Friday meditation…are you His friend?

I call you friends,
because I have made known to you                                                              
everything I have learned from My Father.                                              
You did not choose Me,                                                                             

no, I chose you..   

John 15: ..15-16                                                                                         

painting by Carl Bloch

My Most Loving Jesus,
I hate all of my sins.
But I hate most of all
the times I have neglected You,
put You off, taken advantage
of Your Infinite Kindness and Patience.
Your beautiful eyes watched
as I walked away from
my breviary.
Your eager Heart waited
when I cut short my night prayers.
I am a Carmelite who professes
to live for You alone.
You have called me to be
Your intimate friend.
Yet, so often I am
no friend at all.
Still You are Faithful,
my beautiful Jesus.
I am so sorry.
I do love You.
Help me to be
Your devoted companion,
For You are so lonely
in the Gethsemane
that is this world.


4 thoughts on “Friday meditation…are you His friend?

  1. This is beautiful, Patricia. I’m not a very good friend to Jesus either, but I would like to be. I liked your comparison of Gethsemane to this world…yes, He must get lonely.

    • Hi Mary! In her book, The Way of Perfection, St. Teresa of Jesus of Avila, wrote about how we should be such good and faithful friends to Jesus, since He really has so few friends in this world. (I’ll have to look up the exact quote.) Everyday, I am appalled at what I read in the newspapers, or hear on TV, etc. I remember what Our Lord said about how when He comes again, “Will there be any faith left on earth?”

      I am so ashamed about not being a better friend…since I do know Him, and know how good and kind and loving He is. I hope to work hard this Advent on being a much better friend to Jesus. Thank you again for your wonderful posts on the seven deadly sins, and how you are delving deeply into them and making us realize that we overlook so much. God bless you, Mary! I think you are a better friend to Jesus than your think : ) He loves you so!
      Love you too,

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