Something to share….secrets of the King

For the past week, I have written about St. Therese and her Offering of herself as a holocaust to the Merciful Love of God.

This was one of the most signficant events in her life, and many scholars believe, the culmination of her little way of love.

The effect of this Offering on her already pure soul was manifested in the only intense mystical experience of her life, which followed a few days later.  She received the “wound of love,” a favor which St. John of the Cross wrote is experienced only rarely, even among the Saints.

Today, in anticipation of her approaching Feast Day, I would like to share that, inspired by Therese, and with the dream of offering at least a bit of consolation to God, I decided to make her Act of Oblation.

Since this Offering is not merely a prayer, but rather a definite choice to offer oneself to God to become a victim of His Love, in whatever way He chooses to pour out that Love, I discussed this desire with my confessor, a very holy Franciscan priest, now deceased.

He was most encouraging, and so on Therese’s Feast Day in 1991, using her own words, I knelt before the tabernacle in the presence of my confessor, and with as much love and longing that I could express, I offered myself to God’s Love.

It goes without saying that I am not even worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as that Saint of Love, Therese.  Yet, how true it is that God will not be outdone in generosity.

I knew that He had accepted my offering, for He rejects no good that we try to do for Him.  And in the months and years that followed, I found myself drawn into a new place on the journey to His Heart.  I became immersed in the Song of Songs, which spoke volumes to my soul.

The secrets of the King are best left unsaid (Tobit 12:7), but I have shared this much only to encourage anyone who is considering making this Offering, but is perhaps hesitant.

Many heavy crosses fell upon me in the years that followed, but I do not believe they were the fruit of my having offered myself to Love.  I think they would have come anyway, but that God in His Great Mercy foresaw their approach, and drew me into this Way of Love so that He could cover these crosses with His Sweet Fragrance, and adorn them with more merits than they would have garnered otherwise.

I have already said too much, and I will probably soon remove this post from my blog.  But I simply wanted to encourage even one heart out there who may be considering making this Offering.  I realize that such things do not appeal to everyone.  God calls us each to different paths.

But lest anyone feel they are unworthy to make such an offering, please know that you are then the Most Worthy.  I quote Therese:  Is the choice of me worthy of Love?…Yes, for in order that Love should be fully satisfied, it needs to stoop down, to stoop down to Nothingness and to transform this Nothingness into FIRE.

So, the least and littlest and the poorest souls are those which allow God’s Love to soar to the heights in manifesting Its Greatness and Magnanimity.  Are we not most like God when we forgive and reach out to those who have done little for us, rather than to those who have indulged us and been attentive to our needs?

So, little souls, do not be afraid.  Therese thought of you long ago:  I beg You to choose in this world a multitude of little victims worthy of Your LOVE!!!

(I would also like to ask your prayers for the success of 40 days for Life, which begins in my area tomorrow. Thank you!)


11 thoughts on “Something to share….secrets of the King

  1. I’m glad you didn’t take this down…It helped me so much as this week has been a real struggle..I have felt so small and so poor…almost crushed by the weight of His Glory and my inability to love Him as I ought. The more I read of St Therese the better I understand the humility of St Benedict.
    Thank you Patricia for sharing this..
    I will pray for the 40 Days for Life.
    Blessings and +

    • Caroline, thank you so much for your encouragemnt. I’m so happy the post was helpful to you. Now, I have two quotes from Therese just for you : )

      ….I really feel that it is not this (her desires) that pleases God in my little soul; what pleases Him is that He sees me loving my littleness and my poverty…the blind hope that I have in His Mercy…</
      That is my only treasure LT 197

      “Therese had been aware for a long time that on earth she could never equal God’s Love for her….
      What attracts me to the homeland of Heaven is the Lord’s call, the hope of loving Him finally as I have so much desired to love Him…..
      From With Empty Hands, by Conrad De Meester, p.91, pp. 139,140

      Now see, Caroline, you are just like Therese!

