A prayer to be love in the heart of the Church…

Prayer to St. Thérèse

 St. Thérèse, please draw me into your great life of love. Teach me that no act is too small to fill with love. Give me great respect for all others. Remind me that everyone is a child of God especially loved by Him. Draw me into the very respect of God Himself for us all. Draw me into His big heartedness – widen the horizons of my mind and heart. Then I may be able to think nothing, feel nothing, wish nothing, do nothing except what will build up someone else.

Help me to do this over and over again – to practice with you, being Love in the heart of Mother Church.


Aloysius Ryan, O. Carm.,Carmelite Church, Kildare.


2 thoughts on “A prayer to be love in the heart of the Church…

  1. Patricia, I have only begun to grasp St Therese’s little way that –‘no act is too small to fill with love.’
    In these little acts I can feel the Lord drawing me to Him and away from my tendency to legalistic perfectionism ..Over and over I have to learn the simple truths in this beautiful prayer.
    It’s as St Benedict says, we are always beginners…
    + xxoo

    • Thank you for sharing St. Benedict’s wisdom. I love what he said. It’s so true! The older I get the more I realize how far I have to go… Therese helps me to have hope, because of her little way of confidence and trust in God’s Love and Goodness. It’s never too late, and because we are so small, He carries us. She called the arms of Jesus her “elevator” to Heaven. (She had seen this new contraption while in Paris on pilgrrimage with her Father and Sister when she was 14.)

      Isn’t that a sweet prayer?. It’s so lovely to lift up others and to try to ease their burdens. Life is hard enough..we all need kindness along the way. Thank you for being my firend.
      I feel especially close to you…I think because I keep finding myself in so many of your posts : ) I even had an incident with my English prof and a paper I wrote long ago…..
      Hugs to you, Caroline!

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