Prayer request….

My husband and I are leaving tomorrow to travel to North Carolina for about ten days to visit a dear friend who is suffering from ALS. He and his wife were our neighbors during the four years we lived in NC. We wanted to visit him before his condition is such that he wouldn’t be able to get around at all or enjoy company. I sincerely ask your prayers for him and his wife. His name is Bill.

I have another urgent prayer request for the daughter of my friend, Camille. Camille and I were best friends during the time we both lived in NC. She now lives in Virginia, but we have tried to keep in touch over the years.

Camille’s beautiful 38 year old daughter, Lisa, was diagnosed with stomach cancer about four years ago. She had responded well to treatment, and seemed to be cancer free.

Last week, I received an email from Camille with the awful news that the cancer had returned in Lisa’s stomach, colon and possibly her lung. The family is devastated, as anyone can imagine.

Camille has had more than her share of heartaches. When I was going through my cancer ordeal, she was pregnant with her second child, Lisa’s little sister. Elizabeth Ann was born 35 years ago with a congenital heart defect for which there was no treatment.

During her first year, this strawberry blonde angel thrived, and grew into a beautiful pink-cheeked baby, so curious about the world and seeming perfectly normal. But, her parents knew that her heart was failing, and when she was 18 months old, she died. I will never forget receiving the call from Camille that morning.

Two years later, Camille became pregnant again. She was so worried. She took my hand and looked into my eyes and said, “What if it happens again?” I assured her that God would never let such a thing happen to her twice. And then, she gave birth to a fiery red-haired little boy…with a heart defect.

Michael’s problem wasn’t fatal, and eventually it was repaired surgically. But, he also had a learning disability.

A few years later, Camille’s only sister came down with Multiple Sclerosis. She had a very bad case, and deteriorated rapidly. She died in her 40’s.

Camille’s husband had always had a heart murmur. But, when he was in his 50’s, it became a significant problem and he retired on disability. They also had to move to a one story home, because he could not go up and down stairs.

And then….four years ago, her beautiful Lisa got cancer. And now it’s back with a vengeance.

Camille writes to me that she doesn’t understand….how could God let this happen again? Her mother- heart is trying to turn the world upside down to find a miracle for her daughter.

I ask your prayers for this good family who has suffered so much loss over the years.

Thank you!  May everyone continue to have a Most Blessed Advent, and a Joyous Feast of Our Lady’s Immaculate Conception, my favorite title of Hers.


12 thoughts on “Prayer request….

  1. That’s a lot of heartache for one family, Patricia. I’ll start praying for them and your other friends. Enjoy your visit with Bill – I’ll keep you all in my prayers. God bless!

  2. My prayers for all the intentions you mentioned and for your safe trip to NC and back. Your friend Camille certainly has had more than her share. I always wonder what God is thinking in cases like this. I have come to believe the only thing I can about our loving and merciful God. He has given Camille and others like her, a strength that even they may not be aware that they have. I will remember her and her family at Mass each day. May Camille’s daughter in heaven intercede for her sister Lisa.
    May Our Lady console them all.
    God bless.

  3. Patricia, I will pray for your friend Camille, for her family, and for Lisa. Prayers for you too as you and your husband go to NC to visit your friend Bill and his wife. As you are so aware, there is no shortage of sadness and crosses in this valley of tears, I pray especially for the faith of all involved. As you know, I’m recalling your post on the cross of infertility, there is grace and God’s love with the crosses. I will pray that all have the grace and gift of faith, strength, and prayer, and if God wills, healing. God bless you and your husband on your trip. Hope it is good together time for you two.
    Love and prayers,

  4. Patricia, I will pray for your safe travel to NC..such a beautiful place.

    It pains me to read of your friends’ sorrow and suffering and you can be sure dear friend that I will keep them all in my prayers. I’m sure your visit to Bill will be a great comfort ..
    Sometimes the only comfort we can offer anyone is silence, prayer and our presence.

    Blessed Immaculate Conception….

    + Love and hugs,

  5. Most certainly I will remember this family in my prayers. Who knows why Our Lord chooses some to share more of His lot than He asks of others? We will never understand it so I will pray for God to bestow the grace needed for Camille to accept these trials. I will ask Sts. Therese and Rita to intercede on behalf of Lisa that the cancer may once again go into remission. Some may ask why God would bestow such suffering at what is normally a joyful time of year. This is because He asks us to see the joy in suffering. With a God King Who came into the world in a dilapidated stable, anything is possible and nothing is too much to ask because He will always give us the grace we need to get through any trial.
    God Bless you on your visit to your friend, who I will also keep in my prayers.
    Much love,

  6. Dearest friends, thank you all so much for your prayers for Camille’s daughter and her family.
    I am so sorry for not having responded sooner, but have been out of town, and then returned only to get sick the next day. I finally got on antibiotics yesterday, and am starting to feel better.

    I know that Camille is very grateful for your prayers. The last update I have is that Lisa is seeing specialist in her type of cancer, at Duke Medical Center in Durham, NC. Let’s pray that he can offer some hope.

    As so many of you mentioned, it’s so hard to understand. Suffering really is a mystery, isn’t it? Whenever I try to think whom I would like to trade crosses with, I always decide to keep my own..the ones God gave me the Grace to carry. I could never carry anyone else’s. But what a blessing it is to have friends who join their prayers to yours for support!

    Our friend Bill and his wife were happy to see us, and Bill was able to go out each day for lunch, rolling his oxygen tank along, but smiling with each step. He is still very much full of life and joy. We are glad we made the trip. The weather was beautiful too, and cold for us southerners — which I loved! Then the plane landed in New Orleans and it was back to 70 degrees.

    God bless each of you. What special and precious friends you are. Thank you again for caring, and especially for your prayers.

    Much love,

  7. Prayer request

    Protection,healing,wisdom,prosperity,miracles in finances,miracles in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name.

    • Welcome, Pastor Thieringo. I will be most happy to pray for all of your intentions. May our Good God grant all that you have asked, in the Holy Name of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God bless you always.


  8. my dad who dementia that he sleep through the night and be fully awake during the day. signing of his will and medical directive.
    Protection,guidance,wisdom and peace for my daughter in her decision in life. Bring her to saving knowledge of God one day through some wonderful Christians . Let her get her license this week so she can drive the car we have for her.let her get the help she needs for her anxiety/
    my son to have the saving knowledge of God one day that he would meet wonderful christian people who share with him. for my walk to grow each day and get stronger, that I find peace through God.

    • Oh Dana, I have been there with my parents. Dementia is so hard to deal with. May God grant all of your requests for your dad.
      And when I pray for your children, I am praying with a heart that knows what it’s like to hope for Christian friends to come into a child’s life. I join with you in prayer for all of these intentions, and will especially remember them during my Tuesday holy hours.

      May God be with you in this New Year.

      Love and prayers,

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