“We have no king but Caesar…” (John 19:16)

Samuel thought that it was wrong of them to say, “Let us have a king to judge us,” so he prayed to Yahweh. But Yahweh said to Samuel, “Obey the voice of the people….it is not you they have rejected but Me, not wishing Me to reign over them any more. Do as they ask and give them a king.”  I Samuel 8:6-8, 22

My beloved God, after all you had done for your people Israel, they rejected Your Majesty and demanded that a mere man be made their king: The people, however, refused to listen to Samuel. They said, “No! We are determined to have a king, so that we can be like the other nations, with our own king to rule us and lead us and fight our battles.” (I Samuel 8:20-21)

My Jesus, how foolish we are to think that the creature is preferable to the Creator…that worldly things will ever satisfy our hearts. Yet, you permit us to choose what we wish. Surely your heart broke when Your people rejected Your Kingship.

It is so painful to read these verses in Scripture, and yet I know that I too have many times rejected Your sovereignty.  My heart breaks to realize that truth. But today, I ask You to be my Lord and King forever…let nothing created ever distract my gaze from Your Beauty. Let me entrust my heart to no one but You. Grant that I may fight all of my battles under the banner of Your Cross.

Jesus, you know that I have secretly rejoiced that I live in a place and time in which I have never been subject to an earthly king. Yet among your Saints are numbered kings and queens. It is not royalty which offends you, but enslavement to sin, whether among king or peasant.

My Almighty One, I kiss the scepter of Your Cross and bow before Your Divine Majesty. Rule over me in all things, as I strive to finish my battle in this foreign land, and then bring me swiftly into Your Eternal Kingdom where I will adore you Face to face forever and ever, O King of all kings!

Then I heard all the living things in creation–everything that lives in Heaven, and on earth, and under the earth and in the sea, crying:
To the One seated on the throne and to the Lamb,
be all praise, honor, glory and power,
forever and ever. (Revelation 5: 13)

11 thoughts on ““We have no king but Caesar…” (John 19:16)

    • Me too, Colleen. I really wanted to copy down the entire chapter…and so many other quotes from Revelation which sing the wondrous praises of God.
      The quotes from I Samuel always make me sad, but it’s a reminder that we do not allow God to be King of our world, but the day will come when Jesus will return as King of all kings Who will reign forever over all. What a day that will be!

      Thank you so much for stopping by.

  1. All praise to our glorious KING JESUS!!
    What an awesome experience John had when he heard all creation worshiping the Lord!!
    I hope you had a beautiful feast too, my dear friend .
    My primary school was called ‘Christ the King’ when I was young 🙂
    Patricia I will email you tomorrow (God willing).
    This week I have had two birthdays in the family to organise and I’ve got a little bit behind with things.
    Lots of love to you..Trish

    • Amen Trish! All praise to Jesus forever and ever! You are so right about St. John…and how did he go on living after what he experienced! How he must have longed to return to all that glory and worship and praise of God…and that wasn’t even the “resl” Heaven that we will one day see!

      Lots of birthday cake this week, huh? Bet you bake : )

      I look forward to hearing from you. Do you have turkeys over there in Australia? Just had to ask!

      Love and hugs,

  2. Oh how many times have I rejected His sovereignty..Plenty of times … It breaks my heart too, Patricia. One day though, ‘every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.’

    I keep asking the Lord..Please just let me have a front row seat so I can see it up close !!
    — (and thank you for hanging in there with me through the telling of the story…You’ll never know how much it meant to me to have you and the other ladies there in spirit.) +
    Love, Caroline

    • Caroline, funny thing about Heaven…I hear we’ll ALL have a front seat : ) I’m just so glad that God can make that happen! How awesome He is!
      Like Trish said, just think what St. John experienced…but it can’t compare to an eternity of seeing God face to face. When I was taking care of my parents in their last years, there were moments when I envied them in a way..knowing they were so close to seeing God. And, I was there when my mom passed away in the arms of my sister and me. And as I sat there in tears, I wondered if she had seen Him yet.

      BTW, please say a prayer for my mom’s soul. November 24 is the third annversary of her death, and would have been the 74th wedding anniversary of my parents.

      And Caroline, you know we all love you so much. I only wish I could have held your hand or hugged you through all the telling, but I know none of us would have missed being there for you. You are such a beloved daughter of our Father, and your personal friends who spend time with you are blessed indeed (even if you serve them tofu) : )


      • Patricia..I am very happy to pray for your mom..and I understand what you mean that in a sense you envied her going home to see the Lord. So beautiful that God granted you and your sister the grace to be there at her moment of transition.
        Love and +

        • Caroline, thank you so much for your prayers for my mom. It’s especially hard having the anniversary of her death fall on Thanksgiving this year. Both of my parents always loved Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner so much. They were both great cooks, and in later years, my sister and I tried to take over for them, but it’s just not quite the same. Everything just tasted better the way they made it. : )

          God was so gracious to allow us to be with mom during her last hours. She had a great fear of being alone at anytime. She was always amazed when I was not upset when my husband had to travel, etc. To her, being by yourself was unthinkable. So, I’m not surprised that God arranged for my sister and me to be with her throughot her last 18 hours. I will be forever amazed how generously He answered all the prayers we said for our parents, and even intervened in miraculous ways. Truly His Heart is most compassionate toward the old and infirm….just like the widow and orphan. I will have to write a post one day about how He provided for my parents.

          Your prayers mean so much today, dear Caroline. I wish you a Most Happy Thanksgiving with your family. God bless all of your!

          Love and gratitude,

  3. “it is not royalty which offends you, but slavery to sin” Tough words. I am deeply enslaved to sin and have much repentence to offer the Lord. Thank you Patricia, for this post and for your wonderful blog which never fails to touch my heart. Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

    • Anne, I know what you mean about sin. Just when I think I’m making progress and seeing a bit of virtue, I look deeper and it’s like a knife turning when I see how much more sin there is to root out. Worst of all is when I catch myself falling back into habits I had thought conquered. I know the Lord has to do the work in me, and that means I have to pray much more and receive the Sacraments as often as possible. And turn to Our Lady…. Anne, let’s pray not to lose hope, as that’s exactly what the enemy wants. Please pray for me, as I will for you.

      Happy Thanksgivng to you and your beautiful family!

      Much love,

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