Each soul is My favorite….

“Each soul is My favorite…if only you knew My Love for each one..”
(Jesus to Gabrielle Bossis (1874-1950) From the book: He and I.

About 20 years ago, I came across a mini-booklet written by Mother Angelica which gave me a tiny glimpse into how rare and precious a gift it is just to exist. 

The name of the booklet was “Before Time Began,” and it was an account of a mystical experience which Mother Angelica had over a period of a few days.

She was somewhere in the darkness, in a great void.  She had not yet been created, rather she was something akin to a thought, which was immovable, and could not reason or feel anything.  But, she was aware that she was not alone.  There were countless other “thoughts” in the void…billions and billions of them.

Suddenly, in the distance, she saw a great Light, and this Light began to move over the almost infinite number of “thoughts.”  As it passed over them, they all disappeared into the nothingness, and the “thought” that was she waited to disappear as well.

But then, the Light suddenly stopped before “her”, and she felt warmth and tenderness and then she heard these amazing words, “You shall be.”  Then the Light moved on over the remaining thoughts and they continued to disappear.

Now, the “thought” that represented Mother Angelica in this great void stood all alone….nothing else remained.  She did not yet exist, but she had been told that one day she would, and so she waited, now certain that the Light would return, and she would “be.”

What an amazing experience this must have been for Mother.  Yet, is it not really true?

Each one of us was lovingly and deliberately chosen by God to live and breathe and love and to have eternal life….with Him and in Him…even sharing His Own Divine Life.  What a glorious destiny!

And what Love does He have for you and for me…each of us chosen to be His, over countless other possibilities!  Is it not breathtaking?

You exist; I exist; His Love chose us!  We are the beloveds of His Life, His darling children to whom He has given everything He has, even to the last drop of His Own Precious Blood.

Jesus pours out His Heart to mystics and Saints like St. Faustina and so many others, and grieves that we do not love Him, and that we do not even believe in His Love for us.

Some of us believe that He loves us when we are good or if we have prayed enough or done many good works.  But no!  He loves us always.  He waits for us.  He longs for us.  He yearns for our companionship.  He cherishes every word, every glance we offer to Him.  We cannot make Him not love us.

And, in the end, if we are separated from Him, it will not be because He stopped loving us, but rather because we refused His Love…refused Him,this One Who stood on the brink of Creation, casting His Gaze on countless possible souls and chose you and me as the ones He could not bear to live without.

The Light that is He looked at the idea, the thought of each one of us, and fell madly in love…and said, “You shall be.”

You are His favorite.  I am His favorite.  Oh, let us drink this in deeply, become inebriated by the sheer joy and wonder of it.  Let us immerse ourselves in this truth.  Let us run to His Divine Embrace which awaits us, sink deeply into His Sacred Heart that so longs for us.  Like Therese, let us rejoice that we are the “prey” of His Love.

And let us love Him in return….let us love Him with all of our being.

Let us tenderly, faithfully, trustingly love Him, love and adore this God Who has nothing left to give us….His treasuries are empty….His riches heaped upon us.

For what else is there to give when He has given us His Very Self in the Person of His Divine Son, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Let us love Him then…  ” Oh, let us love Him,” as Therese would say, “to folly!”

14 thoughts on “Each soul is My favorite….

  1. I love this post and the picture. It is true, we really don’t know how much God loves each of us. Jesus died for us all, but would have done the same even if we were the only person on earth. The quote from the book at the beginning of your post says it all.
    Thanks for sharing this~ we need the reminder.
    God bless.

    • Thanks Karin. It’s so true…we can never come to the end of God’s Love for us. I try to tailor many of my posts to hopefully grab the attention of those who land on my blog through their search engine referrals. Because of my blog title, I get lots of people who are searching for God, wanting to see Him, wanting to know Him, etc. I just keep hoping that a few of these precious souls stay a minute, and maybe read something that will help them along their journey. I’m always hoping that God will answer my constant prayer to help others know and love Him.

      As for you and my other blogger friends …..well, I know I’m preaching to the choir : ) God love you for your own beautiful blog, and may your sabbatical be a time of spiritual renewal for you.

