The prey of His Love……

I heard a question not long ago:  a sad person asked, “Why does God love me?”  I wanted to seek out this person and joyfully shout:  “Because He has to!”                                                                                                                                                                   

Love seeks its prey.  Divine Love is a raging Fire which cannot be extinguished, a torrent of Thirst which can never be satiated.

No matter who we are, or what we have done, God cannot help Himself.  He is madly in love with us.

Our unmerited good fortune is beyond belief!  And if we love Him in return, what then?   We give Him to drink, and He is so grateful that He draws us into union with His Divine Being, and we become lovers too!                                “I  THIRST.”   John 19: ..28

St Therese of  Lisieux

“My God, I wish to love You as you have never been loved before!”

St. Therese of Lisieux


6 thoughts on “The prey of His Love……

  1. Yes- He thirsts for the souls of men!
    This is so true.
    And in being consumed by Him
    we are fed with Love!
    Patricia, thank you for this beautiful post, my friend.
    I am sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to answer your question about my new blog.
    Yes -it is fine for you to publish that comment I left with the blog address 🙂
    I’ll be blogging there in place of ‘In Her Heart’, which I now need to remove from pubilc viewing.
    Some unsavoury people have made their presence known there and I’d rather move on to this new site and be free from worrying about them.
    Thank you for being such a blessing to me!
    You are a very special soul.

    • Hi Trish, I’m sorry for being so late in responding, but I’ve been on vacation and away from my blog. I have added your new blog to my blogroll, and will delete “In Her Heart.” I’m so sorry you have been having problems….you must be doing something right, since you are drawing the attention of the unsavory types. May your new blog be blessed!

      The first time I read St. Therese’s words: ” I want to be fascinated by Your gaze, to be the prey of Your Love….,” I was so amazed at her concept of being the “prey” of God’s Love. Leave it to Therese to say it so perfectly! We are so blessed to know and believe in God’s Love. I think so often of those who don’t, and long for their eyes to be opened. It is a mystery of God’s Grace. I know what it’s like to be lost, and then found. Thank you for your most kind words. You too are a blessing! I want to come have tea in your cottage : ) What good talks we could have……

      Have a beautiful day! God bless you, Patricia

    • Thanks Anne! What an awesome God we have! My pea brain can’t grasp the immensity of His Love for us, and especially, WHY He is so madly in love with us. But believing it is by far my greastest joy!

  2. My mom asked me today ‘how can I ever thank Him for loving me…? To think that His love is a raging fire..
    ‘Our unmerited good fortune is beyond belief!’
    Thank you for this Patricia…+

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