In the Master’s Hands….


My Jesus,
Take the pieces
Of my life,
Broken glass
Of precious hues.
Create a mosaic

 Of startling beauty,
Held fast with tears–
My gift to You.


9 thoughts on “In the Master’s Hands….

    • Theresa, I’m so glad you could relate. I think so many of us have been to that place of brokeness…often time and time again.
      I know you are a beautiful work of art in His Hands!

  1. So beautiful Patrica…Jesus is the master artist with our broken pieces..Thank you for the lovely word picture to accompany the art. Look at the hues of blue and lavender ! It draws me in.

    Love and hugs,

    • Caroline, Glory to God that He can repair….no, NOT repair, but make something even more beautiful out of us than what we were before we were broken…like the glass. Glad you liked the picture. It had to be blue. Ask my husband : ) Everything is blue around me: decor, clothes, etc. I try other colors, but always come back to blue. And then there is the sky……. : )

      Are you having a warm winter? It’s crazy here. In the 70’s for the past several days, even at night! And, 70’s forecast for all next week. I think I’ve worn a coat once. I miss winter…my favorite season. I suppose the azaleas will be blooming before long!

      Love and hugs,

      • Winter here has been very mild..or milder than usual : ) I’ve hardly had to take my sweaters out.

        That’s funny about your color blue !… I usually pick that or lavender…I love all shades of both and together, like in your art piece, they quite complement each other.

        Love you, +

        • And what color will we wear in Heaven? : ) I am always fascinated by Our Lady’s dress in her various approved apparitions. My favorite is Guadalupe where there was such significance to every detail of her clothing. I love the fur lined cuffs of her dress. At Lourdes she was in pure white, except for the blue sash, perhaps because she revealed herself as The Imnmaculate Conception.

          Ah yes, southern excuses for winter! I remember my years in Florida….only time I ever had a tan : ) Here, we generally have reasonably cold weather from December thru February. At least enough for boots and sweaters and an occasional coat. I’ve missed that this year. We made a fire the other night when it was 58 degrees : ) Yes, we are crazy!

          Patricia xo

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