And the last shall be first….

Most Beautiful God,
I adore You!
I love Who You Are.
I love Your Love for
The least among us–
But greatest in Your Eyes,
Those whom we often
Judge, shun, and despise.

I love Your Love
For Mary Magdalen, Zaccheaus
And the man born blind.
I love that You command us
to see You
In our brothers and sisters,
That You place such worth
On lowliness.

I love
The Mystery of You,
The Beauty of You,
The Wisdom of You.
I love that
You are Humility
Even though
You are LORD!


8 thoughts on “And the last shall be first….

    • Oh Joyce, do we dare hope that He is finding some comfort in us? Imagine, He longs for our love and consoling words! He Who is God….
      We will never come to the end of these mysteries!

      Love to you, my friend!

    • Anne, thank you for taking time for your encouraging words. I’m grateful that you liked my little poems. The mosaic one was written during one of the most painful times in my life…when my heart felt completely shattered, like glass. I’m so grateful that God can always take our brokeness and make us stronger and even beautiful…by His Touch.

      Don’t be surprised if I write a Humpty Dumpty poem one day, because I’m still often “falling down.” : )
      I’m still having problems with your blog…can’t comment or even read comments…the page blanks out.

      Love you Anne,

  1. So beautiful….
    He is..
    you are!
    It seems to me that when we love Him, it is He loving Himself through us, and we are simply carried along by the force of that divine Love!
    grace and LOVE to you, dear friend..Trish xox

    • Trish, I so agree! Where else would we get love with which to love God if not from Him? Seems He supplies everything, but we must choose. That is what we have..our free will. Ah yes, I love your thought….being carried along by the force of that divine Love. May we always say YES to Him!

      Love and grace to you too. I so hope all is well. Write when you can : )


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