The Pleiades and Orion



4 thoughts on “The Pleiades and Orion

    • Thanks, DG. I have a few other John Michael Talbot songs posted on my blog. If you put his name in the search box, they should come up….or I think he is in my tag cloud as well.
      Years ago, I started listening to him, because most of his lyrics are right out of Scripture… He really helped me to memorize Scripture, especially Psalms along the way. Glad you enjoyed this one, and thanks for listening : )

  1. I love this too.
    When I started to pray the Divine Office I was delighted to discover my favourite music naturally accompanying me as I read through the Psalms.
    I hadn’t known til then that I’d been meditating on the LOH through JMT’s songs for many years already!

    • So, JMT is popular in the land down under? I didn’t know….but then how would I : )
      I started listening to him before I began reading Scripture much, and long before I started praying the Divine Office. I used to buy his albums as soon as they were released, and have quite a collection. Once I got into Scripture, I was delighted to find that when I sang along with him, I was usually singing Psalms,etc., and had already memorized so many of them.

      He also introduced me to the Song of Songs, part of which is on the album “Songs for the Bride.” Have you heard that one? The Good Lord is so funny how He draws us into Scripture and to Himself without us even realizing what’s happening! Wish we lived closer, Trish. We could share our JMT music!

      Love to you,
      Marie-Therese of the Eucharistic Heart and the Holy Name of Jesus, OCDS – my name in Carmel : ) I love it!

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