Jesus loving in us…….

Excerpt below from the exquisitely beautiful book:
One With Jesus
(The Life of Identification With Christ)
By Father Paul de Jaegher, SJ
Translated from the French
First American Printing, 1946
(currently out of print)





Love for His Father prompted Christ to become Man. The thirty-three years of His life on earth were wholly consecrated to this Love and to procuring His Father’s Glory.

He enacted an ineffable drama of Divine Love, the most pathetic scene of which was presented on Calvary. But Christ is risen. Though He died He still lives. The immense Love of the God-Man did not end with the grave. Its influence passes beyond the narrow confines of the human life of Jesus.

…. What does this mean? Does it mean simply that Jesus will be content to love His Father infinitely in Heaven, and in each of our tabernacles? Not so. Grand as would be this homage of Love, it does not satisfy the Heart of Christ. He would do more.

The great drama of Jesus’ Love for His Father is to be continued here on earth. For Jesus, by His life and the redemption of mankind made for Himself a mystical body, in which He continues to live, to love and to glorify His Father. In order to love the more, He has united Himself to new individual human natures, to millions of individual human natures, no longer hypostatically, it is true, but still by a very real, intimate and wonderful union.

Jesus, then, is forever yearning to love His Father unto folly; yearning to love Him not only by His Own Divine Life; not only with His Own Heart on Fire with Love; He is yearning to love Him in millions of hearts and through millions of lives, even to the end of time.

His infinite Love needs to express Itself, to pour Itself out in an infinity of ways. What then does Jesus wish? He wants hearts that will surrender themselves up to Him, that will abandon themselves completely to Him, and allow Him freely to satisfy, in them and by them, His Infinite Passion of Divine Love.

In order to enter into a closer union with each one of us, His members, He asks for the entire possession of our being: our body, and our soul with all its powers, that He may make them His Own, appropriate them, and live through them His life of devotion to His Beloved Father…….


2 thoughts on “Jesus loving in us…….

  1. Am reading “Difficulties in Mental Prayer” by M. Eugene Boylan, O.C.R. and found mention of the book “One with Jesus” by Fr. de Jaegher, S.J. I ordered the book immediately. I am a recovering alcoholic/addict working on my 11th Step in AA and am finding an enormous richness developing in my relationship with Jesus, His Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother in recent months. Thank you for this website.
    Joe Deegan

    • Hi Joe! Welcome, and thank you so much for taking the time to comment. We must read the same books : ) I got out my copy of Difficulties in Mental Prayer, and looked up Dom Boylan’s reference to One With Jesus. I came across the book in the 90’s in a bookstore. It was a Christian Classics edition, and I just fell in love with it. I bought several copies, but gave them all away. Later I learned it was out of print! I finally got a copy from Amazon, but it’s not the same. The translation seems different from what I remember. It’s something like a PDF format. Where did you find a copy?

      Oh, how wonderful that you are deepening your relationship with God and our Blessed Mother! From the books you are reading, it sounds like you have made great progress. They aren’t for the faint of heart : ) What else are you reading? We just had a meme among some of my blogging friends where we all named favorite books. So many excellent choices among our Catholic books…especially the classics.

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and I hope you will return often. Please know that you are in my prayers as you finish your journey through the twelve steps. May God’s Amazing Love for you draw you ever closer to Him this Lent.


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