Today the Virgin Mary was taken up to heaven….

Hail, holy Queen of Heavens.
Hail, holy Queen of the Angels.
Hail, Root of Jesse.
Hail, Gate of Heaven.
By you the LIght has entered the world.
Rejoice, glorious Virgin,
Beautiful among all women.
Hail, radiant Splendor,
Intercede with Christ for us.

Solemnity of the Assumption
Liturgy of the Hours
Hymn, Evening Prayer I


“In the words of Scripture, you appear in beauty. Your virginal body is entirely holy, entirely chaste, entirely the house of God, so that for this reason also it is henceforth a stranger to decay:  a body changed, because a human body, to a pre-eminent life of incorruptibility, but still a living  body, excelling in splendor, a body inviolate and sharing in the perfection of life.”

Office of Readings for the Feast
 Quotation from St. Germanus of Constantinople

……………The Divine Office for this Solemnity of Our Blessed Lady is so beautiful, that anyone who has time to read the entire Liturgy of the Hours for the Feast of the Assumption will not be disappointed.

Happy Feast Day everyone!


2 thoughts on “Today the Virgin Mary was taken up to heaven….

  1. Oh I like your translation of the St Germanus quote too..How funny is that that we both used it? He says it all, doesn’t he?
    I’m praying for your wrist…
    + Caroline

    • Happy Feast Day, Caroline! Thanks so much for your prayers. They are working! My wrist is almost back to normal, in spite of the fact that the prescription med didn’t agree with me and I quit taking it after only two doses. I’ve just been taking ibuprofen now and then and wearing the splint when I need it — which is hardly ever now. : ) God bless you!

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