Hail Full of Grace…..Therese praises Mary

St. Therese had little patience with legendary stories of Our Lady, or grandiose depictions of her life.  The Mary whom Therese knew and loved was the simple maiden of the gospels, who had to live her life with faith and trust in God and with simplicity and love, enduring hardships and trials as she followed the path God marked out for her, even to the foot of the Cross.

Below are some of my favorite observations of Therese about Our Holy Mother.

“It is all very well to speak of her love and prerogatives, but we must not stop there.  We must make her loved.  If a sermon on Our Lady forces us from beginning to end to gasp with amazement, we soon have enough of it, and it will lead neither to love or imitation.  The Blessed Virgin prefers imitation to admiration, as her life was so simple.”

“To ask something of the Blessed Virgin is not the same as to ask something of God.  She knows well what to do with all my little desires and it is for her to decide whether to ask for them or not.”

Therese, taking issue with those who claim that the glory of Mary will eclipse that of all the Saints, as the sun eclipses the moon exclaimed:

How strange that would be, a mother extinguishing the
glory of her children!  I believe quite the opposite, that she increases many times the glory of the elect.  We all know that the Blessed Virgin is Queen of Heaven and earth, but she is more Mother than Queen.”

Therese was simply delighted by Mary’s very existence.

“Who could have invented her, if God had not created her just as she is?”

“We are much happier than she is, for she has no Blessed Virgin to love!  How much more is that a joy for us, and how much less it is one for her.”

“I like to hide my suffering from God; but I hide nothing from the Blessed Virgin.  I tell her everything.”

And…the last words she ever wrote on earth, on the back of a picture of Our Lady of Victories:

“Oh, Mary, if I were the Queen of Heaven and you were Therese, I would like to be Therese in order to see you Queen of Heaven.”

Quotations by Therese taken from
Heart of Love
Eugene McCaffrey, OCD
Veritas publications, 1998

9 thoughts on “Hail Full of Grace…..Therese praises Mary

  1. This is really beautiful, Patricia. I am learning to love and appreciate Therese from you and the other ladies.

    ““I like to hide my suffering from God; but I hide nothing from the Blessed Virgin. I tell her everything.”

    How did she know?


    • I think that may be my favorite quote of hers about Our Lady — either that or the one about Mary being more Mother than Queen. Amazing how she comes up with these gems! : )

      So delighted you are learning more about her!
      Blessings to you too,

  2. What wonderful quotes!!! You’ve really started something for me with St. Therese-I’m reading a book of her letters and it is so perfectly compelling! If I were St. Therese I would want to be me so that I could see her!

    • <> That”s cute Anne! : )
      And if I were St. Therese, I would want to STAY St. Therese so that I could love Jesus as much as I would love Him if I were St. Therese — if that makes any sense…..
      It’s so much fun to think we will see Therese and Our Lady and all the Saints one day. They will probably tell us that they read all our blog posts….. : )
      So glad you are reading her writings….she is so simple, yet amazingly profound.

      So glad you stopped by here today! Enjoy this beautiful Feast.

  3. God works in such wonderful ways. I know little about Therese, but yesterday I was lead to download a novena for her intercession. Today, I come across a quote from her and use it in a blog post, and then today I am led to read your blog which shares even more of her love for our Lady.

    This is so beautiful. Thank you.

    • I saw your quote! That is a beautiful post. Now, if you get a bouquet of roses…….. : ) Therese is really popular today (and always.) Joyce at the Little Way has a lovely post about her today also.
      So glad you found my blog, and I found yours, both through lovely Mary333. Thanks again Mary, if you are listening out there…..

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