An exquisite read…..don’t miss this

If you haven’t yet read I saw You, over at Trish’s blog, Walking With Him, don’t miss it!  It’s stunningly beautiful.


8 thoughts on “An exquisite read…..don’t miss this

  1. Oh dear I am really humbled – you are just too kind, my friend!
    Thank you for visiting me.
    I am so blessd by your blogging friendship!
    May God reward you abundantly for all the grace we receive- from Him- through your sweet soul!

    • You are most welcome, Trish. You write some beautiful pieces, and I was captivated by “I saw You.” You are such a blessing to me as well. The nicest thing about blogging is “meeting” so many lovely, like-minded people. I rejoice that Our Dear Lord has so many good friends among these Christian blogs

      I read your comment on Caroline’s blog about 9/11. We will never forget what wonderful friends the Australians have been to us. Thank you!

    • She is a beautiful lady. I love the thoughts she shares, and also her photography. Her “cottage” blog is wonderful too. I always feel like I wish I could go have a cup of tea with her in her beautiful cotttage with all the simple, but lovely things she shows and talks about on that blog. Wnat to go to Australia with me? : )

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