Desert lamb…..

Jesus, Jesus,
Shepherd of souls.
Hear me calling
My voice grows faint…

I cannot get up.
I have tried and tried.
Please lift me with Your Love;
Heal me with Your Grace.

You promised to look for me.
I wait all the day in the dark.
I have no food or drink.
I am tired and dirty.

I can scarcely remember You.
In my dreams I recall joyful times:
Verdant meadows where we played
Quiet moments asleep in Your arms.

My wool was white
Washed clean in Your Blood.
I grew strong on
The Bread of Life.

Even my memories
Are fading now…
Come soon my Jesus
To rescue me.

Your Goodness and Mercy
Are my only hope.
Surely You have not abandoned me.
I did not get lost intentionally.

I do not understand…
This darkness,
This dryness,
This lack of Your Presence

Jesus, Jesus, come to me.
Come while I
Can still call Your Name.
Show me Your Heart again.

I will always love You,
Even though you tarry,
I will trust in You,
Even if I am slain.

Jesus, I am Yours.
Through life,
Through death,
In darkness…always.

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8 thoughts on “Desert lamb…..

  1. absolutely beautiful….. i did not know you were writing a book!?! that is so exciting.

    my father is in the final editing process of his book, a memoir, about his conversion and our families conversion through medugorje!

    great post and God Bless

    • Isaac, so good to hear from you again, and thank you for your kind words! I’m not exactly writing a book at the moment….I was just teasing Joyce as she so kindly often tells me that I should make a collection of my prayers and poems. Wonderful and funny Victor told me about e-books, which are apparently much easier to have published than actual print and paper books. So, maybe one of these days…..
      I’ll be sure to let you know : )

      Hope all is well with you. Am looking forward to your mom’s blog!
      God bless you always,

  2. no, my friend.. you are mistaken ..Joyce is not your only fan.
    Thank you for voicing these beautiful prayers and expressing the things we also feel – but lack the gift to say so elegantly.
    much love to you in Jesus..Trish
    ps. I am praying about your scapular !

    • Oh Trish, you are too kind. Thank you for you affirming words. We all need encouragement along the way…..for sure I do!

      I am so grateful that you are praying about my scapular. Thank you so much! I keep hoping it somehow got put away with the Christmas decorations, and that I will find it when I take them out soon.
      I always keep it in a speical drawer, and when it wasn’t there, I turned the house upside down. I just keep hoping…..
      If I find it, you’ll be one of the first to know! : )

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