The song of my life…

Christ in Glory with the Saints by Carracci, Annibale (1560-1609)


Worthy is the Lamb that was slain
to receive power, riches, wisdom
Strength, honour, glory and blessing….

To the One seated on the throne and to the Lamb,
be all praise, honour, glory and power,
for ever and ever.

Revelation 5:12,13

I always imagine that is what Heaven is like…singing those beautiful words, over and over again, and casting down my golden crown before His Majesty!

Although, like Therese, I don’t want a crown. What is a crown, when you possess God!!!

In Evening Prayer I, for the Feast of All Saints, the third Antiphon reads: Before the throne of God and the Lamb, the Saints will sing a new song; their voices will resound throughout the earth, alleluia.

I have long been captivated by that new song. It is everywhere in the Psalms: Sing a new song unto the Lord…

Pondering this, I have often thought that our whole lives should be a song to Him…each life, a new and unique song; one never before heard.

And I have wondered, “What is my song?”

I found a bookmark in a stationery store, and it said, “Birds do not sing because they have an answer. They sing because they have a song.”

Yes! God gave them a song, and He gave me a song too. So, I asked Him to tell me about it one night long ago, while a passenger on a long road trip. I was looking up at the starry sky and I prayed, “What is the song of my life?”

And, at that moment, on the radio an old song began to play, and it sang, “Tell the people I love them….”

And I was startled. I hadn’t expected such an immediate and gracious answer. But I had known all along, in the depths of my heart.  This was my song.

I don’t remember who said this, but I think it is very beautiful: “God’s Will for us is where our deepest delight meets the world’s thirst.”

So, I am trying to sing my new song softly, gently, the only way a little, hidden soul like me can do.  I hope someone who needs to, will hear.

 What is your song?


O my Father,
Life is so long,
Yet I wish to live on
And work for Your Glory
And sing of Your Love.
O Precious Father,
Let me leave a footprint
On the earth,
So that the world may be changed
Because I passed by..
And because I have lived,
Please grant my desire
That You be more loved
Even if by
Just one more soul..
For this is my song
I sing to You,
My King!


6 thoughts on “The song of my life…

  1. i love your song, Patricia! The quote is excellent, too-“God’s will for us is where our deepest delight meets the world’s thirst.” I’ll have to remember that!

    • Thanks, Anne. I have a feeling that your song is something of an entire symphony! You are a treasure.

      Isn’t that a great quote? I found it years ago when I was helping with formation for our aspirants in my Carmelite community. One of them, (who later decided not to continue), included it in a paper I had asked her to write. I remember that she quote it from someone, but I don’t recall who. Google, here I come…….

      B;ess you Anne,

  2. Your song has reached my ears.
    I love the Lord,Whom you help me to see more clearly by your beautiful words and devotion.
    Thank you!
    Keep singing..
    Trish xox

    • My dear Trish,
      You are so special to me…I think we understand each other very well, and I like to think we would be the best of friends if we lived in the same town. I look forward to meeting you in the Kingdom of our Father!
      Please pray that I don’t sing “off key” too much with my words…the way I always do with music : ) Let’s both sing with all the heart that we can.

      Much love and hugs to you too!

  3. Patricia, I love your song, it has such gentleness about it.”Let me leave a footprint
    On the earth, So that the world may be changed because I passed by”, This is beautiful.

    • Welcome Daily Grace! Your kind words mean so much. I wondered if others would “get” what I was trying to express. I usually know what I mean, but don’t always express it too clearly. So glad you got it! : ) I do want to leave a footprint, because God created me…and you… each for a specific purpose. We should all leave footprints. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to leave them in the hearts of others? Gentle footprints bearing the fragrance of Jesus……

      God bless you, DG!

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