      Keeping you in prayer,

  2. Wow! What an amazing experience of God’s love Mother Angelica had! I loved reading this…it gave me shivers. Thank you for this beautiful post, Patricia.

    We’ll see if this comment goes through 🙂

    • Hey Mary, both of your comments made it today!
      Wasn’t that an awesome experience? I kept losing the booklet through the years, and writing EWTN requesting another… I found it so fascinating….definitely worthy of “shivers.” : )
      I prayed for you in adoration today, re: your seven week project. I need to do soul-cleaning too. I’m praying for the Lord to help me “order” my life. I”m so disorganized about everything.
      Looking forward to updates on your progress,and wishing you super progress.
      Peace and Joy,

    • Welcome back, Mary : ) I’m so glad you share my fascination with this topic…..there hasn’t been too much interest. But that’s okay. I loved sharing the story. It impressed me so much…each of us is such a miracle of love and grace. God could have created another St. Therese, but he wanted Mary333 instead! You’re awesome, Mary. I’m headed your way to read more about my sloth. : )

    • Hi Caroline! So good to hear from you! We really can’t understand such Love, can we? What I love above this account from Mother Angelica is how it highlights the deliberate, loving choice of God for you and for me and for each person on earth. I often thank Jesus for “wanting me.” And, it’s really hard to say sometimes, because I feel so unworthy of having been chosen to exist when there were so many others he could have created instead. How precious and unique and special you are, dear Caroline! As I’ve been reading your story, this post made me think of you, and how beautiful your were to God, even when you were on the brink of despair, and had no idea He was right there holding you all the time. You are His darling daughter! Loved reading tonight about how you found this truth and it has never left you. Praise to our Most Loving God!

      Many hugs and much love to you too,

  3. What a blessed experience for Mother Angelica!
    This is an awesome insight into the eternal love of God and His plans for us.
    The All-Powerful One passed over and chose me – the weakest one.. to ‘be’!
    Oh how amazing and thrilling to my soul!
    Thank you for sharing what the Lord showed Mother.
    It has been such a joy to read this today!
    Trish xox

    • Hi Trish! Isn’t it amazing.? God chose you….and me! The “odds” of our being here are almost nil, and yet, here we are! It is thrilling to know that we are so loved by the One Who is Love.
      It also helps me to look at others differently, and to realize that every single person is so special and precious, because they too were God’s “choice.” I find that remembering this really does help me to treat others with more respect…..and I need all the help I can get : )

      So happy the post was a blessing to you!
      Love to my “chosen” friend,

  4. Deeply touched by this post, Patricia. I love to read of the love you have for God, and the love you are encouraging all of us reading to have for him. I am going to need to re-read this one a few times.

    • Thank you, Colleen. I was hoping others would be thrilled to think about what God seemed to show Mother Angelica in the “vision.” It’s totally overwhelming that countless possible souls were rejected, and yet each one of us was chosen by Love. How humbling, and yet how thrilling and inspiring to make us want to respond to such Love! I know what you mean about having to “re-read.” Like I told someone, I kept losing the booklet, but had to get another one, cause I always wanted to be able to read about this again.

      Blessings to your Colleen. Thank you for stopping by.


  5. What a most beautiful and precious article! It often hits home: “I exist! There was a time when I did not exist, then suddenly I did. I am! It is a beautiful miracle! God has brought me into being. He has placed me in His most wonderful creation! Had I not been created, I would never know that God and His wonderful creation exist. Thank You, Lord, for bringing me into being, but please also save my soul”.

    • Hello, Barbara! Welcome. It’s always so lovely to see a new “face” here : )
      Thank you for commenting. I love this idea too. I know I often forget how precious and valuable each one of us is….chosen by God from among countless possibilities. When I get annoyed with someone, sometimes I can manage to remind myself that I am dealing with a chosen soul, loved infinitely by the Heart of God. It does help….. 🙂

      Oh yes, may Our Lord save us all, that we may love, praise and adore Him for all eternity.

      Blessings to you, Barbara,

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