      Thank you for your prayers for 40 days for life. This is the first time we are having it in my town. May God grant success!
      I happen to have a book about St. Benedict and Therese. I haven’t read it yet, but I think I’ll put it on my stack.
      Peace and Love to you, Caroline,
      PS Hope this makes sense….the italics got all mixed up, and I’m too tired to figure it all out : )

      • You touch my heart with your passion and knowledge of Therese..I have seen that book in the store and passed it up. : ( .but I’m going to buy it at the monastery this weekend. I heard a priest recently comment on the passage from Jn 5:30 ‘ apart from Me you can do nothing.’ He said ‘ It takes a long time to understand ‘ nothing’. I think Therese knew just what he meant though she understood it so young. Now she is teaching us.
        Thank you so much my friend. +

        • Hey, if you find the book, we can read it together : ) I’ll let you write the book resport – ho ho! I’m awful about skipping all around in books, instead of reading from cover to cover.
          What you wrote about Therese is so true…God infused her with the Gift of Wisdom from the dawn of her life. Imagine being a Doctor of the Church at 24.

          I love in her Act of Oblation where she asks Jesus to “Be Yourself my Sanctity..”
          She allowed Him to do everything for her, instead of insisting on her own way, like most of us do. She had that complete trust of a child….one who has access and a right to all her Father’s riches. She just let Him carry her off…. I wish I could have that level of trust!

          With prayers to Therese that she will help us to embrace our nothingness…

  2. Thank you for not removing this post too quickly, Patricia.
    Making St Therese’s Act of Oblation before your confessor must have been such a grace-filled occasion for you.
    Thank you for sharing something so precious with us!
    I have read her beautiful prayer myself and prayed it privately- albeit with a little trepidation.
    Her devotion to Our Lord is so very inspirational.
    Oh to be one of the little souls who console Him – what could be more desirable?!
    Your total offering to God is so evident, my friend.
    Your love for Him burns through your words, and ignites all who read them with a passion to give Him everything!!
    I will be praying for your 40 Days for Life intention.
    love and blessings..Trish

    • Welcome Trish! It was a grace-filled occasion, but I know what you mean about “a little trepidation.” : ) I know a few people who offered themselves to God in various ways, and not long afterward, heavy crosses fell upon them. But I have a theory about this. I truly believe that God in His great desire to find “excuses” to reward us and to heap merits upon us, inspires souls who love Him to make these offerings before the inevitable crosses come. I believe the crosses were in their future whether or not they made their offering, but because they did, God can now shower them with more Graces and a greater participation in His Love than they would have had otherwise. (I wish someone like Therese was around for me to bounce my theory off of!)

      But, I do believe that. I see so many others who do not know Our Lord, suffering great things, but without His comfort and the sweetness of knowing suffering is our way of saying to Him, “I choose You and I love You, even in my pain and sorrow….because You are worth everything!”

      Thank you for the very kind words, Trish. What you wrote to me is exactly what I pray the Lord will allow me to do, and so your words are a great consolation to me.
      I cherish your friendship, and your own beautiful sharing on Walking With Him

      Love and Peace,
      PS Many thanks for prayers for 40 days for LIFE!

  3. Please do not remove this post, for the child like love of St. Therese speaks through you. I have recently bought and am currently reading “The Story of a Soul”, and as she speaks to me in this book, so does she speak in this blog post. I have been asking her if I have a Third Order vocation to the Carmelites, she will answer in good time.

    God bless

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I am delighted if you have heard Therese through my post. And, how very wonderful that you are praying about a vocation to the Secular Carmelites! I am a Secular Discalced Carmelite — mentioned on my Profile, but only in one post, as I recall.

      I’m so happy for you. Discernment is an exciting time. But don’t worry too much, because it takes six years, at least, before you make your Final Promises. So, there is a vey long period for discernment, even after you begin the journey. I will certainly pray for your intention. Please email me if I can help in any way.

      Therese is a great friend to have, whether or not one is a Carmelite : ) I’m so glad you are enjoying The Story of a Soul.

      God bless you too!

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