Can you spare ten minutes?

I just returned from Confession.  There was no line today, and I spent about 10 minutes with a very wise and kind Indian priest.  He said those awesome words, “I absolve you….”  Then it was over.  I left feeling, as always, so clean and free — ready to make a new start.

That’s all this Miracle of Grace cost me….ten minutes with a holy priest.

Then I went to the adoration chapel.  I went to thank Jesus, and looking at Him in the monstrance, was so lovely.  But then I looked above, at the crucifix on the wall. 

There He was, hands and feet nailed to the Cross, side pierced with a lance, head crowned with thorns, body beaten almost beyond recognition.

And I, purified by that Precious Blood which had poured forth from all His Wounds, and somehow mystically still pours over me when I am absolved from my sins, thought about all the Saturdays I put off going to Confession.

You see?  I was in the midst of a project at home, and didn’t want to stop and run off to Church in mid-afternoon.  And then there was the shopping I had to get done, or the dinner party I had to get ready for…   And oh well, I’ll just go next Saturday……or the one after that!

Oh Jesus, I am so sorry for all the times I’ve put my foolishness before You.  You Who should be first in my heart and in my thoughts at every moment. 

This great Sacrament which cost You Your Very Life always makes my soul more beautiful by Your Grace, and thereby unites me so much closer to You each time that I receive it.

One day, life will be over, and I will never again have this privilege of humbly kneeling before You, in the person of the priest, and unburdening my soul.

I love You, and I thank You for giving Your Life for me.  Let me never forget The Cost of Mercy:

For You — Everything!

For me — ten minutes on a Saturday afternoon.

6 thoughts on “Can you spare ten minutes?

  1. I go to confession quite frequently and I’m lucky to live within walking distance of two churches that offer the sacrament nearly daily. Of late, I have tried hard to reinforce in my mind that I am really confessing to Jesus and that I need to do a better job of demonstrating the appropriate contrition and reverence due the Lord. Thanks for this beautiful post, Patricia.

    • Joyce, I know what you mean. I always feel that I can’t possibly have prepared well enough, or have appropriate contrition — especially when I often confess the same things over and over…
      But then I worry about being too scrupulous…. Once, I was really hard on myself in confession, and even dredged up a past forgiven sin to mention at the end for extra measure. Well, instead of the usual peace and joy I feel after the Sacrament, I felt confused and disturbed. I sensed the Lord was telling me that He did not want me to use the Sacrament that way, and I never will again. But reverence, as you mentioned, can we ever have enough!

      Boy, are you lucky to have churches to walk to. I love vacationing in large cities. I can’t believe the access to Mass and Confession. In Boston, there is a beautiful chapel in the middle of a shopping mall! And, there are about 4 daily Masses, afternoon confession and afternoon adoration of Our Lord in the monstance. Ever so much better than shopping……. : )

      Bless you, Joyce; am enjoying your travelogue, and can’t help laughing at the many mishaps. I still hope there will be a next time — with you planning your own itinerary! And..leaving “J” home : )

  2. Confession-what a great blessing and this post is a lovely reminder to peel those sins from our souls and be free! Thank Patricia for your beautiful words!

    • It is such a blessing, isn’t it? How good Jesus is! I know God forgives our venial sins when we are truly sorry, and at Mass and Holy Communion, etc., but the sacramental grace makes all the difference.
      I so love our Catholic Faith! Thank you, God!
      Love you too, Anne : )

  3. I had to fight to get myself to go this past Saturday, but there was the mercy of the Lord…waiting to heal. Father spent 20 minutes with me since there was no one else in line. The sorrow I went in with lifted the minute he gave me absolution. I was so thankful for all the time he took to give me his wisdom and consolation. When I walked outside after Mass there was this HUGE rainbow spread from one end of the sky to the other…Thank you, Jesus. : )
    I’m praying for the grace to do the First Saturdays devotion as the Blessed Mother requested at Fatima.
    Blessings and thanks for sharing this Patricia…+

    • Oh Caroline, a rainbow! My old spiritual director used to say there are “no coincidences…” Our God is SO LOVELY!

      Don’t you love when there isn’t a line, and you feel like you can take a bit of time? I always feel so rushed when others are waiting, and the priest has to say Mass in a few minutes.

      I have never done the first Five Saturdays either, and I have the same thought as you — to try to do them soon. I started thinking about it again when Johnette on Women of Garce had a week dedicated to Fatima not long ago. I recalled that I had not yet done the Saturdays for Our Mother. Thanks for the reminder again.
      All God’s blessings and joy to you,

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