Look what arrived today……

Look what I got today! It was actually my anniversary present from last August, but was on backorder. I was so surprised to find it in a giant box on the front porch today.

What I love about this statue is that it incorporates both of Therese’s titles in religious life — that of the Child Jesus, and the Holy Face.

And..she is shown receiving roses from the Child Jesus to fulfill her promise of letting fall a “shower of roses”. In fact, I think her quote about this is what is written in French on the left side, near the base of the statue.  (Need to get out my magnifying glass to check that out!)

Right now, this lovely piece is in the middle of my coffee table, but I want to find the perfect place to give it honor, after having it blessed of course.

(The photographer requests pardon for not doing a better job, and cutting off part of the head of little Jesus.)


6 thoughts on “Look what arrived today……

  1. Oh my goodness, Patricia. That is so beautiful in picture I can’t imagine it in person. What a priceless treasure to grace your home. Happy belated Anniversary ! I bet you’ll have some treasured times of meditation at the feet of Therese and Jesus.
    Amazing that it came on the eve of All Saints.
    Blessings, hugs and + C

  2. I’m so happy for you Patricia to have this beautiful statue in your possession. I have seen a similar image of St. Therese with the Child Jesus but nothing this large or dramatic. I wish you every blessing and happiness with this exquisite statue. Joyce

  3. Dearest Friends, Thank you all so much for celebrating with me the beautiful surprise that arrived yesterday!

    Joyce, I was amazed when I opened the box and saw what I had received — even though I ordered it myself : ) I had seen a similar statue, (perhaps the one you saw), which belonged to someone else. I searched the Internet for it, and this seemed to be the same one. But when I unwrapped it, I was delighted at the beauty and quality, so beyond what I had expected. So it really was a surprise! God is Good!

    Caroline, thank you for pointing out that it arrived on the Eve of All Saints’ Day. I didn’t think of that! I had hoped it would arrive in time for Therese’s Feast Day last month, but it was on backorder. I am so thrilled to have it today, on this beautiful Feast. It reminds me of Heaven, and Therese showering her roses.

    Anne, I do feel very blessed to have seen the similar one shortly before our wedding anniversary. And then when my husband asked me what I wanted, I didn’t even have to pause and think! I rarely buy religious articles anymore, because I really do have enough. But this just took my breath away….so I made an exception : )

    To all of you, may Therese shower you with an abundance of her roses, and be assured of my prayers as I meditate on the Holy Face, the Child Jesus and our dear Therese.

    With much love and many hugs and prayers,

  4. It’s very beautiful, Patricia!
    The expressions on their faces are so lovely.
    I’m sure you’ll find the perfect place of honour to put it in.
    What a truly wonderful blessing for you!
    love in Jesus..Trish

    • Thanks Trish! I too love the expressions on their faces. To me, it is a very Carmelite representation of Therese, because it embodies both of her titles in religious life — that of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face.
      She referred to these titles as her “kingdoms.” I’m so happy that you like my new gift, and yes, I will try to find a very special place for it. Once my little niece came over, and she went about counting how many “Therese items” she could find all over my house — quite a few! : )

      Love to you my friend,

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