Who will put happiness before our eyes? Psalm 4: 6

PSALM 4: 6-7

Many keep saying, “Who will put happiness before our eyes?”
Let the Light of Your Face shine on us.

Lord God, to my heart You are a richer Joy,
than all their corn and new wine.

Oh my Jesus, there can be no greater happiness than to be in Your Eucharistic Presence, to look upon You face to Face. What joy is this, my God, as Your eyes meet mine, and I am lost in Your Loving Gaze!

Truly, the Light of Your Face shines on me when I am in Your Presence. I can close my eyes and experience the transcendent beauty emanating from Your Most Adorable Face, purifying my entire being with Its Radiance.

I rejoice in that most tender and beautiful Divine Glance, and my heart soars in wonder at Your Immense Love for me.

The Joy of Your Presence makes all of the earth’s riches seem as nothing. In the depths of my heart, You place a secret peace which nothing can destroy.


6 thoughts on “Who will put happiness before our eyes? Psalm 4: 6

    • Thanks, Karinann. I run there for everything. Doesn’t it make all the difference? Last Tuesday, I was alone the whole hour, and I remembered something St. Jean-Vianney said, “Blessed soul, you alone are here to adore your God.” Isn’t that profound? I felt so honored, and yet so tiny…like a speck of dust before His Awesome Majesty.
      God bless, and may your holy hour tonight be especially grace-filled.

      • I only wish some close to me would figure out soon…There’s no better place to run.

        I’m getting smaller and smaller the older I get in the Lord !

        This is beautiful Patricia….
        Love and + C

        • Me too, Caroline! When my son was a little boy, I used to take him to the chapel after school. He was so cute and would go in and bow and pop into a kneeler and read the bible for a couple of minutes and then do his little bow and leave. Everyone in there smiled at him. Now, he doesn’t even go to Mass…don’t know what he believes. As for me, one of my goals is to make more visits than I do. I envy all the people who live so near the church.

          “smaller and smaller….” I know the feeling….I suppose it’s good that we realize that we are nothing before Him : ) Yet, His Love makes us everything to Him! Lovely dichotomy!

          Love and prayers,

  1. “in the depths of my heart, You place a secret peace which nothing can destroy.”
    Very beautiful, Patricia!
    To know that peace is indeed a treasure.
    But it does lay deep… below the emotions and the fleshly kind of ‘peace’ that can be so easily disrupted by our circumstances.
    Thank you for encouraging me to dig deeper today.

    • Trish, you understand perfectly what I was trying to say….but I’m not surprised by that.
      How good of Jesus to say that He would give us a Peace which no one could take from us. It’s really true! He keeps His Promises.
      So glad you posted about the prayer shawl……and stepped out of your “wordlessness” a bit. It’s funny how that happens. It reminds me of, “If the Lord doesn’t build the house, in vain do the builders labor…..”
      God bless you, my dear friend,

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