“Lo, here I am…send Me!”

Adam, our first parent, sins. Ungrateful for the great benefits conferred on him, Adam rebels against God by a violation of the precept given him not to eat of the forbidden fruit. On this account, God is obliged to drive him out of the earthly paradise in this world and, in the world to come, to deprive not only Adam but all his descendants of the heavenly and everlasting paradise which He had prepared for them after this mortal life.

There was not one innocent person on the earth. “Since, therefore,” said the Eternal Father, “amongst men there is no one who can satisfy My justice, let someone come forward who will go down to redeem man.” The angels, the cherubim, the seraphim, –all are silent. Not one replies. Only one voice is heard: that of the Eternal Word, Who says: “Lo, here I am! Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8)

“But think,” answered the Heavenly Father; “Think, O My Son that, in taking upon Thyself the burden of man’s satisfaction, Thou wilt have to lead a life full of sufferings.”

“No matter,” replied the Son: “Lo, here I am –send Me!”

“Think that Thou wilt have to be born in a cave, the shelter of beasts; from there Thou must flee into Egypt whilst still an infant to escape the hands of those very men who, even from Thy tenderest infancy, will seek to take away Thy life.”

“It does not matter: Lo, here I am — send Me!”

“Think that, on Thy return Thou shalt lead a life most arduous, most despicable, passing Thy days as a simple boy in a carpenter’s shop.”

“It does not matter — send Me!”

“Think that, when Thou goest forth to preach and to manifest Thyself, Thou wilt indeed have very few to follow Thee; the greater part will despise Thee and call Thee imposter, magician, fool, Samaritan. And, finally, they will persecute Thee to such a pass that they will make Thee die shamefully on a gibbet by way of torments.”

“No matter! Send Me!”

The decree then being passed, the Archangel Gabriel speeds on his way to Mary. Mary accepts the Word for her Son: “And the Word was made flesh” (John 1:14). Thus behold Jesus in the womb of Mary! Having now made His entry into the world in all humility and obedience, He says: “Since, O My Father, men cannot make atonement to Thy offended justice by their works and sacrifices, behold Me, Thy Son, now clothed in mortal flesh, behold Me ready to give Thee satisfaction in their stead with My sufferings and My death!”

Wherefore, when He came into the world, He said: “Sacrifice and oblation Thou wouldst not; but a body Thou has fitted to Me…Then I said: Behold, I come!” (Hebrews 10:5)


From: The Incarnation, Birth, and Infancy of Jesus Christ, by St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori

10 thoughts on ““Lo, here I am…send Me!”

  1. This is such a beautiful and powerful reflection, and one that is a perfect reminder of why Jesus, along with His Father’s will, willed to come to this earth. It was for one reason and one reason only: to die for our sins. Jesus by His blood paid the price we could not.
    Thank you for sharing this here.
    Have a blessed Advent!

    • God’s Love is so amazing! To think that He Himself would pay the price for our offenses against Him! How Worthy He is that every beat of our hearts be for Him alone. If only that were true…I am alway beginning again.

      Wishing you a most holy Advent, Karin, and enjoying my new Saint-friend. Thank you again : )


  2. Patricia,

    Your posts are always such heartfelt and uplifting words to draw us ever closer to His love and His will. How blessed we are with the gift of Jesus! Thank you for writing, my dear, and a very Blessed Advent to you!

    • Thank you, Anne : ) The words of the Saints never fail us… I love the simple beauty of this piece by St. Alphonsus. The humility of the Son of God is beyond breathtaking. I am sure that even in Heaven, we will never really comprehend it….but love and adore it in Him!

      Anne, I sincerely thank you for writing as well. You are so prolific, and yet always have such depth to your posts. BTW, I am getting a Kindle for Christmas, and have already chosen The Reed of God as my first kindle book. Thank you! Caryll Houselander sounds like a future Saint…her writing is amazing.

      I prayed for John at the chapel today. There is a beautiful picture of St. John Vianney and a first class relic of him framed in the entrance of our adoration chapel. I love to put my hand over the relic, and pray for vocations, and for our young men in discernment, as well as for all priests.

      Wishing you a Most Holy Advent.

      With love,

  3. How I wish I could imitate the Savior in simply doing whatever I’m asked, rather than asking to be relieved of it. I’m so glad you shared this beautiful passage with us, Patricia. I hope your Advent got off to a blessed start.

    • Hi Joyce! The best start to my Advent was the beautiful new translation of the Mass…or rather, the correct English translation : ) I love it! I love hearing chalice instead of “cup.” I especially love the Creed…it is truly thrilling in its new transcendence.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the piece by St. Alphonsus. I think the best we poor mortals can hope to do is to ask Jesus to live and act in us, a la Therese : ) It is so lovely that way…to have Him so near. May God bless us this Advent with the Grace to yield up ourselves more and more to His Beloved Son.

      Love and prayers,

  4. I always find St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori’s words very challenging. A Sister of Charity who oversees our Legion of Mary meetings often reads his reflections .. “Here am I Lord send me”
    If we don’t go for Him …Who will?
    Thank you for this word of exhortation…
    Much love to you Patricia…and a very Blessed Advent filled with His Peace.
    + Caroline

    • I didn’t think about that, Caroline…about “our” being sent. But, it’s so true! “If we don’t go for Him…Who will?”
      I have to think that He goes with us, since we cannot do anything without Him. But our willingness to be His voice, His eyes, His touch, etc., must bring Him great joy.

      I sometimes think that all I really want to be is a little girl who carefully picks a few wildflowers, and shyly offers the bouquet to Him as a token of my love and affection. I think if I could conquer the whole world, it still wouldn’t amount to much more than that…a little bouquet for so Great a God! Can it be that simple? Just to love Him…

      Much love to you too, dear Caroline,
      Patricia xo

    • St. Alphonsus truly wrote this from his heart. Oh yes, the Greatness Of Jesus’ Love…and it’s all true! I loved fairytales when I was a little girl, and I used to read them over and over again…and they lived happily ever after. The stories were so lovely, but they weren’t real. Jesus IS real! And He is crazy about us…and the story never ends, but is always just beginning. It is always dawn in Eternity….

      I am so enjoying the “retreat” you didn’t realize you were giving over at your blog : ) It’s a wonderful examination of conscience for Advent..or anytime.
      Thanks Mary!


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