heartbreaking. I will return to listen to it later. (I was so sad last night that I knew it would cause me to cry even more.) I need to visit Victor’s blog. I love him….what a funny guy, in such a gentle way : )

      I also got a comment this morning from a young woman who can’t conceive and expressed her desperation so strongly that I am going to e-mail her. She commented on my post about infertility, “Give me children or I shall die.” I think there is a unique pain when you can’t conceive and yet see mothers killing their own children. God help us!

      Thank you for your passion on this issue, Noreen. I’m so grateful for your comments! May God bless you and your family.


  4. Beautiful video too! I hadn’t seen it on EWTN. Very moving.

    Have you seen Fr. Francis Maple’s video? I blogged about him last week. He has written a song about abortion from the unborn baby’s perspective. It’s very good. You can find him on Youtube or Vic’s blog ~ Time for Reflections.

  5. Back blogging after a long rest. And just checked out your blog again Patricia. I love this post!!! I too have not seen the EWTN video but it is wonderful!

    • Hi Nancy, welcome back! I will have to visit you and see what new questions you are asking : )
      Grateful that you liked the post, but so sad it even had to be written. Yes, that video says so much, and does it so beautifully.
      I am so grateful for your comment, Nancy. It is good to have another prolife friend. God bless you and Richard and your family.


  6. Patricia, Please count me as one praying with all of you to see the end of this holocaust. Have mercy on us…Give us love and mercy for the women who share their stories of pain.

    Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

    Blessings and +

    • Caroline, truly prayer is the answer. I do have hope that the tide is turning though, when I see those marches filled with beautiful young people. This all reminds me of how God uses just a handful of people to defeat His enemies. The victory will be His! I just hope it’s soon.

      So many of the mothers are victims too. It’s so sad. I have such great admiration for those women who stand up publicly with those “I regret my abortion” signs. What courage! Yes, Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us. She stopped human sacrifice once….

      Love and Peace,

  7. I agree Patricia that we cannot be silent when it comes to abortion. I will offer a prayer for the women who contact you who so desperately wants a baby! That is extremely painful with such a feeling of loneliness and emptiness. I’ve been going through secondary infertility for years and it took awhile before I could look at a pregnant woman and smile. It used to feel like a kick in the stomach but I kept offering it up and after awhile it became easier. Do you mind if I also post that video on my blog? Or maybe I’ll do it on the Community of Catholic Bloggers. It’s so moving!

    • Hi Noreen! Oh please do use the video. I remember seeing it for the first time on EWTN and being do deeply moved over that connection between Jesus giving His Body for us…as a mother is asked to do for her child, and then of course the whole forgiveness element is in there too. It’s so inspired. I still cry whenever I watch it.

      Noreen, I’m so very sorry that you have secondary infertility. If you are still trying to conceive, my prayers are with you. I know what you mean about how hard it is to smile at pregnant women, etc. I used to force myself to pray for them, and eventually it worked. God is Good! : ) Now I truly have a vicarious joy when I see beautiful children and their parents. I may still have tears, but I also have joy, and that’s such a gift from our gracious God. I wrote Kristen last night, and I’m praying for her. I doubt she will write back, but I wanted her to know I saw her comment and that I understand her pain. I just wish I could hug her and tell her that she will be alright. As you know, infertility is excruciating to bear. God bless her! Thank you so much for praying for her too.

      Love and prayers,

  8. This video brings tears to my eyes. When I was 16 I found my self in such a situation. Everyone around me, including those closest to me, told me I was too young, I had my whole life ahead of me and that abortion was the best situation for me. I went to planned parenthood, spoke to a female counselor, and scheduled my date, temporarily feeling relief of some sorts. But, as the hours pasted, something inside me said “no” you cannot do this and I listened. My son is now 37 years old. He has two beautiful children of his own and nothing makes me happier than spending time with him and his family.
    I have learned that it is not just one life that is affected by abortion. I would have lost not just him, but his family too.

    Thank you for sharing this. God bless you.

    • Grace, what a great witness you are for LIFE! Thank you so much for sharing your story here. Perhaps someday, it will be read by someone considering abortion, and they will change their mind because of what you have written. I am so happy you listened to that inner voice. Thank God that you now have your son and your beautiful grandchildren to bring so much joy to your heart. You were a very brave young teenager. Praise God that you now have a family instead of sorrow and pain.

      Thank you again so much for sharing your story. God loves you so!

      Love and prayers,

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